The Bob's Burgers Movie presents the magic of the Belcher in an exaggerated story

The Bob’s Burgers Movie presents the magic of the Belcher in an exaggerated story

The movie Bob's Burgers is still

Bob in his first big screen appearance for Bob Burgers movie
picture: Twentieth Century Studios

When Modi Foddy arrives Bob Burger Season Two, Bob’s Way Overthinking. The mustachioed chef and father of three desperately needs the admirable writer to love his food after critical prose condemns three other restaurants in the city. But between the kids’ antics and Linda’s being, well, Linda, Bob can’t quite focus when the critic finally comes along. So, he gets nervous behind the grill, screws up, and Moody Foodie writes a bad review. “Exaggerated and dry,” the critic rummages — with a figurative knife straight into the heart of the owner of the favorite third-generation restaurant on TV.

These same words can describe the plot Bob Burgers movieAn otherwise nice outing sees, for some reason, the Belchers reusing old plot points like stale hamburger buns. But the rest of the episode “Moody Foodie” – in which Bob learns the importance of ignoring haters and doing only what he loves – feels even more relevant when reviewing the Belchers’ great big-screen debut. It’s not first class Bob Storyline (not even the top half, to be honest), but with some of the most beloved characters in animation history finally hitting the big screen, it’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity to have some real fun in theaters. Think The Simpsons moviebut sweeter with more culinary puns.

As with countless Bob Burger preceding episodes, Bob Burgers movie It begins with problems familiar to the family of five. Bob (H. Misfortunes for summer vacation. When a sinkhole doesn’t suddenly appear in front of the restaurant – savvy TV fans may have noticed it slowly taking shape throughout Season 12 – Act of God begins a chain reaction that culminates in what will be even greater Bob Adventure so far… if nothing shockingly similar had already happened on the show. (It’s so similar that this Vile Vile Cinephile won’t name the episode, but it will introduce the mysterious “Season Seven” to anyone eagerly searching for spoilers.)

Linda, Bob and Mr. Dowling in the movie Bob Burgers

Linda, Bob and Mr. Dowling V Bob Burgers movie
picture: Twentieth Century Studios

With kids riding around town on their bikes and Linda, Bob, and Teddy (Larry Murphy) rushing to save the restaurant, the winding plot facilitates the emergence of countless fan favorites. Calvin (Kevin Klein) and Felix Fishweder (Zach Galifianakis) made their way onto the scene early, delivering some of the funniest lines in the movie. The arrival of Sergeant Bosco (Gary Cole), Mr. Dowling (Craig Anton) of First Oceanside Savings Bank, and ride-hailing operator turned Carnival Mickey (voiced not here by Bill Hader but by co-director and Bob Series Creator Loren Bouchard) goes back to his origins on “Bob Day Af Afternoon” – one, if not the best Bob Burger rings ever. In the periphery are Wagstaff students and teachers, some of Bob and Linda’s adult friends, and other famous Wonder Wharf visitors, such as the Speedo Guy.

Tina, Jane and Louise in the movie Bob Burgers

Tina, Jane and Louise in Bob Burgers movie
picture: Twentieth Century Studios

Several overlapping subplots in these character introductions also conflict with the plots explored in the series. (“Bob Actually,” “Itty Bitty Ditty Committee,” “Food Truckin,” and many others come to mind.) But a “best results” approach with this fictional populated city makes practical sense. Bob Burgers movie Not much can be changed functionally about the characters inside the sequential-name animated snow globe, so instead, you pick them up, play with them, and then bring them back as you would a Kuchi Kopi or Horselain.

This proves to be a great entertainment accessory, even if it’s not entirely suggestive. Vision Bob Burgers Brighter elements shine on the big screen amazingly, with the level of detail and lighting used in the associated animation style, making Ocean Avenue feel not only more cinematic, but also more realistic. A burger that has it all (Little King Turchmouth in the alley! Ghost graffiti on the walls!), Bob Burgers movie It offers you an adventure that, yes, you’ve eaten before, figuratively speaking. But it’s not every weekend that Belchers become movie stars – so why not try this one, today’s burger?

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