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Player Score: McDavid, Draisaitl, and friends present a hard time as Oilers set fire to 5

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Oilers 5, flame 4 (extra time)

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The sixth edition of the Sixth Annexation approached the Battle of Alberta early but was fit on Thursday, even with the game itself needing some extra time. Both overtime and the series ended abruptly when Conor McDavid Take another fine pass from Leon Drystel He beat Jacob Markstrom with a perfect wrist shot from the hole to give the visiting Edmonton Oilers a 5-4 win on the night and a 4-1 margin in the series.

It was another racy game that broke out in the second half with seven goals including another new record in a National Hockey League game (fastest 4 goals, both teams = 71 seconds). This turned a 1-0 chess match into an exciting 4-4 ​​game. There the score remained with a tense final frame that saw Edmonton have the best chances but Calgary came close to scoring. Blake Coleman’s apparent green light credit 6 minutes before play was invalidated in a video review that showed a subtle but distinct kicking action.

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It was an even match on a shot clock that pointed to 36-35 Flames at the end of the night, although by A-shot count, the Oilers held a comfortable 19-12 advantage, including an 11-7 edge in the subset of 5- Chances Alert (Running count). Once again, the Oilers did a good job turning those looks, matching their streak average of 5 goals per game at the cut-off point. It took a few extra minutes as the Oilers finally won their first overtime match in 5 years after losing the previous 6 in a row.

The Oilers now lead 5-1 at all times in the playoff series against their regional rivals.

player score

#2 Duncan Keith, 7. He led the defense team with 25:17 ice time and played well. He made several excellent defensive passes including a potential goalkeeper. He got a pass in Bouchard’s all-important 4-4 balance. 4 blocked shots.

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#5 Cody Sisi, 6. He also played 22:27 hard mostly with two strokes and two blocks and his usual hard play. He was beaten to a 3-3 Jonny Goudreau goal that probably should have been stopped, otherwise he looked behind his own Blolen with a hard kick/chance to score in every category, including a 2-1 goal.

#10 Derek Ryan, 5. Only 5:43 was played on a slightly used fourth line and an extra 1:30 in the penalty kick. Two shots, two sets, and a respectable 4/7 = 57% One night the Oilers struggled for the tackle point.

#13 Jesse Poliogarvi, 7. He played his best game in the series and contributed with a massive goal that tied the match with a score of 2-2. Strong on examination. 3 shots, 1 block, and 1 (hard!) hit in 10:38 of the movement.

#15 Josh Archibald, 4. I played only 3:17 with equal power and another 1:00 in the penalty kick. His square pack of 0-0-0, -1 mirrored the entire streak that saw him score 0-0-0, -5 in half an hour of icy time.

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#18 Zach Heyman, 9. A force to be reckoned with all night long, and all strings in which he scored at least one goal per game. He was flying from the start, though goals only began to arrive at the Oilers after Jay Woodcroft turned him into the McDavid-Draisaitl streak in the second half. By the end of the night, he posted a nice 2 to 3 chest, +4, with 7 team high shots. The goalkeeper was checked in the Bouchard match with a goal tie. He almost gave the Oilers the lead minutes later when he picked up a stray disc in the neutral zone and sprinted into a shortened breakaway. He threw and received some swipes, both simultaneously in a giant collision with Lindholm. Obtained with 4 team high hits combined with a daring shot block from Noah Hanifen’s dangerous powerplay blast. He won more battles than he lost. 8 contributions to Class A shots by oiler players (4 of which resulted in goals), and 0 against it.

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#22 Tyson Barry, 5. Quiet night after a good streak in general.

#25 Nurse Darnell, 6. 23:25 minutes played the higher event. He scored a brilliant goal with a superb shot to put the Oilers on the boards within two minutes of being 2-0 down. He was badly beaten by Mikael Backlund’s outside-in movement and shot, but was let down by subsequent video review. Of all the Oilers, he’s likely the one who will benefit the most in rest time before the start of the Western Conference Finals.

#27 Brett Colak, 5. Unable to block Backlund’s tip on 2-0, otherwise he’s solid. Make a good stretching pass for a 2-on-1 setup. It changed the look of Edmonton’s third pairing, and for the better.

