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Starfield Delay is bad news for Xbox Game Pass, but great news for PS Plus

Bethesda fans have been waiting for years to play the company’s open-world science fiction RPG starfieldAnd, after announcing the release date at E3 last year with a movie trailer, many have been marking their calendars in anticipation. Bethesda said she was sure of it starfieldThe game’s release date, and so it looked as if the game was set to be one of the big new releases for fall 2022. Unfortunately for Bethesda fans, things have changed, and now they don’t know exactly when they’ll arrive to play starfield.

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Bethesda recently announced that it has made the difficult decision to postpone starfieldThe game’s release date is up to 2023. The game is still expected to release sometime in the first half of next year, but it’s still going to leave a huge hole for the Xbox lineup this holiday season. After all, starfield It’s set to be one of the first exclusive titles for the Xbox Series X flagship console, taking full advantage of new hardware and giving early adopters a good reason to own the next generation of Xbox.

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Not only starfieldThe release date delay has hurt Xbox overall, but it’s also a huge blow to Xbox Game Pass The subscription service, frankly couldn’t come at a worse time. Redvale Beside starfieldWith both games set to be on the first day of Xbox Game Pass, that means the service has lost two big selling points this year.

loser Redvale And starfield Until 2023 Xbox Game Pass will hurt you big time, especially if Microsoft doesn’t have an answer to fill the gap. If Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision goes faster than expected, this may be a way to cushion the blow, but by all accounts, that process looks likely to extend into 2023 as well. It might be the next day Forza Motorsport The game will be released in 2022, and there is also an indie horror game mockery Coming to Xbox Game Pass, but other than that, this year’s lineup looks pretty bare.

Microsoft is likely to make some big announcements soon to assure Xbox Game Pass subscribers that they must remain subscribed to the service for the rest of 2022. In fact, a joint Xbox and Bethesda show is scheduled for June 12. On which the presentation will focus mainly starfieldbut other games will surely be shown, and it’s entirely possible that these titles will be released later this year.

Regardless, the starfield The delay will hurt, especially since the game has been pushed as the first release for the Xbox Holiday 2022. But there’s another reason why starfield The delay is a huge blow to Xbox Game Pass in 2022. Besides the fact that it makes the Xbox Game Pass 2022 lineup look a bit disappointing, there’s also major Xbox competition to consider, and Sony is gearing up to offer some combat-moves in Game Pass. The very near future.

The starfield The release date delay was announced just a few weeks before Sony will introduce a major renewal of its PlayStation Plus service. In June, PS Plus subscribers in most regions of the world can look forward to three new levels, designed to help PlayStation better compete with Xbox Game Pass. The PS Plus Essential tier is the service as it exists now, with the exception of one of the monthly free games, while the PS Plus Extra tier primarily bundles PlayStation Now, as well as some new, high-profile games. Finally, PS Plus Premium is the more expensive version of the new PS Plus, but it brings out 300 retro games from the PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 eras. In total, this means that PS Plus Premium subscribers will have 700 games to choose from at the launch of the service.

The jury is still out on whether hundreds of older games are enough to convince PlayStation gamers to sign up for PS Plus Premium. After all, the number of PS Plus subscribers has fallen, and it’s hard to know how old games will be enough to attract new users. Then again, nostalgia is a strong thing, and PS Plus Premium will likely appeal to those who wouldn’t normally be bothered to subscribe to the service or similar services on other consoles.

The big selling point of Xbox Game Pass over PS Plus Premium is that Game Pass has first-day releases. PS Plus Premium won’t really get first-day releases, especially not from Sony’s first-party studios, so the loss of major Game Pass first-day releases this year puts PS Plus Premium in a good position. It’s clear that Microsoft will need to make some big moves to boost the value of Xbox Game Pass in 2022 starfieldThe delay and PS Plus Premium are just around the corner, and it will be interesting to see if it does.

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