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Is Gotham Knights Crossplay? Cross platform, co-op and how to play with friends

Cross-play in Gotham Knights was something players had always assumed. While most games make themselves available for friends to play on any platform, cross-platform play seems like such an essential feature. Especially those that focus on a multiplayer game like Gotham Knights. Which begs the question…

Will Gotham Knights Crossplay?

No, Gotham Knights will not offer cross-play. The game developers confirmed in the official FAQ that they do not plan to support cross-platform play at this time. In other words, you can only join people who play on the same platform as you. Xbox Series X users | S and PlayStation 5 playing together on PC, for example.

This doesn’t mean we won’t see cross-platform play eventually available for the game when it launches. But we’ll likely get a Gotham Knights crossover after WB Games Montréal has finished ironing out any potential issues the game might have.

Not being able to play with friends on other platforms will be a particular disappointment for those who have friends on other platforms. Gotham Knights is advertised as a co-op experience, and the lack of cross-platform play will limit the people we can play with.

Gotham Knights cross game addition is based on WB Games Montreal and player request. We expect developers to focus on ensuring the core co-op experience works without issues before moving on to putting the player base together with cross-platform play.

However, Gotham Knights will be released on October 25, 2022, so there is still plenty of time for WB Games Montréal to change their mind and announce cross-platform play sometime in the near future.

Will the Gotham Knights have a cross-generational game?

No, Gotham Knights will not play across generations. The developers have confirmed that the game will not even come to PS4 and Xbox One. Read all about it in our article about Gotham Knights officially confirming console exclusivity for more details.

Gotham Knights will only be available for the latest generation of consoles and PCs. According to WB Games Montréal, this was “to provide players with the best possible gaming experience.” This could mean that Xbox One and PS4 can no longer keep up with the hardware requirements of the Gotham Knights.

Will there be couch co-op in Gotham Knights?

Local co-op, also known as couch co-op, will not be an option for Gotham Knights co-op mode. This means that in order to play with your friends on a console, those who use a console will need a subscription to either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. The only co-op mode that has been confirmed for Gotham Knights is through online multiplayer.

How many players can you play with in Gotham Knights Co-op?

You can team up with another player in Gotham Knights co-op. Unfortunately, the developers have confirmed that there will be no four-way co-op play. Read Gotham Knights Official No 4 Co-op Multiplayer for more details.

Although Batgirl, Red Hood, Robin, and Nightwing are on the rooster of characters you can play as, you can only join the duo. You will have to convey the sad news to your other two friends. Besides cross-playing Gotham Knights isn’t your thing, you also won’t be able to use all four characters in a single game session.

However, she does appeal to patrol Gotham as a team of crime-fighting duo. We’ve always been excited to see Dick Grayson working with his estranged brother, Jason Todd. Gotham Knights is the perfect opportunity to see the Bat family dynamic in action.

There is still a question of what happens if two players want to play the same crime-fighting hero. We can’t all be Nightwing.

Can you play Gotham Knights alone?

Yes, you can play Gotham Knights alone. If you want to play alone, you can fight crime in Gotham without anyone’s help.

Gotham Knights does not require an online connection for anything other than its co-op features. So you can play the whole game offline. You can play the entire campaign without having to worry about Gotham Knights cross-play or co-op play.

Red Hood and Nightwing - Gotham Knights crossplay

Hopefully this answers if Gotham Knights crossover is a thing in the game as well as any other questions you might have. We have articles regarding Gotham Knights that you may be interested in. Check out these articles to learn more about the upcoming DC game.

Speaking of Nightwing and Jason Todd as the Bash brothers, check out the gameplay video released for the Gotham Knights featuring both.

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