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Major Android Auto update: What does it look like and when do you get it?

Android Auto has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2014. It has undergone multiple iterations of designs and is now found globally in more than 150 million vehicles. To keep pace with the times, infotainment systems in modern cars have also grown in size, with some featuring an ultra-wide screen while others feature a portrait style screen.

However, the current Android Auto user interface fails to take full advantage of these different sizes as it was never designed to cater to these different screens. To fix this, Google is redesigning Android Auto with a new scalable split-screen design for newer generation cars to better fit displays of different sizes and aspect ratios. Here’s what you can expect.

The new split screen redesign in Android Auto makes it even smarter than before

Depending on how large your car’s infotainment display is, Android Auto will automatically scale to display panels for the app launcher, notifications, and the Google Assistant. If your car has a very wide screen display, these panels will appear on the left. And if the infotainment system uses a vertical display, it will be displayed at the bottom.

The new design will ensure that you don’t have to go back to the Android Auto home screen every time you need to access the app launcher.

The main user interface will consist of three sections. The first two are the Navigation and Media controls, and the other changes dynamically to display context-relevant information such as new incoming messages, the clock, and more.

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Android Auto is getting smarter and getting deeper integration with Google Assistant. When you start a trip, you can easily share a link with your arrival time with your friends, and you can use quick one-click replies to messages and more. In addition, you will be able to call your favorite contacts with just one click without using your voice.

These changes will be available on Android Auto this summer. It will be available on all new and old vehicles, as long as it supports Android Auto.

If you just got a new car that you support, be sure to check out the most important Android Auto settings you should tweak.

Android Automotive will get support for third-party video streaming apps

Apart from Android Auto, Google also brings many improvements to cars with the built-in Google, also known as Android Automotive. These have infotainment systems running a special version of Android meant for vehicles, and include the likes of the Volvo C40, XC40 and Polestar 2.

Currently, it is possible to use YouTube on such vehicles while they are parked. Google will extend this capability to third-party video streaming apps, including Tubi and Epix Now. The feature will be exclusive to Volvo vehicles for a short period of time before it makes its way to other cars running Android Automotive OS.

Big G is also looking to introduce Google Cast support for such cars, so you can stream the content you want from your phone. Finally, a web browser is being developed for Android Automotive OS and will arrive later this year.

To make life easier for developers, Google will provide them with tools that allow them to quickly adapt their tablet apps to fit their parked car experiences, speed up the development and deployment of Android Auto and Android Automotive OS apps, and build more feature-rich apps.

The tools will open doors to new types of Android Auto apps. For now, the best Android Auto apps are limited to media playback, navigation, and messaging.

Android Auto redesign will update it

Google is making Android Auto smarter and more useful with a new redesign. The dynamic design will automatically adjust itself to deliver the best experience based on the size of your vehicle’s infotainment display, which is bound to increase over time.

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