Apple announces new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, M2 chip and new iPhone software

Apple announces new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, M2 chip and new iPhone software

Apple’s new software for Mac is called macOS Ventura

Apple just announced macOS Ventura, its new software for Mac devices.

– Lauren Viner

Apple announces new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 chip

Apple just announced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 chip. The exterior itself, however, doesn’t seem to get much of a renovation.

The latest MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 and is available next month.

Apple promises up to 20 hours of battery life.

Apple unveils new MacBook Air with M2

Apple MacBook Air

Source: Apple

Apple just announced a new MacBook Air powered by the new M2 processor.

MacBook Air comes in four colors: space gray, starlight, midnight and silver. It will cost $1,199, but Apple will continue to sell the previous MacBook Air with the M1 chip.

It’s powered by Apple’s MagSafe and has two Thunderbolt ports.

Apple says it takes up 25% less volume than the latest MacBook Air. It weighs 2.7 pounds and will have a 13.6-inch screen with thinner bezels than its predecessor.

The new MacBook Air has a battery that lasts 18 hours for watching video.

– Kif Lesswing and Lauren Viner

Apple announces a new M2 chip

Apple just announced its latest chipset, the M2. It is a successor to the Apple M1 chip used in Mac and iPad devices. The M2 will debut in the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, which was also announced on Monday.

The chip will include 25% more transistors and 50% more bandwidth than the M1.

Apple said it’s focused on energy-efficient performance, maximizing speed performance while limiting the amount of power needed to do so.

– Lauren Viner

Apple announces new software for the Apple Watch that includes better sleep tracking

Apple Watch OS9

Source: Apple

Apple just announced watchOS 9, its latest software for the Apple Watch.

The update will include long-awaited new sleep tracking features so users can see how long they spend in each stage of sleep. Users will see sleep phase data on the Apple Watch in the Sleep app and can view more detailed information on their iPhone.

The Workout app is also being revamped to include features like heart rate zones and new running metrics to track how well you’re running.

Apple Watch Medicines

Source: Apple

Users will also be able to track and manage medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements through the Health app. The Medicines feature will allow users to create a list of medications, set up schedules and reminders, and view information about their medications in the Health app.

As part of the update, Apple is rolling out a new Siri user interface and new banner notifications. Users can also search for new podcasts on the watch. WatchOS 9 will also include new watch faces, including an astronomy face and a lunar calendar.

– Jessica Burshinsky

Apple is updating CarPlay with many features for new cars coming next year

Apple CarPlay

source; apple

Apple didn’t announce an actual car on Monday, but it did reveal a major update to CarPlay, Apple’s internal software for iPhones. Apple says the new software has “deep integration with in-vehicle hardware,” and can control functions such as air conditioning and display instruments. So, your iPhone will communicate with your car and save all the data on your car’s screens, such as speed, amount of gas left, maps, RPM and more. Apple is working with companies like Ford, Nissan and more to support the next generation of CarPlay and said the next vehicles that support it will start being announced late next year. Apple has not announced any supported vehicles. – How to leswing

Apple introduces Security Check, and allows users to revoke access to all shared apps and services

Apple introduced a new feature called Safety Check that enables users to quickly turn off all services and apps that are shared with a user’s family, such as location, or whether a user’s texts go to devices other than their phones.

Designed in partnership with women’s groups, Apple said the feature is designed to make it easier to maintain privacy, protect personal data, and safety when leaving a relationship. – How to leswing

Apple announces Buy Now, Pay Later for Apple Pay Later

Apple just announced its Buy Now, Pay Later product, Apple Pay Later, which will let you buy things anywhere Apple Pay is accepted and then pay for them in four installments over six weeks. Apple says there are no fees.

Shares of Affirm, a rival service, fell nearly 6% on the news.

Users will be able to manage their payments through the Wallet app. The company is also rolling out order tracking through the wallet.

It was rumored that Apple would go into the buying process now, and later push space for about a year now. This feature is attractive to consumers who want to buy expensive products but do not have all the money at once.

Jessica Burshinsky

Apple will allow users to edit and recall iMessages

Apple has added three major features to its messaging app, Messages. If the message is an iMessage, and not an SMS, users will be able to edit messages, recall messages sent by mistake, and snooze text messages so that users can deal with it later. These small tweaks will change the way nearly a billion people send texts. – How to leswing

Announcing the latest Apple iPhone iOS 16 software

Apple iPhone lock screen

Source: Apple

Apple just announced the release of iOS 16, the latest software for iPhones.

It’s “the biggest update ever for the lock screen, reimagining how it works,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. It’s a completely new look that allows users to customize the lock screen with widgets – which were already available on the home screen – by pressing and holding. Widgets are small icons that users can click to quickly access widgets like the Weather app.

Here are the new features:

  • A more customizable lock screen that allows users to set the font and color of the time and date. It also allows users to switch up their background images throughout the day or choose animated backgrounds.
  • Notifications on the lock screen will move to the bottom of the screen so they don’t cover the background image when the phone is locked.

