I've never known actors who have voiced several characters across Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks movies

I’ve never known actors who have voiced several characters across Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks movies

We have some Grand Disney kings are here.

Over the years, we’ve had many great actors playing some of our favorite Disney characters – from Tom Hanks as Woody to Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabell Madrigal.

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For some of these guys, one movie simply isn’t enough! Let’s take a look at the actors who have kept coming back for more, and lent their voices to many of the Disney characters.


John Ratzenberger

Jason Laveris/FilmMagic/Via Getty Images, distributed by Buena Vista Pictures

We have to start with John because he’s a true Pixar champion. John has appeared in every single issue of Pixar’s first 22 animated releases so far spirit, Which was the 23rd Pixar movie and the first without his voice. His most famous roles include Ham In toy story, PT flea in Bug’s life, And the Abominable Snowman in Monster Corporation.


John Goodman

Tyler Kaufman/via Getty Images, distributed by Buena Vista Pictures

John has one of the best voices in the business world, and he’s given it to one of the most recognizable Disney characters of all time – Sully from Monster Corporation. Jun’s distinctive voice was also used for Pacha in Emperor’s New Life And Big Daddy LeBouff in The Princess and the Frog. This is quite a Disney resume!


Alan Tudyk

Axel / Film Magic, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Alan is definitely an unknown hero of Disney. He had his main roles – most notably King Candy / Turbo in wreck ralph – But it’s also been featured in a host of other Disney features. Alan played the role of the Duke of Weselton in frozen and Alistair Curry in Big hero 6. Disney would be nothing without their compelling side characters, and they’ve got one of the best characters in the game to express with Alan!


Judy Benson

Earl Gibson III / WireImage / via Getty Images, Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Judy earned her place in the Disney Hall of Fame for her performance as Ariel little mermaid, where she presented dialogue and singing. Jodi has also appeared in Toy Story 2 and 3 Like Barbie, she also reprized her role as Ariel Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Idris Elba

Alexander Corner/Getty Images, Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios

The latest addition to the Disney family, Idris played Police Chief Pogo in zootopia, Seal luck in find my leagueShe also starred in a live-action remake of jungle book Like Shere Khan. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last Idris in Disney Pixar movies!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Axelle/FilmMagic/ via Getty Images, Buena Vista Image Distribution

Julia is another seasoned contributor to Disney Pixar, having first ventured into the fold as one of the most underrated Disney princesses out there, Princess Atta in Bug’s life. Then Julia voiced Rochelle in Planes And recently, Laurel’s voice appeared onwards.


Octavia Spencer

Matt Winkelmayer/Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Octavia added the honor of voicing Disney to her long list of accomplishments in 2016 when she was the voice of Mrs. Otterton in zootopia. Then, in 2020, she wonderfully voiced The Manticore in onwards. Let’s hope we see Octavia back for more soon!


Emma Thompson

Picture Alliance / dpa / picture alliance / Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Emma is another respected actress who has graced several Disney movies, the first of which was underrated treasure planetIn which she voiced Captain Amelia alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Then she went from captain to queen when she provided the voice of Queen Elinor in brave!


Sandra Oh

Axelle/FilmMagic/Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The all-time outstanding Sandra Oh completed her third Disney gig as the voice of Ming Li turns red Earlier this year. It actually debuted as Ting Ting in Mulan II Back in 2004, she also played the role of Fang’s chief, Vierana, in Raya and the last dragon.


Mindy Kaling

Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Mindy entered the world of Disney with her side the deskCo-worker, Phyllis Smith. She expressed disgust in the inside outside, He then played the stellar name Taffyta Muttonfudge, a rival to Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck it Ralph.


Brad Jarrett

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Now at Disney a real fan! Brad has been in a host of beloved Disney movies including Find Nemo, Ratatouille, Tangled, and A Bug’s Life. He’s one of those dedicated Disney voice actors who’s never really been in the spotlight, but he needs some fame! Shout Out for Brad as Auguste Gusteau ratatol;


Kristen Bell

Axelle/FilmMagic/Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Kristen is an unforgettable character in Disney folklore mostly thanks to her voice work frozen In which she played the role of Anna. Since then appeared in zootopia, ralph breaks the internet, And frozen 2Definitely.


Richard Kind

Arturo Holmes / WireImage / Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Richard has been consistently featured in Disney movies since his first role as a rather grim grasshopper, Moult, in Bug’s life. Since then, he went to voice the bookworm Tory Story 3 It appears as a truck in both cars movies, as well as setting a nice tune on Bing Bong’s Inside outside. While his parts haven’t always been huge, he’s clearly a household name in the Disney Pixar universe!


Wallace Shawn

CBS/CBS Photo Archives via Getty Images, distributed by Buena Vista Pictures

Wallace 100% has one of the most popular voices around the world, especially among Disney fans! Course Toy Story Movies like Rex are iconic, but he also voiced Gilbert Hugh, the boss of Mr. Incredible who threw him through a series of walls in the first movie. I knew I recognized this voice from somewhere!


Rachel House

Greg DeGauer/WireImage/Via Getty Images Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Rachel is also the most recent addition to the Disney family, but that hasn’t really stopped her from doubling down on her appearance! She initially played the role of Gramma Tala – Moana’s free-spirited grandmother – in Moana. Then, in 2020, Rachel emerges as an enumerator determined to make ends meet, Terry at spirit.


Maya Rudolph

John Kopaloff / via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

double the number good place Of the stars on this list, Maya got her first taste of Disney’s voiceover work with her role as Aunt Cass. Big Hero 6 In 2014. Fortunately, she returned to the Disney Machine in 2021, providing the voice of Daniela Baguro Luca. Keep coming, Maya!


Bonnie Hunt

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Via Getty Images, Distribution of Buena Vista Images

Bonnie is another legend when it comes to voicing Disney Pixar characters, second only to John Ratzenberger in the number of Disney characters she has played. Her performances include Rosie the Spider from Bug’s life, Mrs. Flint in Monsters Inc., Karen Graves in monsters University, Sally Carrera in cars Movies and Dolly in Toy Story 3 And 4.


Jennifer Lewis

JC Oliveira/Via Getty Images, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Already an experienced voice artist because of her time proud familyJenifer has been starred in two Disney animated films. She’s playing Car, Flo, in cars Movies, I also played the role of Mama Odie in them The Princess and the Frog!

What is your favorite Disney voice performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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