Summary and Highlight of Rocket @ American Game 3: Thriller Thriller Triple Time Overtime Sends Laval to the Next Round

Summary and Highlight of Rocket @ American Game 3: Thriller Thriller Triple Time Overtime Sends Laval to the Next Round

It was easy to get a sense of the mood in skiing on a Wednesday morning. Laval Rocket was in high spirits as Game 3 approached downtown Rochester. They’ve been racking up wins at Laval, taking complete control of the series, and looking to close things off against the Americans.

Technical Director J.-F. Hall kept the winning line-up intact, once again choosing the traditional formation of 12 attackers and six defenders. Game 2 champion Lucas Condota got the nod once again as the 12th striker.

In front of a hostile crowd in Rochester, the start was less than ideal for the rocket as the Americas took the lead early on. Cédric Paquette attempted to rotate the disc behind his net, but it rebounded from the side of the goal and just into the hole. Marc Jankowski jumped on the spin and hit it by Primo to lead only 64 seconds into the game.

The missile blasted off from an early stumble to launch an attack on the Americans’ network. The four lines continued to spin and hit chances in the direction of goalkeeper Aaron Dale, who cleared seven consecutive shots before the disc finally left the area for more than a moment.

When that happened, the Rocket found himself in an early penalty kick as Xavier Ouellet was called up for a cross-check below the goal line. While the penalty kick has been a force in previous games, JJ Peterka made short work, scoring just over 30 seconds into the advantage to double Rochester’s lead.

Needing to turn the tide, Rocket was given a chance as Ryan MacInnis hit Sami Niku from behind, putting Laval into a strong first game of the night. Rocket fired chance after chance, but was unable to hit any rebounds up front as the Americans did a good job cleaning up the goalkeeper’s spill.

Laval did not make the end of the period easy on himself, as Alex Pelzel went to the penalty area for a hook, forcing the Rocket to take a late penalty. Thanks to a few disc-handling mishaps by Dell behind his net, and a few timely rescues from Primeau, the missile escaped without further harm. A late missile shot nearly missed a target, but J.-S. Dea was unable to prick the disc as the horn seemed to have ended the first period.

As the second period approached for the first time, all the chains had an effect on the missile. Their passes had the right intentions, but everything was just a haircut when they tried to launch an attack against a team waiting for a foul. Primeau was sharp to help cover those few moments, and at the other end Dell continued to frustrate the Laval shooters as they poked him in with chances from whatever angle they had.

The Rocket’s pressure stopped as they found themselves in the penalty spot again, this time with Rafael Harvey Benard in the penalty area for a goalkeeper intervention. While it looked like it had been pushed into Dell by a cannon from Amerks, it just sat there. The penalty kickers put in a powerful turn to prevent Rochester from increasing their lead, and are back on the ground looking to get themselves on the board next.

After a long turn as Dell shooed them away again and the defense cleared any dangerous pucks, the Rocket finally managed to find a recoil. Corey Scheuenemann grabbed the puck along the boards and fired a hip-high floating shot toward the net. Brandon Gignac cut the front of the shot and hit the ball off the ice and over the Dell glove to make it a one-goal game.

The third qualifying for Gignac pushed the rocket at full speed for the rest of the period. A little less than a minute later, the third line slammed into the penalty area as Gabriel Burke grabbed the puck behind the net and sent it to Danic Martel, who netted another goal past Del to equalize the match.

A little over a minute later, the Rocket took the lead when Ouellet launched a Nate Schnarr pass through the traffic, and suddenly the Rocket found himself in complete control of the game.

With Rochester swaying, the Rocket refused to surrender as the overhead line finally found its way to the scoresheet late in the period. Louie Belpidio’s shot rebounded from Del in front of the net, and his defender hit him, leaving the net wide open for Dia to make his first game in the series and end the period on a strong note for Laval.

It was a big third term in store for both sides as Rocket tried to shut down the series and the Americans tried to keep their season going for another night.

Right after the bat Rochester came out flying, and after just 13 seconds, Brett Murray was able to score in the net and put one through Primo to make it one-goal.

A pair of shootouts sent the ball into a four-on-four position, and once again the Americans took advantage when Petrka beat Nico into the net to net a Peyton Cripps goal.

The faltering start to the third didn’t improve as Nico had to take a seat to check in. The Americans’ advantage did not last long as Petrka soon found himself in the penalty area to play without a helmet. Both guards battled for a unique opportunity in the following minutes as tension settled, but it was Rochester who seized the opportunity. Ethan Prue let go of the shot and Murray passes it through Primo to make it a 5-4 contest.

The madness didn’t end there, because the rocket was on its last chance when Murray took off for the chop. Primo left for the extra striker, with 1:07 left to play, it was Jesse Yellonen who netted a goal past Dell to equalize the match.

Peter Abandonato’s late penalty went into overtime, with a sequential win on the streak and the biggest penalty kick of the season facing the Rocket. They fought through another man’s severe disadvantage, and had to keep the desperate Amerks at bay for the next minutes before the offense found its legs again.

Laval had his fortunes over time. The duo of Joël Teasdale and Condotta created an impressive appearance, but the rebounds were blocked by the Rochester defense. Even the usual Harvey-Pinard was not able to break through the goal line.

Despite the momentum going Laval Road, they had the penalty to kill them again. Nico went to the penalty area, but the penalty strikers stood tall, escaping several close calls as extra time drew to a close. As tired legs began to appear, neither side found a winner and the match needed a second extra time.

The pace continued to slow as the second overtime began; The passes were less crisp, and the legs were heavy. Gignac nearly finished it early as he found the gas to be blown by the defense, but raised his chance with a backhand over the net. Brendan Warren looked like he won with Rochester, but his chance hit a knockout and away. Then it was the Dea-Ylönen tandem that made both Dell out and out, but the veteran goalkeeper somehow managed to cover the disc. In the end, the game needed a third extra time to find the winner.

The third overtime didn’t last long, as the Rockets were intent on ending the game as soon as possible, aided by Brandon Davidson’s penalty delay. After 31 seconds of strong play, Ouellet passed the disc to Dea, and the forward made no mistake as he ended the Americans’ season.

Game Three Final Score: Laval 6, Rochester 5 (3OT).
Laval wins the set 3-0

LaValle now advances to the Eastern Conference Final, where they will play the series winner between the Springfield Thunderbirds and Charlotte Checkers.

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