Johnny Depp's ex-lawyer says he 'seen evidence' of hearing Amber 'trick abuse'

Johnny Depp’s ex-lawyer says he ‘seen evidence’ of hearing Amber ‘trick abuse’

The attorney who represented Johnny Depp in the failed 2019-2020 Amber Heard defamation case became a witness Thursday in the US version, telling the court via a pre-recorded statement that he still believes Heard created Depp in what he once called an “abuse” hoax.

Adam Waldman testified on Thursday “Yes, I’ve seen to some extent evidence of things showing that her statements are false.”

The remarks Waldman made to the media during the trial in the UK are the basis of Heard’s $100 million counter-claim against Depp for defamation. Deep Heard is suing for $50 million, saying she insulted him in an opinion piece published by The Washington Post in 2018.

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Waldman has defended statements he made to the media during the Daily Mail’s trial, calling Heard’s allegations of domestic violence an “abuse hoax” that tells the court that photos and videos sent to him by Marilyn Manson refute Heard’s allegations. “As for that incident on Thanksgiving 2013, I think those videos and photos, yes, refuted her allegations,” Waldman said.

He said there were two LAPD police officers – one trained in domestic violence – who testified that there was no damage to the couple’s apartment that Heard claimed was “destroyed.” He also said that there were “nine other witnesses” who testified at different times that “there were no injuries to her.” [Heard] Ever between the 21st and the 27th, when bruises suddenly appeared.”

Waldman began acting as Depp after he and Heard divorced. He admitted to making several statements published in the Daily Mail in July 2020, including: “Amber Heard and her friends in the media used false allegations of sexual violence as a sword and shield at the same time”; “False facts sexual violence”; and “Quite simply, this ambush was a hoax.”

By this, he meant calls to the police who were aiming for Depp’s inauguration—”but the first attempt didn’t work,” and “So, Amber and her friends poured a little wine and roughened up the place, and got their story straight. With the guidance of a lawyer and publicist, he made a call seconds at 911.”

Today has given way to many witnesses, almost all of them have one thing in common: a “prior” in their relationship with Johnny Depp.

His ex-agent, an ex-boyfriend, a former psychiatrist, and a former sexual partner – all fell under the common theme of alienation from the “pirate” star, who many witnesses say cut a large part of his personal and professional relationships around the time of his 2016 divorce.

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One of those troublemakers is from the good old days: Eileen Barkin, who dated Depp in the mid-’90s and was a late witness Thursday.

Parkin was also asked via her video recording if she had seen Depp “lose control”; I remembered only one incident during the “Fear and Loathing” shooting when Depp threw a bottle across a Las Vegas hotel room during a fight with a friend or possibly an assistant. “It’s like throwing it,” she said, noting that she flew toward the group she was standing in, but didn’t hit anyone.

Parkin testified that her relationship with Depp was a short, two-coasted, on-and-off cat-and-mouse game that started as friends and turned physical — but don’t call it “romance.”

“Can we turn that into ‘sexual’?” Barkin was explicitly asked after the questioning attorney repeatedly referred to their relationship as an “emotional affair.” The lawyer complied, describing the matter as a “sexual affair” ever since.

Barkin went on to say that Depp “switched the buttons” from friends to something else when she moved from New York to Hollywood in 1994. “He would come over to my house, I was going to his house… That was about 10 minutes ago,” she said, adding that Depp had an assistant. Then he was called a “pig”.

Since the two became friends throughout their improperly ended relationship, Parkin was aware of his alcohol abuse.

“I was always aware,” she said. “He was drunk all the time — most of the time. He was a red wine drinker.”

Emmy and Tony Award-winning Parkin said Depp was “jealous” and “controlling” and often asked, “Where are you going? Who are you going with? What did you do last night?” She described an incident in which Depp got upset: “I got a scratch on my back once which made him very, very angry because he insisted he came from having sex with someone who wasn’t him.”

She said the last time they broke up was back home after filming, and Depp became overwhelmed with jealousy. “A lot of crying, jealousy, don’t do this, don’t do that.”

“Then after that, I never heard anything about him again,” Barkin said.

Josh Dickey contributed to this report.

2022-05-19 21:37:20

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