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Starting today, we want to usher in a new era of transparency with you, the GB public. So here’s what you need to know: Jeff Gerstman and the Giant Bomb have agreed to go our separate ways.

We’re not just going to cover up this kind of strong news – it’s a big moment. Jeff is one of the founders of Giant Bomb and has been at the heart of the site since its launch in 2008. Whether it’s Quick Looks, Live Broadcasting, or Bombcast, I’ve consumed content he had a hand in creating. Jeff carved a giant bombshell in deep ways and was also a major part in bringing the sounds that defined the site through its various eras. To this day, Giant Bomb’s influence on the way online video games are covered is as pervasive as ever, and Jeff remains inextricably linked to that legacy.

But things change: life unfolds; Priorities change, and people come and go. The same goes for the giant bomb.

Many people have called Giant Bomb home, but they have also ventured outside in search of new opportunities, and each time, it has been hard to see us, for us as their colleagues and for you as a community to follow. But what has always helped us — and we hope you — is the understanding that the giant bomb was never about one person. A giant bomb has always been greater than the sum of its parts.

What started as a group of people in the basement evolved into two locations in another basement. That became two offices on each coast, and eventually – out of necessity and opportunity – a group of friends scattered across the United States. Essentially, through each of these changes, Giant Bomb has stayed the same as ever: a group of passionate friends talking about and about video games.

And over time—just like a roster of your favorite sports teams or the crew of a show like SNL—the friends, colleagues, and citizens who make up this group progress, providing space for others to shine while ensuring the spirit of the whole continues to thrive. And just like them, each new addition to the Giant Bomb is made with the utmost care. The giant bomb will always remain a group of misfits who have huddled together.

The giant bomb community is not just us, many people are often unrecognized or unrecognized. You are the vocal or silent admirer; It’s the talented engineers who toil to ensure the site works as it should, and the designers who make everything look like a place you can call home. Depositors, community organizers, and many others are driven by a love for the site and its community to make it a better place. Without their help, the giant bomb would not be what it is.

This site is a place that brings people together around common interests and gives them a chance to thrive, make friends and have fun. This has been the spirit of the Giant Bomb since the beginning and this is what we will do everything we can to ensure that it survives.

Just as it has always been, Giant Bomb will continue to be an exotic and welcoming corner of the internet. A place to celebrate video games and all things surrounding, with other like-minded people who also call Giant Bomb home. Yes, things will evolve, but we can promise you that it will be for the better.

It can be difficult to adapt to change. But we’re still making the bomb, and you’ll get a more detailed announcement of how the Bombcast will happen on June 7th, so be sure to tune in. Starting tomorrow, there will be a renewed focus on a core set of nine Giant Bomb crew members, we’ll provide updates regarding future content, the Premium plan and hopefully address most questions you might have, maybe even some that you didn’t know existed until now. We’re more excited than ever about what’s going to happen and we hope you are.

There is no 2.0. There is just a giant bomb.

see you tomorrow.

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2022-06-06 21:00:00

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