Possible release date planned and everything you need to know in Bling Empire Season 3 in 2022

Possible release date planned and everything you need to know in Bling Empire Season 3 in 2022

Bling Empire is back! It’s been over a year since the first season premiered in January 2021, but the cast is back on Netflix with more fashion, fun, and drama. As anyone who’s watched season one of Bling Empire knows, the drama has a wide scope, from the absurd (like fighting over an expensive necklace) to the surprisingly tense (like searching for someone’s single father).

Even with the varying levels of drama, the show is incredibly easy to watch – after all, it’s mostly the sassy/dirty rich partying and arguing. So, if you devoured Season 2 in a 12-hour period, you might be wondering if Bling Empire will return for Season 3. After all, many similar reality shows have run season after season. Here’s what we know so far about a possible third season of Bling Empire.

Has Bling Empire Season 3 Status Renewed?

At the moment, it has not been officially renewed.
At the moment, it’s unclear if we’ll get a third season of Bling Empire because Netflix hasn’t revealed if it’s renewing the show.

Bling Empire season 3 release date

If Bling Empire is renewed for another season, it would make sense for it to premiere in early 2023, given the show’s current schedule.

Summary of Bling Empire Season 2

Kevin and Kim’s relationship takes a new turn when Kevin feels threatened by Kim Lee, who threatens to destroy his sobriety. Kim Lee, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten over her confidence issues; She went so far as to ask Kevin to take a lie detector test. On the other hand, Kane’s title manipulation caused problems with Anna and Kristen.
This started when Kristen captured in Kane how she heard that Anna wanted to end her life, which Kane had secretly informed Anna about. This had an effect on their already deteriorating relationship. However, after hearing Kristen, Anna sympathizes and joins forces to teach Kane a lesson. Just then, Kelly’s ex-boyfriend was discovered standing in front of Anna.

What will happen in season 3 of Bling Empire?

Season 3 is full of surprises, starting with Kevin and Kim Willing/Not to be in a Relationship.

Kevin finds himself on shaky ground after trying to stalk her throughout Season 2, fearing that the party girl will expose his nearly six-year sobriety. Likewise, Kim was unable to overcome her confidence issues, and even went so far as to force Kevin to take a lie detector test.

Then there’s Kane, whose penchant for gossip has gotten him into trouble not only with Kevin this season but also Anna and Kristen.

Kristen told Kane that she had heard that Anna wanted to end her life, then Kane informed Anna. While Anna initially fueled an already strained relationship, Kristen soon heard and sympathized with the idea that she was sharing her concerns at a poor time.

But, just as they were about to join forces and face Kane once and for all, Anna’s day is ruined by the return of Drew – Kelly’s toxic ex-boyfriend with whom she ended things the previous season.

It seems that he wants to get someone’s good grace by bringing flowers to Anna’s house. But why is this?

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Bling Empire Season 3 Episode 3 with subtitles

If there is a third season, all of the original cast members will return. Starting with Kristen Chiu and Anna Shay, who have been the backbone of the show all season. We won’t be able to go back to Part III unless these two elements are.

Furthermore, Kevin Kreider, Kane Lim, and Kim Lee are expected to return to the third party. Kelly Mi Li is also expected to make a big appearance in Season 3.

Besides, newcomer Dorothy will be back after her significant role in the show. There may be new new faces in the series, and the series can shift into a different area. We know that the series will likely return with new characters.

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