IIHF - Swiss rally for thrilling win

IIHF – Swiss rally for thrilling win

The first period was the most captivating 20 minutes of this year’s championship so far. Without much effort. More than most games. The match ended with a score of 3-3 and it was full of emotion thanks to the crowd who started chanting during a special pre-match gala to honor Ambul and he never calmed down.

Soon after facing the opening, they were whistling, because one of them, Timo Meyer, incurred a heavy penalty for boarding. But a little later they were cheering soon after because the best chances during that Canadian advantage were, in fact, taken by the Swiss. Goalie Logan Thompson had to be sharp with good shots from Michael Fora and Pius Suter, making a toe save for the latter.

After that, the Swiss thought they had scored, but a video review determined that there was interference from goalkeeper Hescher, who stumbled hard on the disc under Thompson to push it inside.

“Maybe I pushed his towel a little bit,” Hisscher admitted. “That’s how the puck came out. So I guess it was the right call. I obviously would have accepted it, but on the other hand, we didn’t need it tonight. So it’s all good.”

It was Canada that took the first result when Kent Johnson hit the left flank and rebounded from Leonardo Gennone from behind the goal line at 11:52.

But we were only at the beginning. After just 59 seconds, the Swiss leveled when Thompson missed Vora’s high shot from the hole.

Canada took the lead for the second time at 14:11, scoring by a narrow margin. Adam Lowry collected the disc at his blue streak from a spin, and as he walked on goal he lost control of the disc on the bench. The movement fooled all of Ginoni and the disc slipped between the goalkeeper’s pads.

For the second time, the Swiss responded quickly. Dean Kukan got the disc in the hole and waited patiently as he moved left, near the goal line he made a shot over Thompson’s shoulder to the short side.

The last minute produced two more goals, and Canada scored the first goal again. This time, Matt Berzal held the ball on the blue line and passed a clever pass to Drake Paterson, who went ahead and beat Ginoni at the side of the baton with 56.6 seconds left.

For a third time, the Swiss responded, this time winning a single match in Region Canada in the playgroup. Dennis Malgin got the disc back to Sutter at the top of the circle, feeding Jonas Seigenthaler from the left. He beat Thompson by just 8.4 seconds.

The Swiss carried their momentum into a more controlled second. They got their first game-first at 6:13 on strong play when Hescher fired another high shot, short side, gauntlet side this time, but what was even more impressive was how the Swiss contained Canada the rest of the period. Ginoni had a few tough chances, and his teammates kept the match in check.

The Swiss went up by two goals early in the third half during a postponed penalty kick position. Sutter came over the line in a two-on-one match and took a shot under Thompson’s gauntlet at 3:41 to make it 5-3 and send the fans in a frenzy once again.

Canada had a couple of strong games later in the period, but the Swiss were hard on the disc and killed them. Mayer finished scoring with an empty goal at 18:01.

“We’ve shown a lot of character,” Mayer added. “We have great leadership with the players staying calm and not going like a rollercoaster, but staying in the middle and emotionally strong. I think we can be proud of the character we showed today. But also at the same time keeping our feet on the ground. We know there are two stronger opponents and a long way ahead of us. “.

Max Comtois said philosophically: “You cannot win them all.” “I really think you have to lose one in this tournament to get your team together. You know, we fought. It wasn’t good enough, and now we’re refocusing. We got two more games, and that’s it.”

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