Strange New Worlds Hints that Pike can break the Canon and avoid the fate of his TOS

Strange New Worlds Hints that Pike can break the Canon and avoid the fate of his TOS

Captain Pike knows his tragic future but Strange New Worlds considers whether foreknowledge will allow Pike to change his fate despite the Star Trek canon.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2 “Sons of the Sinner”

Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) has a tragic fate but Star Trek: Strange New Worlds He hints that Baek could change his fate – and if he did, would it collapse Star Trek canon? Pike was reluctant to agree to resume his work as Leader of the Enterprise and lead a new five-year mission to explore the galaxy. Baek is chasing after the vision he received Star Trek: Discovery The second season of his future as he becomes horribly disfigured while carrying out a heroic rescue. Strange new worlds The intriguing possibility posits that Pike’s foreknowledge of his tragic fate could allow him to make a different choice in order to save himself.

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Star Trek: The Original Series“The Menagerie” proves that in 2266, Fleet Captain Pike (Sean Kinney) was seriously injured while rescuing Starfleet students from a radiation leak on an old J-class freighter. Pike was bombarded with delta rays that left him paralyzed and forced to stay in a mechanic’s chair He is only allowed to blink a light once to say,yes“and twice to say”no. Although Pike’s mental abilities remain intact, his body is destroyed and Chris tragically rendered invalid. To save his former captain, Spock commits a mutiny and robs the USS Enterprise to bring Pike to the forbidden planet Talos IV, where his spirit dwellers live. It can take Chris back to a world of illusions.Bayke eventually spends the rest of his life on Talos IV, concluding his story.

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But, Strange new worlds He thinks of how Bayek knowing his fate could actually allow him to change it. Although Pike has accepted his fate that he must die essentially in order to save these Cadets in the future, first-ranking Lieutenant Colonel Una Chin Riley (Rebecca Romijn) urges him not to take his life away so easily. Number One has interestingly argued that the likely reason Pike was given a view of his fate by crystallizing Klingon time was so that he could make “A different choice, a choice that will save you all.” Una believes that foreknowledge of the future doesn’t necessarily make Bayek a future catcher. The captain might misinterpret his vision. It’s a great argument on a macro level because it raises the possibility of it Strange new worlds It could make Pike choose a completely different fate.

If Captain Pike makes a different choice in 2066 because he has foreknowledge of what will happen, he will be changed Star Trek canonical. But this is the cool side of Strange new worlds Being a prequel to Star Trek: The Original Series Because it raises possibilities that did not exist before. Until Star Trek: Discovery And Strange new worlds It was not legally known that Pike knew his fate and who the Cadets he had saved. Strange new worlds The second episode, “Children of the Sinner,” ends with Bayek searching for future Cadets who are still children in 2259. Bayek and Strange new worlds He wrestles provocatively with the idea that Pike could make different choices that would not condemn him to death.

It is really possible that then, Strange new worlds He could make Pike make a different choice to save himself and save the Cadets. But it’s also possible that Pike’s fate is locked, and even if he tries to evade his fate, it is inevitable that he will end up in that wheelchair, no matter what. The latter would compound Captain Pike’s tragedy and add to his silent suffering. distance Strange new worlds It is a science fiction show Star TrekA universe of infinite possibilities. Is there a way for Baek to save himself and still be respectful Star Trek canon? Or is Captain Pike doomed to his terrible fate no matter how he tries to change it? These are questions Star Trek: Strange New Worlds He might answer one day, but for now, Captain Pike is in the prime of his life and has every right to enjoy boldly going where no one has gone before.

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