Creator Clash: Results, Ranking, and Live Scores

Creator Clash: Results, Ranking, and Live Scores

Held in Tampa Bay, Florida, the first Creator Clash will see eighteen influencers in their first-ever boxing match. It is hosted on the main campus of the University of South Florida, and all proceeds from the sold event are to go to the American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Tickets for the event can still be purchased online from the Creator Clash website, and viewers can watch the entire event for up to 48 hours after it’s over.

Created and led by popular YouTuber iDubbbz, all 18 fighters have trained with professional boxing professionals for the past six to eight months leading up to the fight. With content creators spanning platforms like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and more, the event features one of the most memorable fight cards in influential boxing history.

Besides presenting two professional boxing matches, Creator Clash will witness nine matches between influential fighters. Here are the upcoming matches:

  • Dad vs Matt Watson
  • Ryan Magee vs. Alex Ernst
  • Online Comment Etiquette vs DJ Welch
  • Yodling Haley vs Justinex
  • I did something for TheOdd1sOut
  • Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stefan
  • Hundar vs. AB from H3 Podcast
  • Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. Aryn Hanson
  • iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

Live results from Creator Clash

Dad vs Matt Watson

Dad defeats Matt Watson by TKO

The first game of the night ended in a brisk fashion, with Dad walking out the gate swinging. The mysterious YouTuber jumped on Matt Watson and quickly fired a series of shots at Watson’s head. Less than a minute after the opening bell rang, the referee called the match in Abe’s favour. Although he was completely taken aback by Dad’s sudden aggression, Watson at least remained standing throughout the short match.

Ryan Magee vs. Alex Ernst

Alex Ernst defeats Ryan Magee by unanimous decision

Offensive battle, Maggie and Ernst dealt a heavy blow and ran the full course of the five-round match. The first three rounds saw the two fighters match each other, but Ernst began dropping out in the fourth round. Although both fighters showed palpable fatigue, Ernst managed to knock Maggie to the ground in multiple instances and draw blood before the final round began. Although MaGee was able to last into the final round with impressive stamina, the judges eventually scored the fight in Ernst’s favour.

Online Comment Etiquette vs DJ Welch

DJ Welch Defeats Online Comment Etiquette by TKO

The heavyweight match between Internet Commentary Etiquette (Eric) and DJ Welch ended with Welch’s decisive two-round victory. Despite a late entry into Creator Clash, DJ Welch was quick to deliver countless hits to his opponent. Online comment etiquette was knocked out three times before the second round concluded, and the match ended before the third round could begin.

I did something for TheOdd1sOut

I did something to defeat TheOdd1sOut by TKO

The match between I Did A Thing and TheOdd1sOut ended quickly in the Australian inventor’s favour, as she took a TKO victory after 1 minute 24 seconds into the first round. A heavy blow from I Did A Thing quickly stunned his animation opponent, who struggled to regain his spot in the final seconds of the fight. The referee quickly called the match before the first round was over.

Yodling Haley vs Justinex

Justinex defeats Yodeling Haley by TKO

Both fighters came out of the gate swinging, putting together great combos in a fairly even first round. Toward the end of the second round, Minx flaunted the strength of her right hook and quickly began to dominate the fight. The TikTok star Haley has stood up despite taking countless big hits, and she kept fighting even after the Minx got her nose blown. Although Haley managed to rally at the start of several rounds, the sheer force of Minx managed to win the match, with the referee ending the match in the fourth round.

Hundar vs. AB from H3 Podcast

Hundar defeats AB from H3 Podcast by TKO

The cruiserweight match was a technical match between speed and power, although Hundar eventually came out with the win. During the opening rounds, Hundar planted himself in the ring, taking some shots as AB was constantly looking for opportunities to get close. AB had a shining moment in the third round, knocking Hendar to the ground and putting the defensive fighter in front. Hundar managed to outlast AB, and AB’s exhaustion became apparent in later rounds. After several powerful shots in the fifth and final round, the referee called the match in favor of Hondar by technical knockout.

Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stefan

Michael Reeves defeats Graham Stephen by TKO

The light bout between financial advisor Graham Stephen and YouTuber creator Michael Reeves ended with Reeves’ second TKO round. Fast in the first round around Reeves, he showed off his dribbling, bobbing and weaving by hitting Graham’s straight-forward hit. Having spent the majority of the first round defending, Reeves exploded early in the second round, landing on his body continuously before shooting Steven’s head. After the YouTuber rolled money, Graham called the fight and Reeves got the win by a TKO.

Harley (Epic Meal Time) vs. Aryn Hanson

iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

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