#29 Leon Drystel, 10. Another great outing in an amazing streak saw him break 3 NHL records and tie 4th. She was surfing more freely that night and did a great 200ft game. He engaged in 11 first-class shots by Edmonton keeping a clean sheet on the defensive end, turning defense into attack on multiple occasions. Only two shots on his own, both dangerous, but he was a passing machine with four assists and a number of other great setups on either side of his stick. He put in a great display for the game winner, collecting a loose puck along the sideboards, absorbing Noah Hanifen’s Chic while spinning from backhand to forehand and creating an open lane for McDavid who blasted him in with another fine pass. He scored at least 3 points in all 5 competitions, breaking the old mark of 3 consecutive matches like this. as it became First NHLer to score 15 assists in a playoffsEspecially impressive because this game only passed 5 matches. He now has 41 apples and 49 points in his last 22 games against the Flames, a team that tortured for years. jumped to tie with McDavid by 26 break points; No other NHLer has more than 15.

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#37 Warren Vogel, 6. The hard grinder did some hard grinding. The oilers dominated possession in 11 and a half minutes. He made a good pass to send Puljujarvi on his own.

#41 Mike Smith, 5. Not his best game, but good enough. He leaked at two questionable targets at short notice during a 4-goal blast, but finished it off with a good save by Elias Lindholm at the edge of the crease. Dealing with it was quite a bit, including a bad giveaway that almost gave Blake Coleman an empty net. I made an excellent Lindholm engine rescue cushion about a minute before the McDavid’s OT winner. 36 shots, 32 blocks, .889 saves. He was definitively the best goalkeeper of the series with a ratio of 3.40 and 0.907 which seems average but favorably compared to the dismal Markstrom of 5.12 and .852.

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#44 Zach Cassian, 4. Michael Stone’s outside shot allowed Backlund home early in the second and never saw the ice again. Only 2:48 played per night with 0 shots or hits and poor streaming numbers.

#56 Killer Yamamoto, 7. A solid effort had him take 2 shots, block 2, scored 2 fast food and landed 4 hits in 20:01. He drew the only penalty kick from Flames, which led to the Oilers PP goal. He provided a superb pass to Kane for a third-half opportunity that barely failed. Flying all night.

#71 Ryan McLeod, 7. Clearly he earned the coach’s confidence in 3C and for good reason based on 14:39 of excellent play. It flies there, constantly turning the disc to the good end of the ice. No points but made an important contribution to Puljujarvi’s goal when he led the net, opening a lane for Heymann’s outside shot. The Oilers outpaced Flames 10-2 on his watch, even as he struggled on the frontline (1/9 = 11%).

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#75 Evan Bouchard, 6. He lost a fight along the final wall at the first goal of the match, but took it back hard when his only timer hit the high hole just off the point to tie it 4-4. Cool down under pressure and move the disc well with a number of good exit passes.

#91 Evander Kane, 6. Not at his best after a two-day hiccup, he missed a few shots and a pass up to -200 feet and took an unnecessary penalty. Proactive enough with 14 superb shot attempts, 5 of them on goal. 3 more hits. It improved with the passage of the night.

#93 Ryan Nugent Hopkins, 6. He made his biggest contribution to the Oilers lone powerplay, which needed less than 30 seconds to convert when a Nuge pass found Hyman’s shot on the edge of the crease for a flick. His streak saw a raft of Calgary’s top trio of Gaudreau-Lindholm-Tkachuk and he bowed but didn’t break. He struggled on the point at only 2/12 = 17% one night as the Oilers only won a third of the tie. 1 takeaway, 2 blocked shots.

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#97 Conor McDavid, 8. In his own words, “It was bad all night,” although McDavid’s bad game is still pretty cool. He led each of his four hits and 9/15 = 60% on point for the team. It was a slow start with a cover error and penalty. Not all of his drooping limbs worked as intended, but he did do enough to sign up for 10 top-notch shots by the Oilers, which is a great total. The last of them proved to be the series’ last action, when he first checked the disc away from Hanifin to Draisaitl, circled to receive the return pass, and fired a perfect shot from his wrist under Markstrom’s gauntlet, off the post and into it. .

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