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Limp Bizkit Show with “Dad Vibes” at Madison Square Garden: recap, photos + video

Stage setting: Limp Bizkit returns with her much awaited sixth album, still sucks, dropped by the gang for Halloween 2021 via Suretone Records. Frontman Fred Durst and the company released a new LP (to mark the follow-up to 2011 Cobra Gold) After many years of development hell. The first new record single, “Dad Vibes”, premiered at the end of the band’s well-received performance at Lollapalooza 2021, where Durst also debuted as his middle-aged father.

Bassist Wes Borland, bassist Sam Rivers, lead vocals DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto announced their Spring 2022 US release “US Tour Still Sacks” last March (get tickets here). Limp Bizkit launched on tour last summer, but ended up canceling the majority of dates due to COVID-19 safety concerns. The still sucks The spring tour began in Florida, the band’s home state, and included a stop in New York City at the legendary Madison Square Garden on Friday, May 13. The show running in Ontario, Canada is set to end on May 31, with tickets available here.

Take the podium: Before Limp Bizkit hit the stage at around 9:15 p.m., fans gradually streamed into The Garden treated to opening sets by California hard-core actor Scowl, electro-punk rockers Wargasm UK, and Florida-by-way-of- rappers. NYC$no. All of the above acts played short sets, but kept audiences engaged ahead of Limp Bizkit’s main set. The evening also featured a special appearance for character and content creator John Carnegie (using a pseudonym and claiming to be a marketing research representative for “Live Nation,” but humorously pronouncing “Live” as “liv”), which drew audiences into amongst the host of troubling changes and questions about Music Genres.

Limp Bizkit started his collection with Fred Durst relaxing in a Lay-Z-Boy chair and informing the audience that he was feeling a little out of the weather. “So I asked the doctor to interrupt the Rangers game,” Fred said, adding, “He says I don’t have COVID.” Dorset’s negative COVID result triggered a thunderous roar from the audience. Apparently, Durst’s allergy was acting, and his doctor gave him the option to move the show to another day, or cancel the party altogether. In the end, it was Durst’s choice to play or not, and in the end (and with the blessing of the audience) Durst decided to go ahead with the show even though he wasn’t feeling 100 percent.

“Flip it to Lethal, the show must go on!” Durst shrieked as the band jumped onto the first track of the night, “Dad Vibes,” and continued with still sucks Composed by “Out of Style” and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”. Mother sweeping, smoking cigarettes from still sucks The album cover adorned the stage as a huge inflatable stage, located to the right of Lethal’s brutal DJ booth decorated in the blinds of the stage. Rivers and Otto rocked the stage on the left on their stage riser, while Borland (who wore a similar look he debuted at Lollapalooza) was just off the right platform of the massive garden stage. Dressed in a blue jumpsuit with a long gray wig and gray retarded hat, Durst wore a modified “Dad Vibes”, as well as red aviator sunglasses.

Limp Bizkit was followed by a series of Sea star with chocolate and water flavored hot dog Favorites like ‘Rollin’ (Air Raid vehicle), ‘Hot Dog’, ‘My Way’, ‘My Generation’ and ‘Livin’ It Up’ even invite fans on stage to sing in. John Carnage interrupted the Limp Bizkit group halfway To play his plan “I’ll ask annoying questions to the audience”, only to have Dorset interrupt Dorset by ripping off all his clothes on stage, leaving poor Carnage in his orange banana only a hammock. In between songs, Dorset and his buddies (and with the help of a disco ball) would party as in 1999 by honoring tunes from the likes of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, DMX and others.

Other highlights from the Limp Bizkit include a special “Killing in the Name” cover of Rage Against the Machine featuring Malachi from Scowl, as well as renditions of “Full Nelson” and “Look Around” with Milkie Way and Sam Matlock from Wargasm UK Lending assistance.

Due to MSG’s strict curfew, Limp Bizkit had to cut some songs from his repertoire (topping 14 notes instead of the usual 16-18 tunes they were playing on this tour). The evening concluded with the appropriate song “Break Stuff,” which broke out into a huge party on stage (shown in the video below), with all the opening bands and their friends joined by Durst, whose lighting worker called on all the house lights to be an MSG pit. Huge and chaotic are available for all to witness.

Limp Bizkit will continue his “Still Sucks” tour through the end of May. Get tickets here, and see our fan photos and videos of the band’s Madison Square Garden group, as well as the song list below.

Photo Gallery – Limp Bizkit Show at Madison Square Garden on May 13th (click to enlarge and scroll through):

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