411MANIA |  bullet train review

411MANIA | bullet train review

Directed by: David Leach
written by: Zach Olkowicz based on the novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka
the show length: 126 minutes
MPA Rating: Rated R for strong and bloody violence, pervasive language, and brief sexual activity.

Brad Pitt – ladybug
Aaron Taylor Johnson – Tangerine
Brian Terry Henry – Lemon
Hiroyuki Sanada – Sheikh
Andrew Koji – Kimura
joey king – the prince
Logan Lerman – Son
bad bunny – wolf
Zazie Beetz – wasp
Massey Oka – Mosul
Karen Fukuhara – Girl of the franchise Kaida Izumi
Michael Shannon – white death

Deadpool 2 And the atomic blond Director David Leitch pits the world’s deadliest killers against each other in a bloody battle royal in this grotesque and sometimes irreverent action comedy. Express train. based on the book Maria BeetleThe Leitch movie adaptation features copious amounts of action, violence, blood, and a sinister sense of humor that combine to deliver entertaining fun.

in the middle Express train He is a hitman, codenamed Ladybird (Bet). Ladybug feels conflicted about his work. He is experienced and skilled at his job, but he also has a pacifist streak, not wanting to harm others, despite his meager line of work. While undergoing some life therapy, Ladybug is tasked with kidnapping and snatching a job by his therapist Maria on a high-speed train, departing from Tokyo with Kyoto as its last stop.

Ladybug doesn’t realize that the briefcase he’s been assigned to carry contains the ransom money for a kidnapping job involving the son of the criminal Kingpin (Lerman). The father of the son is at the top of the criminal underworld in Japan, a ruthless gangster nicknamed The White Death. The son is rescued and carried on a train by two other killers, an eccentric duo named Lemon (Terry Henry) and Tangerine (Taylor Johnson). The bad news for Lemon and Tangerine is that the beetle snatches the bag that was supposed to bring her back to the White Death, along with the king’s unharmed son. However, Lemon and Tangerine’s plans soon go awry, and she’s left scrambling to uncover this flawed comedy.

Things get hectic with more and more suspicious people on the train. A young woman, calling herself Prince (the King), lures a grieving father, Kimura (Koji), onto the train after trying to kill Kimura’s son, and puts the young boy in hospital. The prince gains Kimura’s compliance in an intricate plot by holding Kimura’s son hostage. There is also the presence of another cartel killer named Wolf (Bad Bunny) who boards the train on a mission to take revenge, and a highly venomous snake stolen from the local zoo. Things get even crazier from there.

Energy from source material to Express train It is instilled throughout the film. The bullet train and the unique cadre of the movie’s superhero killers provide dynamic energy. The movie is not a daring action thriller. Express train Don’t struggle for realism. Sometimes, the tone is a lot like a whimsical cartoon. Other times, it plays like an action-packed Japanese manga.

After the express train leaves the station and advances near Kyoto, traffic begins to increase. It culminates in a ball-to-wall epilogue, in which Leitch shows no sense of restraint whatsoever. If there is one damage to Express train, since it tends to rely on the outrageous and the most exciting, the film relies on over-the-top action. Chapter Three Where? Express train He starts to get too tall for his own good. The plot does not collapse under its own weight, but there are many plot threads at work that are almost intertwined.

Writer Zach Olkowicz delivers a lively, witty script that delivers a fun story of puzzle pieces. The film does not always address the audience. Also, the audience gladly rewards attention when puzzle pieces come together. The clever text paired with the talented game crew makes for a fun and action packed game.

As a director who comes from an acrobatic entrepreneur background, David Leitch has a very good eye for working and organizing great sequences, even if they can at times lean toward the hyper side. The well-organized action and dynamic characters make for Express train A fun experience, especially since all the different killers are very unique and recognizable from each other.

One plot issue concerns the premise of a Russian gangster making his way to the top of the Japanese yakuza summit and then taking over himself in the form of The White Death. In the movie’s defense, given that the movie takes place in a very twisted, hyper-perceived reality, this idea is somewhat plausible.

Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji gave solid performances as The Elder and Kimura. They prove to have more sympathetic character arcs in the film, which gives some emotional weight when chaos ensues throughout this story. Hopefully Koji will continue to get more action and better roles on the big screen after being let down so badly by the role of Storm Shadow.

The rest of the cast are all entertaining and well represented in their roles, especially Pete as the Boundless Trapped Beetle. The allure and personality of Pete works very well for those looking to relax and surprisingly calm in all professions. Johnson and Terry Henry also work great together as the iconic killer duo, Lemon and Tangerine.

Express train It is a wild, daring and action packed ride with great visuals and a plethora of objects. This movie is a fun night and an entertaining surprise for the late summer movie season.

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