What HP Specter x360 (2022) configurations are available?

What HP Specter x360 (2022) configurations are available?

HP recently announced a 2022 update for the HP Specter x360, including a new 13.5-inch and 16-inch model. Both deserve to be ranked among the best laptops of the year, but they do so for different reasons. Sure, they have the same premium design, but the screen and internal specs are completely different. If you’re wondering what exactly those specs are, let’s take a look at the configurations available for each HP Specter x360 model.

Choosing the right configuration is important to get the best possible experience for your needs while avoiding spending too much on things you don’t need. We will go through all the major configuration options available for any size, but we should note that there are some configuration options that have been announced and not yet available. In addition to the configurations themselves, we’ll list the official cost of each according to HP, but keep in mind that sales can change this price over time.

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The key components that will determine laptop performance are tied together when you configure the HP Specter x360, whether it’s a 13.5- or 16-inch model. Here are the options available for each one:

laptop CPU GPU RAM price Notes
HP Specter x360 13.5.0 Update Intel Core i5-1235U Intel Iris Xe (integrated) 8 GB $1249.99 (base price)
Intel Core i5-1235U Intel Iris Xe (integrated) 16 GB + $60 ($1309.99)
Intel Core i7-1255U Intel Iris Xe (integrated) 16 GB + $210 ($1,459.99) Compatible with OLED screen
Intel Core i7-1255U Intel Iris Xe (integrated) 32 GB + $340 ($1589.99)
HP Specter x360 16 Intel Core i7-12700H Intel Iris Xe (integrated) 16 GB $1649.99 (base price)
Intel Core i7-12700H Intel Arc A370M 16 GB + $220 ($1869.99) Compatible with OLED screen
Intel Core i7-12700H Intel Arc A370M 32 GB + $380 ($2029.99)

CPU speed and RAM will affect the overall performance of your laptop for almost any task. The Specter x360 13.5 uses U15 processors with a 15W TDP, but the processors inside the Specter x360 16 have a higher 45W TDP. They also have a larger number of cores, which means that they will be noticeably faster. HP has also announced 28W processors for the Specter x360 16, but they aren’t available yet.

RAM is especially important if you plan to open several applications at the same time, or if you are working with large projects such as a photo editing application. Both laptops go up to 32GB, although the smaller model starts with 8GB less.

GPU configurations are only available on the HP Specter x360 16, and this can help with creative workloads like video editing, but is also important if you plan on playing games on your laptop. A discrete GPU can offer more performance than an integrated one, so this is what you should look for.

Unfortunately, as you can see above, only one configuration option per laptop can be paired with a relevant OLED display (which we’ll get to in a bit).

HP Specter x360: Display

The screen is one of the best things about the Specter x360, and that goes for both models. However, they have very different configurations. Here are the options available for each model:

laptop the decision balanced dimensions plate type brightness Extra features price
HP Specter x360 13.5.0 Update 1920 x 1280 3: 2 IPS 400 net not available Unknown (base price)
1920 x 1280 3: 2 IPS 1000 nits HP Sure View Reflect Privacy Screen + $30
3000 x 2000 3: 2 OLED 400 nits (500 nits in HDR) not available + 110 bucks
HP Specter x360 16 3072 x 1920 16:10 IPS 400 net not available Unknown (base price)
3072 x 1920 16:10 IPS 400 net anti-reflective + $50
3840 x 2400 16:10 OLED 400 nits (500 nits in HDR) anti-reflective + $180

It is worth emphasizing that OLED panels in each model require a CPU, RAM and GPU configuration (see above). OLED panels come with higher resolutions and include features like true blacks, vivid colors, and a higher contrast ratio, which also helps them support HDR.

HP Specter x360: Storage

Fortunately, storage configurations are much simpler to explain. More storage simply means more space for your files, and while all the available configurations are pretty good, having more is even better if you plan on storing a lot of large files.

Storage (SSD) price
512 GB Unknown (base price)
1 TB + $90 (x360 x 13.5)
+ $100 (x360 16)
2 TB + $240 (x360 13.5)
+ $250 (x360 16)

One thing to note about the HP Specter x360 16 is that HP gives you the choice between a PCIe 4 SSD (called a 4×4) or a PCIe 3 SSD. PCIe 4 offers higher speeds, but for some reason, they cost the same. Make sure to choose 4 x 4 alternative When configuring your laptop. There is no reason not to do this.

Wi-Fi (Specter x360 16 only)

This only applies to the Specter x360 16, but HP actually gives you the option to choose between two different Intel Wi-Fi modems. Here are the options:

Wi-Fi card price
Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 Unknown (base price)
Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX411 + 10 bucks

Aside from being newer, the Intel Wi-FI AX411 supports Intel Double Connect technology, which allows your computer to simultaneously connect to a 5GHz/6GHz network as well as a 2.4GHz network. This makes it so you can use the faster ranges for a single task, like online gaming, and the slower range for something like background downloading. Both support Bluetooth 5.2.


Finally, since appearance is also important, there are color options that you can choose from with these laptops. These don’t make much of a difference in price, but there are two options that cost extra on the 13.5-inch model.

the color price
Natural Silver (360 x 13.5) not available
black night + 10 bucks (x 360 13.5)
$0 (x360 16)
blue soft music + 10 bucks (x 360 13.5)
$0 (x360 16)

The 13.5-inch model is the only one that comes in natural silver, and this is the only option that has only one color. Nightfall Black and Nocturne Blue both feature two-tone designs, so they cost extra. On the 16-inch model, only two-tone designs are available.

And these are the configurations you can choose from with the HP Specter x360. No matter what you’re using, these are two of the best HP laptops, so you’re sure to have a good experience. But choosing the right configuration means you’ll get exactly the experience you want.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can purchase the HP Specter x360 2022 models below.

    HP Specter x360 13.5.0 Update

    The 2022 HP Specter x360 13.5 has a 3:2 display, 12th Gen Intel U-series processors, and a premium design.

    HP Specter x360 16 (2022)

    The HP Specter x360 comes with a large 16:10 display, 12th generation Intel H-series processors, and other powerful specifications.

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