AirPods Pro 2 and USB-C rumors on iPhone 15 Goodbye iPod and more on AppleInsider podca... - General Discussions on AppleInsider Forums

AirPods Pro 2 and USB-C rumors on iPhone 15 Goodbye iPod and more on AppleInsider podca… – General Discussions on AppleInsider Forums

In this week’s AppleInsider Podcast, there are rumors of an updated AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max this fall, the iPhone 15 is said to be acquiring USB-C, Apple is definitely focusing on ad revenue, Google announces the Pixel 7 and Pixel watch, and we say goodbye to the iPod.

according to Bloomberg According to a report by Mark Gorman, Apple will update AirPods Pro and AirPods Max this fall. New features may include a non-core design for AirPods Pro, support for lossless audio playback, improved on-device intelligence, and health-related updates.

Gurman also claims that AirPods Max will come in more premium colors later this year.

Meanwhile, screen analyst Ross Young tweeted that the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have slightly larger screens than their predecessors, sporting a new dial and hole punch instead of the current notch. Also, this week, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo claimed that the iPhone 15 coming in 2023 could be the first model to have a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

Away from the rumors, it was confirmed that Apple is looking to focus more on the streaming and advertising business, led by SVP Eddie Cue. Apple currently sells ads on the App Store and also with select Apple News partners. We’ll probably see ads coming to Apple Podcasts to give creators a new way to promote their shows.

Also this week, at its annual I/O conference, Google announced several new devices, including the budget Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro. Plus, it released a few devices later this year, including the Pixel 7 and the first Pixel watch.

In addition, Google announced the Pixel tablet in 2023 and presented a concept video for augmented reality glasses of the future.

Finally, it’s time to raise the cup goodbye to the iPod, Apple’s popular music player that debuted in 2001. The latest version of the device, the iPod touch, is now unavailable on the Apple online store in the US, officially ending iPod’s play for 21 years.

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