Original The Munsters sitcom cast member Butch Patrick says Rob Zombie's film is 158 minutes long. Zombie has shared new pictures.

The Munsters: Rob Zombie shares another look at potential clients, Butch Patrick says the movie is 158 minutes long

As fans of the genre are well aware at this point, writer/director Rob Zombie has made a feature film based on the classic sitcom. monsters And if Butch Patrick, who played young Eddie Monster on the original show, is correct, Zombie currently has a very long running time, you can watch five episodes of the series in the time it takes you to see the movie. During an interview on YouTube channel 20TIMinutes, Patrick said he had heard that the film was 158 minutes long.

Patrick mentioned that he saw footage of Zombie monsters He heard plot details from cast member Daniel Roebuck, and he thinks the movie is going to be great. He feels that Zombie was the right person for the job – and the fact that the movie had a PG rating confirmed that for him. Patrick was also asked if he had a cameo in the movie or not, but he couldn’t answer that question.

monsters It ran for two seasons, from September 1964 to May 1966, and consisted of 70 episodes. (You can buy the full set from this link.) Offer

It starred Fred Gwen as Frankenstein’s monster and head of the family Hermann Munster; Yvonne DiCarlo as his wife Lily Monster; Al Lewis, as Lily’s father, grandfather, vampire Count Dracula who longs for the “good old days” of Transylvania; Beverly Owen (later replaced by Pat Priest) was their teenage niece Marilyn Monster, who was attractive by traditional standards but was the “ugly duckling” of the family; Butch Patrick as their werewolf son Eddie Monster.

The Zombie cast includes Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Monster, Sherry Moon Zombie as Hermann Lilly’s wife, Danielle Roebuck as Lily the Count’s father, Thomas Boykin as Lily’s werewolf brother Lester, and Richard Brick as mad scientist Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang , Catherine Shell as a gypsy woman named Zoya Krupp, Jorge Garcia as Herman Flop’s boyfriend, Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson as realtor Barbara Carr, D. Wallace as Good Morning Transylvania, Jeremy Wheeler as Hermann’s boss Mr. Guttman, Sylvester McCoy as Igor, a loyal servant of the family Monster, and original theatrical cast member Pat Priest – perhaps reprise the role of Marilyn!

Zombie took to his Instagram account earlier today to share new photos of Phillips, Moon Zombie, and Roebuck on set, in person:

Zombie shared photos throughout the making process monsters. He showed off in the director’s chair, a blueprint for a replica of the Monster House, gave us a look at Hermann and Lily Monster’s pajamas costume designs, confirmed that the Zombo horror stewardess character would be in the movie, showcased a piece of furniture, and some specific interiors, and posted a picture of a wig Roebuck will wear it, Roebuck measured for grandfather’s sarcophagus, Looking at the manufacture of Hermann’s head, Show some of the wardrobe, Shared photos of some influences of creatures, Show the houses being built on Mockingbird Lane, Updated on the construction of Munsters Palace, Show the completed house, Walking that Hermann will wear the leather jacket he wears while racing on the Dragoula Roadster, revealing Igor’s look to Sylvester McCoy, giving us a glimpse of Richard Breck as Dr. Wolfgang, Katherine Scheele as Zoya Krupp, Jorge Garcia as Hermann’s friend, Cassandra Peterson as Barbara Carr, Christmas Card Birth of the Monsters, their makeup fixed, Lily on a screen, a color photo of Hermann, Lily and the Count, a shot of Lester, another photo of Igor, and more.

This release date takes on monsters Not yet announced. The movie is rated as PG “Horrific and suggestive material, frightening imagery and language”.

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Watch the full interview with Butch Patrick here:

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