The Reds become the sixth team in MLB history to lose a match without a kick -

The Reds become the sixth team in MLB history to lose a match without a kick –

Pittsburgh (AFP) – Reds start Hunter Green and Art Warren combined to allow zero hits in a full game, but it didn’t count as a no hitter – or even a win – because the Pittsburgh Pirates had a run at the bottom of the eighth inning for a 1-0 Sunday victory.

Kibrian HayesThe RBI defender helped the Pirates become the sixth team in major league history since 1901 to win despite taking no hits. It last happened in 2008 when Jared Weaver And Jose Arridondo The Angels lost while carrying the Dodgers uninjured.

According to record-keeping rules in Major League Baseball, Cincinnati’s achievement isn’t an official hitter because its bowlers haven’t gone at least nine runs. And in a season when most things went wrong for the Reds, this must have been the best for sure.

Green (1-6), a rising Reds player, scored nine goals and was withdrawn after one walk in the eighth minute in front of Rodolfo Castro and Michael Perez. Green threw 118 throws, the most in the major tournaments this year—seven of his heaters hit 100 mph.

Warren rest easy Ben Jameel To download the rules. Hayes followed up with second baseman hitter Alejo Lopez, who hit the ball before throwing it to the shortstop. Matt Reynolds for one person. Reynolds’ relay was a little late to get a quick Hayes at first base.

The Cincinnati players went down the standings in ninth and that was at PNC Park – there was no celebration for the Reds, who had the worst record in the major tournaments.

“I mean, until you don’t get hit in a game and you get a win, I’m sure that hasn’t happened much since baseball has been going on,” Hayes said.

There have been two no hitters in the majors this season. The Angels’ rookie Red Detmers pitched one last Tuesday against Tampa Bay, and five pitchers Mets combined to hold Philadelphia injury-free last week.

Also, Tampa Bay pitchers combined to keep Boston undefeated in the 10th inning last month and ended up winning 3-2. This wasn’t official, as the Rays didn’t deliver a full game without giving up a hit.

The second overall pick in the 2017 Amateur Draft, Green suffered an injury in 2018 that required Tommy John surgery in 2019. After the COVID-19 pandemic, he did not return to play in the minor league until 2021. First time out of spring training this year.

In his second start to the season, he set an MLB record with 39 pitches over 100 mph, but held 7.62 pm in Sunday’s game thanks to 11 home runs this season. It also allowed 15 walks in 26 runs.

Pirates player Jose Quintana kept the Reds scoreless during seven rounds, losing three strikes while scoring five.

Chris Stratton (2-1) throws about two, one out of the jam in the eighth. David Bednar did the ninth clean for his seventh memorization.

coach room

Reds: C Tyler Stevenson He was released to play after leaving Saturday’s game under concussion protocols after he removed a faulty mask, but did not start. Cincinnati C has added Sandy Leon to the cab squad as a precaution. … 1 b joy photo (COVID-19 IL) He appeared for the second time in rehab with Triple-A Louisville and went 0 for 3 with two hits. … LHP Mike Minor (Shoulder) He has appeared for the second time in rehab with Louisville since returning to rehab after a setback in April. He pitched 2 1/3 innings and once allowed a run while hitting a four.

Pirate: SS Kevin Newman GM Ben Sherrington said he (left thigh strain) will begin his rehab job this week. Newman has been out since April 27.

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Reds: RHP Connor Overton (1-0, 1.59) will start against Cleveland on Tuesday after a day off.

The Buccaneers have not announced the start of the Monday series’ opening game against the Cubs in Chicago.


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