Focus on Apple iPhone

Source: Apple

  • The focus feature has been expanded to the lock screen to allow users to choose how to filter notifications, such as focusing only on work-related or personal messages.
  • In iMessage, Apple added options to edit messages, unsend, and mark threads as unread.
  • SharePlay will be expanded to iMessage, so users can watch or listen to media simultaneously so they can pause and start at the same place.

Apple iPhone SharePlay

Source: Apple

  • The software update will make it easier to switch between typing and dictation as well.
  • Add-ons for its Live Text feature that copies text from images.
  • A new way for small merchants to accept Apple Pay directly from a tap on the iPhone, without additional hardware.
  • New buy now, pay later option.
  • On Maps, Apple has made it easy to see transportation prices in travel directions.
  • Family Sharing will have an easier way to set up new devices with parental control settings.
  • A new shared iCloud library to make it easier to share photos with family and friends.

Shared photos

Source: Apple

  • The Safety Check Center allows users to revoke quick access to the site for other users, a feature Apple said is intended to restore control to domestic violence survivors.
  • More organized smart home controls.
  • A CarPlay update that will allow drivers to control air conditioning, radio and more, which will be integrated by several automakers, with new cars announced late next year.

– Kif Lesswing and Lauren Viner

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off the show

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on stage live to kick off the WWDC event. He spoke briefly and handed it to Head of Software Craig Federighi, who led the crowd in a chant of “Go developers!” – How to leswing

People started taking their seats before the keynote

People take their seats before the event.

How to leswing | CNBC

People started making their way to their seats before the keynote. It’s pre-recorded, so there’s plenty of big screens for everyone to listen to. And I like that there is a shaded area.

– How to leswing

Here’s what you can expect

The Apple website is displayed on a laptop screen and the Apple logo is displayed on the phone in this illustration.

Jacob Borzeki | Norfoto | Getty Images

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, is all about catering to software developers. They are the people who design apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch and TV. This usually happens when Apple unveils new gadgets for it, and big new updates for iPhone, iPad and other platforms. Apple is said to be preparing to announce a big new iPad software update that will add better multitasking performance, so you can run more apps at the same time side by side. The iPhone is expected to get new lock screen updates. It may also announce new MacBook Air devices. However, unlike the iPhone events of September, WWDC usually focuses more on software than hardware. The program announced at WWDC usually rolls out to everyone sometime in the fall.

– Todd Haselton

Homecoming for Apple employees after two years of remote work

WWDC gathers Apple developers and presses for the first time in two years. But the event is also a homecoming for many Apple employees who have been working remotely for the past two years due to the pandemic. Some employees meet their teammates in person for the first time, such as those who have traveled from other major Apple offices, such as its facility in Austin, Texas. Apple began asking company employees to return to the office earlier this year. – How to leswing

Apple may announce new products today as well

Apple Store Down Before WWDC 2022 Keyword


The Apple Store website is down, indicating that Apple may also announce new products during WWDC 2022. It’s still too early to announce the augmented reality headset, so I’m betting on some kind of new Mac. Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman suggested over the weekend that Apple might be willing to announce a redesigned MacBook Air. It is said to include MagSafe charging, Apple’s latest processor, and new colors.

– Todd Haselton

It’s a great day here in Cupertino

Boarding the event. it is a great day.

How to leswing | CNBC

Here we are at WWDC 2022. Here are some pictures of the campus. it is a great day.

Inside Apple’s Spaceship Campus for WWDC 2022

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Everyone is wondering about the Apple headset

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at the San Jose Convention Center on June 4, 2018 in San Jose, California.

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Apple has been working on a headset for years. Reports suggested that it could be launched in 2022 or 2023. It’s the only product on everyone’s mind right now, because it will be a whole new field for Apple products. It would make sense for CEO Tim Cook and the team to announce the headset software, reportedly called Virtual Reality, given that this is a developer-focused event with the people who will be building the apps for the device. However, Bloomberg recently suggested that we might not take a look. However, we may get hints about what Apple is planning. The Company may build some tools into existing software to allow developers to make virtual or augmented reality versions of their existing applications. If it does, we know the headset can’t be far away. Or maybe we’ll be surprised and get a teaser or a full announcement.

– Todd Haselton

We are living from Cupertino for the first time since the start of the epidemic

We live from WWDC 2022

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We’re live from the Worldwide Developers Conference for the first time since the pandemic began. Apple invited some media and developers to its headquarters in Cupertino, California, to watch the keynote. But there are some differences from previous years. For example, we’re at the headquarters rather than the San Jose Convention Center where Apple held the event for several years before the pandemic.

We live off the Apple campus at WWDC 2022

How to leswing | CNBC

And the main speech does not live as it was in the past. Instead, we’ll see a pre-recorded version just like anyone tunes in from home. However, it does show that big tech events are beginning to return to a version of normality. The Google Developer Conference was held in May in person as well, but it wasn’t open to much of the press.

– How to leswing

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