The best SNL sketches of the past 10 years

The best SNL sketches of the past 10 years

Because Saturday Night Live Producer Lorne Michaels actively avoided the kinds of major changes the show experienced in the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s becoming difficult to pinpoint the last eras of the show.

The era of Aykroyd / Belushi / Radner / Murray is plain; 1975 to 1980. The Carvey/Hartmann/Myers Plain Era. From 1986 to 1995. But Kenan Thompson was working SNL For 19 seasons. Kate McKinnon has been in business for a solid decade. More than ever, the big pieces don’t disappear from the collection; Instead, the templates overlap each other. When McKinnon started on the show, Kristen Wiig was still around. Meanwhile, some of her other early cast members will still be around next fall when the show returns for season 48.

Well maybe. The departures of McKinnon, Eddie Bryant, Pete Davidson and Kyle Mooney seem like the end of an era – a feeling that would be all the more pronounced if anyone else left before the start of Season 48 in the fall of 2022. She seemed set to leave a year ago, so surprisingly she hasn’t made a decision yet. About what will be her eleventh season.)

Now that many of its mainstays are gone, we can go back and connect with Season 39 (2013-2014) with the just-completed Season 47 (2021-2022) Kate/Aidy/Cecily era of the show. McKinnon, Bryant, and Strong weren’t the only major talent of the period, but their work separately and together helped define the sensitivity of SNL Over the past 10 years — while so many co-stars have long since disappeared, Season 39 has also been the rough dawning of Kiel Money, Beck Bennett, and Colin Jost’s presence on camera; Pete Davidson and Michael Che followed in season 40.

So let’s toast the newly defined Kate / Eddie / Cecily era with an overview of the best graphics. Cast members who started earlier (Bobby Moynihan), left earlier (Vanessa Bayer), or are meant to stay will appear next year (Heidi Gardner; Ego Nodim), but the drawing choices will be rooted in the core of McKinnon, Bryant, Strong, Bennett, and Mooney.

(Do it on my twin bed) and “Back Home Baller”

When the show Andy Samberg and his co-stars lost Lonely Island in 2012, SNL Music has become more than free-for-all with Chris Reed, Pete Davidson, and Money/Bennett all trying their hand at shape, mostly to good effect. But it’s hard for them to outsmart this pair of female inmates on the show, as they apply the adventures of the pop singer to the rituals of twenty and thirty-somethings coming home for the holidays. Like the best lonely island numbers, they combine funny visuals with really catchy rhythms; The “twin bed” in particular will stay in your head for weeks on end.

“Dinner Lobster”

Admittedly, John Mulaney may have always been destined to multitask SNL Hosting parties, etc. with his beloved work, facilities in live performance, and relationships with the show where he worked for years as a writer. But “Diner Lobster” really does seem to be the sketch that led to his rapid rise to five-timer status — an instantly beloved epic that combines the inexplicable act of ordering lobsters off the dinner menu with a remixed recording of Les Miserables.

At the very least, it inspired Mulaney to prepare a Broadway-centric musical sketch for every episode he’s hosted since. By mixing and matching songs from other musicals, and choosing broader themes than “Ordering Lobsters From the Dinner Menu,” Mulaney helped craft some fun theatrical musicals. The thing is, none of them match the individual enthusiasm for this New Yorker delight. The original “Diner Lobster” is a complete rundown – and includes just one example of how regular weekend guest Pete Davidson was pretty funny in the graphics, too.

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