Netflix's Takedown lets old school magic get the act going

Netflix’s Takedown lets old school magic get the act going

French actor Omar Sy is having a moment, and it’s been a long time since. Even since his breakthrough role in Critical Strike The transfereesC has spent the past decade switching between supporting supporting roles in blockbuster American films (Past Man: Days of the Future Past And jurassic worldAnd the presentation of French Dobbs for animated films.angry birds movie And spirit). He achieved success in his native France, where he starred in the crime film On the other side of the tracks. But that didn’t happen until his main role as the irresistible titular thief in the Netflix heist series lupine He found a second wave.

Now he’s riding this mantra as a similarly charming character in a sequel to On the other side of the tracks, Police Friend, directed by Louis Leterrier removal. In this film, Leterrier’s first French-language film, Sy returns as Captain Ousmane Diakhité, a rising star in the Parisian police force who gained even greater fame after stopping an MMA fight, taking down a powerful boxer in the process, and a video for the action goes viral.

His crime-solving skills are put to the test when a severed stump mysteriously appears on a train. It was discovered by François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), Diakheti’s absurd ex-partner. Despite the rich cologne and designer clothes for François, he is just a regular officer who relegated to a district after several attempts to apply for a promotion. He considers this case as his big break, and teams up with Diakhet to venture into a racist French enclave to solve the murder.

Photo: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

As a director, Leterrier knows how to have fun. He demonstrated his talent for intricate set pieces in the insane magic heist movie Now you see me martial arts movie unleashed, which made Jet Li the enforcer who grew up as a human attack dog. Leterrier mixes his compositions with dynamic oranges, reds, and blues, lending his work a more playful color palette than modern action movie aesthetics such as grim grunge. Adam’s Project or 355. (Leterrier recently replaced Justin Lin as director of the Fast & Furious franchise batch X fast.)

The actors provide a spark, too. Sy and Lafitte share a spirit of giving and giving up, as their characters exchange barbs about their love lives and career successes. Those jokes find more laughs as the narrative develops. In a small town, Osman and Francois team up with local policewoman Alice (French rock star Issa Heiglin), who is a somewhat blank slate of typical love interest with very little personality. She hardly draws any attention in comparison to the glamorous ladies’ man, François and Osman the charming. With that, the trio of astrologers like Osman and Francois compete to prove who is the better detective.

sometimes removal He seems to be enjoying himself a lot. The pursuit of a suspect through a laser tag maze turns into a kart chase in a shopping mall, all of which is very time consuming. Likewise, the last race in an orange jeep, over the hill and valley and between mountain trails, loses a bit of fun with every hard turn. Somewhere over the course of two hours, the 90-minute runtime is tight and exciting. But too much fat stifles potential.

The extra runtime doesn’t particularly make sense in a movie with few narrative surprises. We know who the bad guy is and what Mole will betray Osman and François early in the movie, leaving Sy and Lafitte to keep speeding up the proceedings anyway. Fortunately, Sy in particular can handle pregnancy. Although the script is based on lively and backward gay panic jokes, his cute and innocent personality delivers these unsettling blows with self-confidence. His physicality, as at home in agonizing fight sequences as in his lighthearted courtship with Izïa, raises the question what kind of James Bond he would be, if the thought of a French actor playing an English spy wouldn’t make the British nauseous.

Laurent Lafitte, Omar Sy, and Esa Heiglin in The Takedown.

Photo: Emmanuel Geimer/Netflix

Initial surprises in removal It comes from the way she trades such a hilarious adventurer on heavy political topics. Osman deals with symbolism within the Paris police department as they try to make him a recruiting tool. For laughs, François laments how difficult it is for a wealthy white male to succeed in this world.

Stéphane Kazandjian’s text is often too simplistic to effectively bring down those racial themes. The villainous white fascist mayor (Dmitriy Strog) is a symbol of the other realist populist governments sweeping Europe. Instead of writing the most powerful script, Storoge plays the mayor on a grand scale as a despicable man with terrible intentions – in particular, he wants to rid France of non-white refugees. This goal, while sickening, does not add a particularly obvious sinister advantage to the story. Instead, this mayor is a boring, anti-climate antagonist. If more thought was devoted to these subjects, perhaps they would discover the intended attraction.

Despite having a few red herrings and a lack of suspense, Sai and Lafitte are still held today. They give the story kinetic energy and a loose tempo, which makes the jagged narrative more palatable, even when it fails to break out of the familiar action mould. If you missed the days when this type of large-scale crime story had colorful visions and endearing threads, removal It may provide a temporary fix.

removal Streaming on Netflix now.

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