Lento Bio, an Ichor Life Sciences Portfolio Company, Launches with the Aim to Develop Anti-glycation Drugs for Presbyopia and Geriatric Diseases - Digital Magazine

Lento Bio, an Ichor Life Sciences Portfolio Company, Launches with the Aim to Develop Anti-glycation Drugs for Presbyopia and Geriatric Diseases – Digital Magazine

Potsdam, NY/Access Wire/6 June 2022/ Lento Bio, Inc. , a preclinical pharmaceutical company focused on developing small molecule therapies to target the molecular damage that leads to diseases associated with ageing, announced its launch today. The company will initially focus on developing pharmaceutical drops to treat common vision disorder, presbyopia, or age-related hyperopia. Lento Bio will be supported and incubated by Ichor Life Sciences, a preclinical contract research organization, in the Peyton Hall Biotechnology Incubator at Clarkson University. Lento Bio is the first startup to join Ichor in creating a biotech cluster in the north of the country.

Presbyopia results from hardening of the lens of the eye, which stems from molecular cross-links including glycation end products (AGE) that cause tissue hardening. The small molecule drugs developed by Lento Bio will target the buildup of underlying molecular damage with the goal of reversing the process of hardening of tissues in the lens of the eye. Upon successful completion of its first project, Lento Bio plans to apply its anti-glycation products more broadly to systemic diseases of aging.

Lento Bio was founded and will be led by Dr. Chris Barnes as CEO. Dr. Barnes received his Ph.D. He received his Ph.D. from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and later worked as a consultant for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies developing new treatments for diseases. He has basic ophthalmological science research experience as well as disease-specific industry knowledge.

“Lento Bio builds on a solid foundation of well-established research in the molecular damages of aging and will focus development efforts toward more accessible and relevant disease indicators. By bringing the issue to the science, we aim to accelerate the creation of clinical assets and validate our disease hypothesis,” says Dr. Barnes. “We look forward to collaborating with the scientific teams at Ichor University and Clarkson University to pursue research and development in small-molecule drugs.”

“We see huge potential in Lento Bio’s approach to targeting a myriad of systemic diseases,” says Dr. Kelsey Moody, PhD, MBA, CEO of Ichor Life Sciences. “The launch of Lento Bio strengthens Ichor as a company committed to driving innovation to address the underlying and complex conditions behind systemic and age-related diseases.”

“Clarkson and Lewis College of Health Sciences are excited to be participating in Ichor Life Sciences and launching Lento Bio” at Clarkson University, says Lynn Jones, PhD, ATC, founding dean of Earl R and Barbara Day Lewis. “Both are involved in developing next-generation approaches aimed at transforming healthcare.”


About Linto Bio

Lento Bio is an Ichor company that develops small-molecule therapeutic treatments for degenerative disorders of aging, initially focused on developing therapeutic age-busting drops. Lento Bio was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Potsdam, New York. For more information, go to lentobio.com.

About Ichor Life Sciences

Ichor Life Sciences is an outstanding preclinical contract research institution providing services in discovery through pharmacology. The company operates research and development laboratories in Lafayette and Potsdam, New York, including an AAALAC-certified aquarium. Services are provided through two divisions. Ichor Discovery Services provide world-class protein manufacturing, as well as a full range of capabilities in structural biology, biophysics and assay development. Ichor Pharmacology Services offers in vitro testing, histology, PK/PD, in vivo toxicology, and in vivo efficacy capabilities. The clinical areas served by Ichor Life Sciences include oncology, metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, ophthalmology and geriatrics. Ichor Life Sciences was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in the Finger Lakes intellectual corridor in New York. For more information, go to ichorlifesciences.com.


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