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Hit-and-hit Edmonton Oilers 6-5 in the Decisive 4 fall to Colorado: Hockey players scores

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The Edmonton Oilers were eliminated in Game 4 of the Western Conference Final Monday night with a crushing 6-5 loss to Colorado.

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The Oilers held on and advanced 3-1 4-2. But Av’s stayed with him, fought back and got a rebound in the overtime frame for the win.

You can’t say the best team didn’t win the series. At least the clincher was the Oilers’ best effort of the 4th.

Here’s the story on the tape…

Edmonton Oilers player score

Mike Smith. 4. 35 saves. 6 goals against. The Oilers are never in this game without Smith playing during the first 25 minutes. The biggest of those alarms came from O’Connor, McKinnon Burakowski. I also take out a hard timer for one timer from the Makar stick per second. But he was also mainly responsible for 2 v later. No chance at 1-0, which passed the heavy screen and Smith’s gauntlet. Unlucky in the 3-2 match that veered off Cisse’s leg and into it. He wears the goal 4-3 with a clear attempt on the left board, but he went out of his way and extended the time of the Colorado zone. And although playing in the tuck was a borderline interference for the goalkeeper, it was very close to the opportunity to challenge the coach in a match of this narrow. He left it all alone against McKinnon in a partial break of 4-4. After being defeated by Rantanen from the top of the circuit at 5-4, I felt like the only goal against me was only on Smith. It allowed the overtime winner to rebound after an impressive, high (but legal) deflection in a point-and-shoot shot. Smith has another year left on his contract. I wonder…

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Conor MacDavid. 7. Opening the eye is played 26:59. Connor went somewhere and got into PP to revitalize Roger Bliss’ crowd and make it 3-1 in a lineup from Draisaitl. McDavid got a second hand in Hyman’s 2second abbreviation. Then, he fired a pass through Draisaitl that Zack Kassian wore and pounced on it 5-5. McDavid got 5 shots. He also beat Bowen Byram twice but was unable to get a clear shot at the net each time. CF 5v527-17, 61%. 75% on confrontations. Select the game 3research and development star. 1Connor McDavid won 10-23-33 in 16 Stanley Cup games. What a privilege to watch him play.

Leon Drystel. 8. What an inspiring performance by Leon Draisaitl who earned 4 first passes while clearly playing through a stinging pain. Perfect pass thread to Hayman broke 1-1. Make a pass from the point to the top of the circle where the waiting Conor McDavid made it 3-1. He started 4-2 with good defensive play in his own area, then obstructed the ice and fed Hyman for one timer. He fired a shot into the net from McDavid’s pass, and Cassian swept the net to bounce back 5-5. 32 points in a 16-point playoff with Lyon. What a player, for sure. But what a competitor. Several times, once he finally managed to pull himself out of the ice, I thought it was his last shift… but it never was. Draisaitl game was named 1Street A star was well deserved.

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Zach Hyman. 7. Hyamn stayed hot in this qualifier, scoring 1-1 (on a bad avalanche streak change) after taking a pass from Draisaitl and putting a fore/backhand kick past Avalanche. The net forward presence is on 3-1. He then sent a finger-hat puck past Av’s goalkeeper past another Lyon to make it 4-2. Also hit a post. He fired 5 shots at the net and hit 3 shots at 23:30. What a strong addition Zach Hyman has been to this club.

nurse darnell. 5. We hear that the Darnell Nurse has played 3 strings through a torn quadriceps muscle which will require off-season surgery for the injury he is clearly hampered by, and which could cause him to miss the start of the 2022-23 season. I hope this is his harshest critic. A pass hits Draisaitl on Hyman’s first target for an assist. Help create the equalizer with a big hit in his own ball to flip the puck. Unable to get a piece of the shot at 5-4. Admiration for the way he played through his physical issues. He had a difficult experience.

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CECI CODY. 4. Bounce 3-2 off Sissy’s leg in front. McKinnon beat them clean at 4-4. Evening ended -2. Missed scoring chances for/against 5v5 badly, 5-14 against, HDSC 3-9. Not his best night after a solid break performance.

Amal Ryan. 6. He caught a wrong pass from Colorado and passed the Colorado goalkeeper 2-1. Maybe swing a little to the puck stand at 5-4. He had 3 shots and two blocks of fire. Played 21:10.

Derek Ryan. 5. I’m still trying to figure out how the referees got off a simple penalty kick on Derek Ryan from a play that was 50-50, at best. Unfortunately for Ryan, Av’s scored 5-4 on the resulting PP. I find it hard to blame him as much as you usually do in PP against him. He played a gritty fighting game with 3 hits and was 83% on point.

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Jesse Poliogarvi. 4. Jesse Poliujarvi did not have much of an impact on the match. To be fair, he wasted some time after getting hit along the boards but after such a long distance he finally came back. He had 4 hits. The best chance was a knockout kick off Keith’s rebound. Gift 5 warning in his area to Landeskog.

Evan Bouchard. 7. Best Oiler Duo in the Game 4. Bouchard-Keith had a flush of play in their favor almost all night long. Evan finished the match with a 5 against 5 CF of 26-7, 79%. I caught in the middle on an O/T winner but wasn’t the fault in the first place. 4 shots and 2 hits at 18:35. She took a big step in this playoff.

Duncan Keith. 6. 5 against 5 CF of 76%, chances of scoring high against/against were 7-2 while the veteran was on the ice. The man behind him deflected a point shot that resulted in a winning O/T. 4 shots in 15:16. Keith obviously had gas left on the mission, and was solid overall throughout all qualifying.

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Ryan McLeod. 5. She transitioned to the Top-6 role at times with a shortened bench, tightening the game. Chances of scoring were 12-9 in his hour. Two shots on the net at a rate of 21:10 in all three disciplines. Haug growth in the player.

Warren Vogel. 6. A tireless effort from Warren Foegele who had eight (8!) hits, 3 shots and 2 shots. Hit Malone to get a good shot at the far goal. That he ended up at -2 was lucky on his part. But still can not find the back of the network.

Dylan Holloway. 5. Use in moderation. 1Street hit period. +1 at 3:27 only. He gets the usual cult hockey +1 in class for playing his first game in the National Hockey League. good for him.

Britt Colak. 4. Best Oilers Defense Man in the series, although tonight wasn’t his best. He lost a disc fight along the wall at 4-4. The influx of wages was often against him. His scoring chances for/against were 3-8 in his hour, HDSC’s 1-4. One would have thought Ken Holland would try to re-sign him.

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Tyson Barry. 5. He did not enter any of Colorado’s six goals while Tyson Barry was on the ice. He got a secondary assist by moving him to Draisaitl at 3-1. The scoring chances were basically a comma in his watch. He boosted his defensive play in the post-season.

Zach Cassian. 6. The night began with a shallow header in the neutral zone that put Colorado on the PP and led to a 1-0 win. But she picked up from there, including a crushing recovery at home to send the match into overtime. Kassian also scored the penalty kick that led to the 3-1 goal. 4 hits at 13:56.

Chris Russell. 5. Chris Russell was solid, taking 3 hits and a block in 9:23. Posted on HDSC’s For / Against. Was that the Cowboys final in the National Hockey League?

Brad Malone. 5. Competitive price. He missed a nice pass from Vigili. He was in the circuit at the O/T and actually won a tie but the disc fell into the assistant referee’s skate, then Malone was picked in the next O/T goal. Physically, 5 bodily hits and 57% in a tie.

absorb the loss. But this was the Oilers’ best season in 16 years. And along the way, it helped illustrate not only the growth in the club…

…but also the drive and determination of the key players.

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