Best Summon Saul: 1 Genius Details Explaining Kim's Bad Absence Break

Best Summon Saul: 1 Genius Details Explaining Kim’s Bad Absence Break

Better Call Saul hides key details in plain sight that explain not only Kim’s actions in “Black and Blue”, but her absence from Breaking Bad as well.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The best of Saul on demand.

The best of Saul on demand It has not yet been revealed where Kim Wexler was during the events of Too badBut there’s one hidden detail in Season 6, Episode 5, “Black and Blue,” that might hold the answer. The fates of Kim (Rhea Seehorn) and Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) hang in the balance The best of Saul on demandSeason 6 has already shocked fans with the death of Nacho Varga, which is ominous news. This season’s arc saw Kim’s arc of bad luck, giving in to her darkest desires, and leading her scheme and Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) against Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). At peace with Jimmy’s sins and links to organized crime, Kim’s morals have moved into a much more gray area compared to when he was first introduced The best of Saul on demand.

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Because of Jimmy’s involvement with Lalo and the cartel in The best of Saul on demand Season 5, danger may be around the corner for Kim, especially since Lalo survived the assassination attempt on Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) and could strike back at any moment, putting a lot of The best of Saul on demandCharacters are on edge throughout Season 6. While Gus Fring seems more vulnerable than ever, so does Kim. As her eyes constantly look over her shoulder, she realizes that Mike (Jonathan Banks)’s men are chasing after her, and in her first encounter with Mike, she is informed that Lalo is still alive and that Mike believes she is made up of “Tougher things” from Jimmy. Kim’s decision not to tell Jimmy about Lalo is in favor of Jimmy, but it may not be for the benefit of their relationship.

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Before deciding to hide the truth from Jimmy, Kim wakes up in the middle of the night, and when she looks at her digital watch, it’s 3:17. The shot shows the clock at an angle, which encourages looking at the time from a different perspective, and when viewed upside down, 3:17 also shows LIE. Kim seems, perhaps subconsciously, to follow daily cues to inform her actions, such a lie to Jamie. While it’s not the first time you’ve lied to Jimmy The best of Saul on demandNot telling Jimmy about Lalo could be the first in a long line of lies swirling around her, and thus could be the beginning of the end of their relationship – which in turn explains why (if not exactly how) Kim is conspicuously absent from Too badstory.

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The watch that secretly reads LIE seems to be an example of the old term that the writing on the wall is for Kim. By lying to Jimmy, it looks like Kim will have to support that lie all along The best of Saul on demand Sixth season. This might be easier said than done, especially if Howard’s personal detective Jimmy notices his cast. Although it could be argued that Kim shouldn’t lie to Jimmy, she does so out of kindness. Jimmy is still worried about the possibility that someone will come out to pick him up, as evidenced when he points to the chair crammed under the doorknob, and says, “I wish it was just me.” However, the lies can begin for Jamie to bear, and he can end the relationship if there is a complete breakdown in trust.

On the other hand, Mike’s words to Kim about being made of it “Tougher things” It can have a ripple effect. Kim lies to protect Jimmy, and that could lead to Kim continuing to take matters into her own hands, especially if it’s about Mike, Lalo, or the cartel. Since Kim’s actions The best of Saul on demand Motivated by her desire to protect Jimmy, this could appear on a larger scale, such as Kim falling for their schemes or Kim standing up to Lalo or other dangerous players. Regardless of whether the fallout is violent or legal, they can explain why Kim was absent during the events Too bad.

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