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Edmonton Oilers bounce back with 5-3 win over Flames Series in 1-1 draw: Cult of Hockey Player Grades

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The Edmonton Oilers took a 5-3 victory in Game Two on Friday, evening this playoff series with a 1-1 draw and battled the home ice advantage away from the flames with the split in Calgary.

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The match was different day and night from the 9-6 loss in Game 1 except for the start. The Oilers fell (again) 2-0 in the 1st. But they resisted and stopped, scoring 4 unanswered goals to seal the deal. Mike Smith reclaimed the net and was the best goalkeeper on the ice. And Conor McDavid was… well… Conor McDavid.

Do you know who hasn’t had a good game? Referee Chris Lee, who missed not one but two goal line calls, one against each club.

Here’s the story on the tape…

Edmonton Oilers player score

Mike Smith. 8. Possibly a target far from two consecutive 1St The period pulled, and Mike Smith dug deep and eventually played a key role in his comeback win in Game Two. His biggest save of the night was on Blake Coleman near the end of the second frame. If Smith doesn’t stop that discus, they’ll lose 4-3 and frustrated heading into the locker room. It was a game-changing station. Make another big one off of late Gaudreau. The count was at least partially at 1–0. He coughed up a bad rebound in the score 2-0. But he didn’t have a chance on 3-1. For a good measure, make a nice pass on the boards to Leon Draisaitl against the 5-3 insurance mark. 37-40 stops.

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Conor McDavid. 9. We witnessed a special performance tonight by a special player. He made the goal 2-1 by playing superb behind the net, winning the puck fight, Rasmus Anderson walking, then Duncan Keith hitting a one-handed pass with a backhand. To appear, he took a Leon Draisaitl feed, fired off Zadorov, cleared the disc, then took a bullet return pass from Duncan Keith and beat Markstrom with a backhand/forward hand. Charm. beat Anderson again, out of the corner at 1St, But she tossed him away from Markstrom and Grid. Another network engine caused a bounce that Draisaitl bombed at home but was called back in the Goaltender Interference. 5 shots, 4 hits, countless shots.

Leon Drystel. 7. This is the best Leon has seen since the injury in the Los Angeles series. He sliced ​​the disc deep into the flame zone, making the score 2-1. A pass across the area to McDavid on 3-2. Next, Draisaitl salted the match away with a separate goal as he took a neat back pass from Mike Smith, beat all of Flames’ defenders (the squad’s ankle and all) down the ice and then beat Markstrom’s low side. He slammed another house earlier but got called back on the Goaltender Interference (McDavid Engine). 3 shots. 42% on point. brave effort.

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Evander King. 6. Spent the whole night on the top line. The net presence was ahead 2-1. Just missed a good chance from Yamamoto at 2second abbreviation. He had a few good touches on the 3-3 Power Play goal including a pass to Duncan Keith, who passed it to Bouchard for the Bouch Bomb. 3 shots, 3 hits, in the box a few times.

nurse darnell. 6. He was visibly endangered physically, but still leads D Corps at the TOI 23:21. 3 hits, 2 pieces. While his Corsi numbers look a bit ugly, the bottom line was his high stakes scoring chances for/against which were only 1-3 with Nurse Darnell on the ice. He and Ceci were far from perfect but got the job done when it mattered most.

CECI CODY. 6. Like the nurse above, Cody Ceci bowed but didn’t break despite the size of a 5v5 shot against him on the ice. He was playing with a 3-1 PP goal against him but he was outnumbered in the play. Shot and block at 22:29 of the work.

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Amal Ryan. 6. An excellent stick and a push pass from Ryan Nugent Hopkins to Zach Hyman in the 4-3 minute. He partially checked his team’s goalkeeper with a score of 1-0. very smart 3research and development Defensive play period on Backlund in Zone D. The whistle of a highly questionable slash of late. Miserable 17% of the tie. But he played a handful, 24:33 to lead all the Oilers. Strong performance.

Zach Hyman. 8. Zach Hyman played the whale game. He scored the eventual winning goal with a beautiful short effort, beating both defenders down the ice and firing a high shot at the wrist (bar down). just missed 1St The net period defended as he passed Drycell over the net. 6 shots. His inadvertently broken wand helped create a 5-on-4 fire drill at the Oilers’ end and resulted in a 1-0 victory. Added 2 hits and 3 blocking shots, plus 3:03 short hits.

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Killer Yamamoto. 4. Challenging game. I really struggled with tweaks early on, 1St Rotation period, and then another one after that. He also failed to pass his wand to Nurse (who broke it on a Flames player) in a 3-1 Flames Power Play goal. His best moment was a good preparation for Kane’s good chance at 2second abbreviation. Draw 4:00 Power Play with a stick on the mouth.

Evan Bouchard. 7. Inexplicably I stood and watched the Flames striker blast through the cover and Mike Smith made the rebounds 2-0. Awful play. Fortunately, I got better from there. Much better. Shoot the 3-3 Power Play with a classic top-of-the-circle shot, his wand caressing the rafters before Bouchard drops the hammer. He had 5 shots in total.

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Duncan Keith. 8. Regardless of a notable game, this was the best game Duncan Keith played as the Edmonton Oiler player. He shot home 2-1 from a superb pass from Conor McDavid. He passed a bullet from high to low on a McDavid 3-2 target. Then he made another pass through Bouchard 3-3. He made a list with a little smart stick and stationed plays in his own area along the way. The highly questionable decision on the 2-0 goal was a rare mistake. But a veteran feature like Keith, didn’t let her throw it and proceeded to put in a phenomenal performance. goal was 1St In the Stanley Cup playoffs since April 2016.

Ryan McLeod. 6. McLeod’s best chance was a high-speed shot in the attack zone and a good shot in the 3 . zoneresearch and development. He defended well and played at 15:07 on 3C, including 2:40 on PP and 2:35 on PK. Not bad for a 22-year-old’s secondsecond abbreviation Stanley Cup Playoffs Round. Only 30% on raffles.

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Warren Vogel. 5. Warren Foegele’s biggest contribution to this game was so significant that he punched his butt to win (in the eyes of streak experts) the race to a puck disc to clear the ice… the sequence setting that led to 5-3. The penalty was previously taken by hitting from the wall and applying a slash not recommended in the process. Two shots, two hits at 8:14.

Jesse Poliogarvi. 6. Effective validation by Jesse led to a good chance by Nugent Hopkins at 1St. Puljujarvi sifted a nice pass in the middle to raise Hyman to give a solid 2second abbreviation session opportunity. Another opportunity created by the powerful charging on the right side and follow-up recoil. 4 shots in 8:41 only. Encouraging performance in a limited role.

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Britt Colak. 7. Kulak cranked the disc well and his extra level skate helped get the disc quickly out of Zone D before Flames checked. Chances of scoring were 7-3 5 against 5 with him in the pool. Only 1 HDSC against. Highly effective 12:43. A little smart play to give Smith some precious seconds in the 5-3 goal. It still seems like a wise acquisition.

Tyson Barry. 6. Barry and Colak had a good night together. The disc was generally moving in the right direction with him on the ice. Two shots, two shots block a valiant effort in his own territory for a man who isn’t necessarily well known for this part of his game.

Derek Ryan. 4. 4y The streak was drilled into 5v5 scoring opportunities. Ryan was only 31% on point. I would rank all three of these guys based on their limited time on the ice to achieve a lot.

Zach Cassian. 4. Never played a shift in 3research and development. Two hits at 4:17. One undivided cream.

Josh Archibald. 4. Two hits at 4:39. turned in PK.

Game 3. Edmonton. Sunday night.

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