Abandoned development cries unravel in new report

Abandoned development cries unravel in new report

The abandoned mystery survival game, developed by Blue Box Studios and Hasan Kahraman, is already an industry legend, and a new report makes it clear. He spoke closest to the project.

The survival horror game has been abandoned in development at Hasan Kahraman Blue Box Studios. At one point, people thought it was a secret project of Hideo Kojima Silent Hills where strange little details started to come in. However, thanks to Gamespot’s report, Kahraman appears to have been blatantly lying even to those fans who were handpicked to be close to the project.

Abandoned “Not under development”

The report argues that the abandoned is most likely vaporware – an advertised project that never sees; Usually to make investment money and run away. There are several clues cited, the most disturbing of which is the chat room which Gamespot says is a “very private and exclusive” group.

The report states that, “Since last fall, this has been a space where Kahraman shares game materials such as screenshots, animations, and even a page of game script.” “The group’s original iteration consisted of nearly a dozen fans from a Discord server that sprang up to study the mysteries surrounding the game. Kahraman manually chose who to invite based on who ‘searched,’ he once told the group.”

It appears there have been several versions of the set, with quick changes once anyone contacted Kahraman about possibly lying about the state of the game. It is alleged that within the group Kahraman was a “dual and prone to mood swings, often getting into heated discussions”. This will be followed by apologies and excuses for stress. Supposedly, the audio messages were sent from Kahraman to avoid screen-captured text messages: “This is where the most terrible things were said, according to a source.”

Apparently the group had a 12-year-old member who was boisterous and obnoxious and would keep telling someone to kill himself. In another case, Karaman is said to have ordered memorial artwork to be commissioned by a member after the Prologue was supposed to be released and he became romantically involved with the member, although this broke down after he supposedly misled them about the Prologue’s release date.

It seems that the most accepting of fans were forced to sign a fake non-disclosure agreement to keep the secrets of the group, a copy of which is in the report. However, it appears not to be a formal, legally binding national agreement and Kahraman appears to have written it himself. To prevent leaks, although they did so frequently, Kahraman allegedly kept certain members involved in the groups.

Then you have Gamespot to report that a lot of communication between Kahraman and the exclusive group was made in PSN voice chats while playing Rainbox Six: Siege. Apparently, his playing time was so long, that some members told Gamespot that they didn’t know how he had time to give up.

There is an entire section in the report dedicated to the moment where Kahraman placed a fraudulent audio file on the abandoned website that was linked to the Metal Gear Solid plots surrounding the game. It was supposed to be for the group alone, but when it leaked on Reddit Kahraman denied it was part of the game and blamed the hackers despite what he told his private group.


Honestly, it has no end. There is a section on Amber that asks someone on Discord to be the shipping partner of Blue Box Studio to avoid shipping costs. In another part, the report stated that Kahraman described partners such as Jeff Keighley and Nawari Studio as “scammers”. Then there are the surefire moments where Kahraman manipulatively leaks fake Silent Hill 5 assets, loyalty tests of group members, and more.

“Sources say Kahraman eventually admitted to PSN that Abandoned is not in development, but to this day confirms the prequel is playable,” read the final section of the Gamespot report. “As mentioned earlier, sales of this intro were intended to fund the entire game and attract investors, but the material he shared with the private group only caused confusion. He promised play tests, sometimes even for one person in the group, but no theater tests were ever given. “.

This summary of the most important aspects doesn’t do Delaney’s work justice, so we’ll point you back in the direction of his Gamespot report. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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