The 'Spirit of the iPod' lives on in the Apple Watch

The ‘Spirit of the iPod’ lives on in the Apple Watch

Apple says the “iPod spirit” is in all of its products, but the natural evolution of the iPod has always been the Apple Watch.

Apple finally discontinued the latter iPod In 2022 after a dominant two-decade period that saw the music player evolve into a robust product ecosystem, the “iPod spirit” is still very much alive in the Apple Watch. The first iPod came out in 2001 and the second massive success — the semi-transparent iMac all-in-one being the first — put Apple back in the spotlight after the dark years of the ’80s and early ’90s. At that time, its scope was limited. The first iPod only supported a maximum of 1,000 songs, was limited to Mac computers, and required FireWire for syncing and charging. And as the product evolved, iPods got smaller and more powerful. The end result was the iPhone and iPad, which successfully bridged the gap between mobile and desktop computing. Although the success and development of the iPod has influenced Apple’s entire product strategy, the natural evolution of the iPod has always been the Apple Watch.

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While the latest iPod mode wasn’t a bestseller—the iPod touch didn’t have a product tab on Apple’s website and was last updated in 2019—there is a sense of nostalgia associated with the hardware. For many people, the iPod was the first piece of portable technology that could fit in their palms and in their pockets. Especially for the younger generations, the iPod traveled with them during their childhood, just as vinyl, tape, and CDs passed on with generations before. The selling point of the iPod in the 2000s was that it could be completely disconnected from the Internet, providing distraction-free content consumption. While there’s no direct replacement for the iPod in Apple’s lineup, the Apple Watch checks many of the same boxes.

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The clearest difference between the iPod and the Apple Watch was that the latter was strapped to the user’s wrist, while the iPod’s home was in the user’s pocket. But is this really true? People started wearing an iPod on their wrist before they even thought that Apple would launch a smartwatch. The controversial sixth-generation iPod Nano combined the form factor of the iPod Shuffle with the iPod touch’s multi-touch screen, creating a mini iPod touchscreen. It wasn’t long before customers thought of trying the compact iPod as a watch; In fact, the media like Engadget See the sixth generation iPod as a watch rather than a music player in 2010. The Apple Watch wouldn’t be announced until 2015, and the smartwatch was slow and hard to use in its first few reviews.

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As iPhones became more powerful, there was no need for an iPod in Apple’s line of products. All the features offered by the iPod were built into modern iPhones, which led to redundancy, as people didn’t want to carry two separate devices. There was still a market for iPods – people who wanted to disconnect from the permanent connection with the Internet. The iPod touch was also held up as an affordable option for kids who weren’t ready for an iPhone just yet. The Apple Watch perfectly filled this gap in the company’s lineup. The user could forget that the Apple Watch was on his wrist while he was holding the iPhone, and when it was time to leave the iPhone behind, the smartwatch offered similar functions to the iPod. It is also possible to give a child an Apple Watch connected to a family member’s iPhone.

The Apple Watch is the most convenient music player for everyday use, furthering the product’s evolution from the original iPod lineup. With just a few clicks, users can play music or listen to podcasts from their wrist without taking out their iPhone. The Digital Crown makes it easy to navigate songs, albums, and playlists in a way that’s eerily reminiscent of the famous tap wheel on old iPods. Even if the Apple Watch is separated from the paired iPhone, users can download selected artists, albums, and playlists directly to the onboard storage of the smartwatch for listening anytime, anywhere. After connecting the watch to a pair of headphones, earphones, or a Bluetooth speaker, listening to audio content is easy. Apple Watch is iPod This is so comfortable and unobtrusive that the user even forgets that they are wearing it, which is what has always been aimed at the natural evolution of the iconic product.

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