NHL rumors: Jets, Blackhawks, Canucks, Penguins

NHL rumors: Jets, Blackhawks, Canucks, Penguins

In today’s NHL rumor rundown, it appears the Winnipeg Jets have hired an assistant coach, which is odd given that there is no head coach yet. Meanwhile, updates on the situation between the Chicago Blackhawks and RFA Kirby Dach are pending.

Will the Vancouver Canucks be willing to move Beau Horvat to bring in Vincent Truchic? Finally, are the Pittsburgh Penguins and Evgeni Malkin close to completing a contract extension?

Jets to Hire Scott Arnell

Murat Ates of The Athletic reports that Scott Arnell is semi-closed to be part of Winnipeg’s upcoming coaching staff. The decision to bring him in as co-coach is interesting because it means the club is not waiting for a head coach to be appointed first. Barry Trotz is still on Winnipeg’s radar, but will that affect his decision?

Derek Brassard, Nikita Filatov, Jake Voracek and CBJ coach Scott Arnell (Dave Gainer/THW)

Attis writes:

Any announcement of Arniel’s appointment will likely continue until the Jets appoint their head coach. The head coach usually hires his assistants, and while the Jets retain the services of Wade Flaherty to work with Connor Hellebuyck, the new understudy will likely be heavily involved in bringing the staff closer.

ssource – “Latest Research on Winnipeg Jets Training, Scott Arnell and Barry Trotz” – Murat Ates – Athlete – 05/31/2022

One can only assume that the Jets are angry about Arniel no matter what Trotz decides to do, or that they feel that having Arniel on the crew will help tilt Trotz in their direction. Trotz is expected to choose either Vegas or Winnipeg, so this is a risky move by the Jets unless you know something about Arniel and Trotz’s relationship.

Blackhawks working on details about Kirby Dach’s extension

Scott Powers of The Athletic reports that the situation between Blackhawks and Dachsh is resilient, with a two-year bridge deal (just under $5 million) discussed in the past. The alternative is a long-term deal of about $6 million each. All that said, there’s a good chance the Blackhawks will simply qualify Dach and wait for him to prove he’s worth the long-term extension.

Kirby Dutch, Chicago Blackhawks
Kirby Dutch, Chicago Blackhawks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Book)

Powers also points out that the Blackhawks are unlikely to bring back Dylan Strome so that could change the situation at Dach. He explains:

As always, comparisons will be part of the negotiations. Here’s a look at some of the players who could be in the conversation. Strom is one of them. Davidson has been part of the negotiations in Strom’s last contract, so he is familiar with this area. Given that Strome had a more offensive production at the time, it’s likely Davidson will seek a lower ceiling for Dach’s deal.

Source – “What Will Kirby Dash’s Next Black Hawk Contract Look Like?” – Scott Powers – Athletic – 06/02/2022

Canucks Interested in Vincent Trochek?

According to Vancouver Hockey’s Rob Simpson now, the Canucks can use a right-handed position wondering if suspended UFA Vincent Trocheck would be a good fit? He played with JT Miller for a short while growing up in the Pittsburgh area and 50/50 on whether to stay in Carolina this summer.

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One thing Simpson notes is that if Canucks were to Trocheck, it would likely mean the end of Bo Horvat with the team. He doesn’t think Vancouver can carry both on the list given their salary cap status.

Meeting owners and penguins more than half way?

Dan Kingersky of Pittsburgh Hockey League now reports that the Penguins and suspended free agent center Yevgeny Malkin could meet “more than half way” in a new contract. His predictions are that Malkin will make about $7 million annually in a two-year deal. Two owners wanted three years so the penguins had to come up with dollars for the shorter term.

For Letang, Kingerski expects the defender to secure a four-year deal worth an annual average of $9 million elsewhere.

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