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5 Beginner Tips for Apex Legends Mobile

The battle royale genre has taken over the world thanks to games like Player Unknown Battlegrounds. However, this genre has become obsolete, as the other Kings have not made any changes – except It is an electronic game. That brought on the building mechanic and helped popularize the genre. when Apex Legends Dropped, it came with a slew of new features: ping system, hero system with capabilities like note and watch, and more. It is also the easiest way to play among all the battle royals.

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All these features have made Battle Kings a great time sinking, giving players and their friends plenty of entertainment and gameplay that changes with every match. right Now, Apex Legends It entered the field of mobile gaming, and the good news is that there are not many changes between versions. play Apex Legends It can be tricky on a smaller screen; However, a lot of tips from the main version can be applied to the mobile version as well.

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5 Arena Mode

Arena Mode was added last year in the main version of Apex Legends It is part of the launch content in Apex Legends Mobile. Arena Mode is a great way to test team composition among the legends available in Apex Legends Mobile. It’s also a great way for players to get used to the pace Apex Legends Mobile, It is faster than the main version, and because of that, it is a little more difficult.

Arena Mode is a lot of fun because it’s a fast-paced mode that requires more teamwork. The round begins with players buying things from the list, then they wait for the countdown and start the fight. In order to buy more stuff, players must win each round and/or get crafting materials around the map. For new players Apex Legends As a whole, Arena Mode can help players get a better idea of ​​the legend they own, and give them time to learn about each one before choosing a primary.

4 Choosing the right legend

This is a crucial aspect of Apex Legends Mobile. The legend chosen by the player can make or break his experience, unlike other battle royals. at Apex LegendsHeroes adds a new definition to Battle Royale. Success depends not only on the skill of the player, but also on the legends chosen by the player and his team. So before starting a match with a random legend, test the available legends at first. When players discover the legend they prefer, they can quickly learn the definition of that legend and the game itself. When the player unlocks more legends, he can try those who have a complete understanding of them Apex Legends Mobile.

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Players will notice that the mobile version of Apex Legends She has an exclusive legend called Fade for the, which can change the definition of the game even more. After players unlock it, their gameplay can be quickly changed.

3 ping / communication

This is one of the many features that Apex Legends It has revolutionized the battle royale genre, and it works the same way in Apex Legends Mobile. ping / Communication is an important factor in the main version and no less important in the version Apex Legends Mobile. When players have no way to talk, they can ping the site instead. The ping system can allow players to detect the enemy and go to an area, and if the area is looted, it gives players a great way to speak without saying a word.

Moreover, since then Apex Legends Mobile Has only one map, World’s Edge, players with previous knowledge from the main version Apex Legends Easily adopt this system on the mobile phone. Experienced players can search in the foreground and give players important information, such as how high the loot area is and which locations are safest while shooting. Just like the main version, communication works best when the team is diverse, because then the squad can be more dynamic in how they fight.

2 using the controller

Players can choose to use the onscreen controls, which can be easy or difficult depending on the player. But, Apex Legends Mobile It also has the option to allow players to play with a controller. Players can use an Xbox or Playstation controller, and connect this controller to their mobile device using Bluetooth. The console gives players better handling, allowing them to do things more quickly than using on-screen controls.

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Those who played Apex Legends On consoles and PC you will have a better time using the controls, because they will be more familiar. However, playing with the on-screen controls is not difficult – it just requires some learning before getting into a real match. Any of the modes displayed in . format Apex Legends It can be played with a controller; However, the menus can only be navigated using the onscreen controls. Hopefully, in the future, this will be fixed, allowing players to use the menu console as well.

1 suits

This is one of the mechanisms that separates two copies of Apex Legends. Perks may take a while for players to fully understand, but once they do, players become a threat to their opponents. As players level up, they will get one token that they can use or save to unlock more perks in their Legend skill tree. No skill tree is the same, because each legend has different attributes. Players can only upgrade one legend each time they choose, which prompts players to become a legend in one of the legends.

If players want to mix and match, they can switch between legends and unlock all skill trees, provided that players use all legends equally. The savings system is a great way for players to fully understand the Legend definition they are using, and enhance the way the Legend behaves during each match.

Apex Legends Mobile Now available for iOS and Android.

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