NHL rumors: Oilers, Golden Knights, Panthers, Canucks

NHL rumors: Oilers, Golden Knights, Panthers, Canucks

In today’s NHL rumor rundown, Evander Kane is being questioned in Game 5 of the Edmonton Oilers series versus Calgary Flames due to the birth of his infant son. In the meantime, there’s talk of what kind of extension the Oilers might want to throw his way.

The Vegas Golden Knights have some advancements in coaching, Claude Giroud is talking about a potential future with the Florida Panthers, and the Vancouver Canucks say they feel no pressure when it comes to placing Brock Bowser’s suspended contract.

Will Evander Kane do for Game 5?

Kane did not travel with the Oilers to Calgary this week. Instead, he left the team to be with his girlfriend for the birth of their child, Iverson Frank Kane. It’s not clear if Kane will make it to Calgary in time for Game 5, which would be a huge loss for the Oilers who are trying to end their streak with the Flames after leading 3-1 on Tuesday night.

Kane did not travel to Calgary with the Oilers. We’ll see if the team has an update on their status for Game 5. https://t.co/Ivr232mph1

Kane clearly hasn’t finished performing this season, but it would be ideal for the Oilers to try to finish this streak as quickly as possible based on injuries remaining on the roster. The more they play, the greater the chance that Calgary will return to the series, injuring players like Leon Drystle, Darnell Norse, or other diehard players.

If Kane does not play, it is not clear who will play Oilers up front. Players are likely to hit a line and play a deep player like Devin Shore or Derrick Brassard.

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As for talking about an extension for Kane, Darren Dreger said on TSN 1050 that he could see Edmonton Oilers GM Ken Holland offer more term than some of the other teams on the extension. He thinks three years might be the ideal place, but Oilers could offer four or more years to keep AAV low.

Golden Knights training rumors

according to David Bagnotta In the fourth, there was some talk that the Vegas Golden Knights had some interest in talking to Paul Morris and Rick Tuchet about their vacant coaching position. There are a lot of other candidates out there and they are likely to talk to many of them, but these two are rumored to have already been shortlisted.

Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Morris
Winnipeg Jets, Head Coach Paul Morris (Canadian Press / John Woods)

This training mode will be very interesting in Vegas. One has to wonder why coaches would shortlist them in Vegas if they had other teams offering them jobs. The Golden Knights clearly show no loyalty to the coaches and anyone who holds this position should know that it can be short-lived.

Jiro needs time but he can see himself with the panthers

When asked about his future plans in the National Hockey League and whether he could see himself sticking with the Florida Panthers, Claude Giroud said he had no negative thoughts about his decision to come to Florida despite the team’s rebound from the playoffs earlier than expected. He said, “I believe in this group. There is a lot of potential and a lot of good things coming for this organization.”

“I don’t have any negative thoughts about my decision to come here. It’s a fun place to play. I believe in this group. There is a lot of potential and a lot of good things coming for this organization.” Claude Giroud » https://t.co/VhQ5PG75gq https://t.co/szFUx919hi

Jiro was asked what his next move would be for him and he replied, “One step at a time here. It should take a few weeks to settle in. We’re still getting excited. We have a lot of things to think about.” Asked if he could see a deal struck between the two sides, he said, “Yes, I do. There is clearly a lot to worry about and a decision must be made. It is a difficult question.”

Giroux had options before he went to Florida, so it’s reasonable to assume that he’ll think carefully about what he wants to do next and not jump into an extension with the Panthers. The Philadelphia Flyers and Ottawa Senators are both rumored to be interested in bringing him in next season, and the Colorado Avalanches and New York Rangers were two teams who kicked tires at him before the NHL trade deadline.

Panthers tried to trade Bobrovsky

During the podcast titled “32 Ideas,” Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman said he suspected the Panthers tried hard to trade goalkeeper Sergey Bobrovsky during the 2021-22 season or lay the groundwork for doing so in the future. He’s sure the team can’t count on the size and length of his contract, but he’s heard the Panthers have already worked on it to see if that’s possible.

Canucks Not Feeling Pressure To Trade Boeser

Vancouver Hockey Now’s Rob Simpson reports that Canucks head of hockey operations Jim Rutherford has denied any rumors that the team will have to trade Brock Boeser based on the size of its qualifying bid. The team will obviously try to negotiate a better deal than the $7.5 million qualification offer he guarantees, but Rutherford said the team can pay that and is within their budget, if they need to.

“We certainly don’t have to trade with him for financial reasons,” he said. Simpson also notes that Canucks hasn’t made a decision yet as it relates to Boeser’s future.

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