Doctor Strange Explained In The Multiverse Of Madness - Here's What Happens In The Post Credits Scenes

Doctor Strange Explained In The Multiverse Of Madness – Here’s What Happens In The Post Credits Scenes

a Much It takes place in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is probably far from surprising to anyone who has been paying attention to the film’s marketing campaign. The trailers promised a universe-jumping explosion of different possibilities and realities, yes, that’s pretty much exactly what’s going on. But along the way, we’re also treated to some new character introductions – like America Chavez, who has the ability to traverse dimensions at will – and some new versions of familiar faces, like a sinister and terrifying version of Strange himself. But what really happens in the movie and how do things end for our heroes?

We’ll detail it here, right now. Massive spoilers to followSo please proceed with caution.

Explore the multiverse

After being sent to a final alternate reality (this fact is not numbered or named – everyone, or almost everyone, has died) by America, the alien and alternate Christine is forced to confront an evil, a strange alternate using Darkhold and a way to connect to Strange’s home universe to save America from Wanda . Things, unsurprisingly, don’t go well, but Strange is eventually able to use the book for “Dreamwalk” and project his consciousness into the body of the dead Doctor Strange that America initially brought with her by chance upon her first arrival. That’s right – it’s a Marvel Zombie but it’s also not a Marvel Zombie at all. This stranger is only an undead in the sense that his body is literally rotten, otherwise there is no connection or connection with what if…? episode.

Corpse Doctor Strange manages to travel to Mount Wundagore to interrupt Wanda’s attempt to kill America, which America itself eventually stops by showing Wanda an alternate version of her where her children view this version of Wanda as a threat and invaders trying to kill their truth. Mom. This manages to bring Wanda back to reality as she decides to destroy the Wundagore Mountain herself within, ensuring that none of the Darkhold’s magic or spells will ever be copied again.

With Wanda gone, tragically, Wong and America can make a dimensional leap to save neighborhood Strange and Christine, drop Christine back into the dimension of her home, and return to their original Kamar-Taj world to start picking up the pieces.

Some of the key points from this are that America is able to consciously choose which universes it travels to and can bring multiple people with it on the journey, which means it will likely be a key pin figure for future multiverse exploration. She is currently the only person known to have this innate ability and the only person known without alternate selves across the multiverse. There is only one America, and it is very likely that this will continue to matter. We leave this lonely America while a new pupil learns how to practice magic at Qamar Taj.

However, unfortunately, things don’t end smoothly for Strange himself. Although Darkhold was only used for a few moments, it was, apparently, enough to spoil him a bit. Before the movie actually ends, we check back in with Strange in New York and see him, in civilian clothes, going through his day when he suddenly fell into unbelievable pain that brought him to his knees. Oddly enough, this is the evolution of a third eye on his forehead – the same third eye that the completely corrupt Doctor Strange had in the other universe.

There’s no real explanation in the movie about what the third eye is or what it does, but it’s clearly about Darkhold – which deviates a bit from the comics where a Strange who has a third eye is usually associated with the different types of magic he is able to use. Things get even more confusing moments later with…

Post-credit scene

Of course, the movie doesn’t end there. This is the MCU after all, so there are two scenes after the credits.

The former joins Strange at an unspecified time in the future as he appears to be back to living a normal life – all that pain and fear the moment he opens his third eye behind him. But he interrupted him again on the street, this time with a sudden appearance. Charlize Theron, in a strange purple outfit, appears out of nowhere on the street to stop Strange in his tracks. She says she’s from another world, that Strange has caused an “incursion” (the collision between two universes, due to too much interference in the multiverse) and that he needs to come help her.

Her name is not mentioned in the scene but Theron appears to be playing the MCU version of Clea, a character from the comics who is also a magical user and wizard in the “dark dimension”. We can assume that this will continue in live action at least to some extent thanks to not only Clea’s ability to travel across dimensions, but also the way her magic appears to be plain black and purple, as opposed to the shiny gold and yellow. magic in this universe.

Strange doesn’t bother arguing with her, and instead responds by preparing himself for another adventure, opening his third eye and transforming back into his costume.

There isn’t a lot of concrete information here to speculate on, but the fact that incursions happen is never a good sign – although it’s impossible to be sure if the intrusion that Clea is dealing with is actually Strange’s fault or, in some way, something to do with the events of a program TV Loki and the subsequent break in the schedule caused by Kang. We still have to refer to these events in any other characteristic of the MCU, so it’s entirely possible that there are two different crises on a cosmic scale occurring simultaneously, but it’s also possible that the two are related.

As for the final post-credits scene, it’s actually just a gag. Sam Raimi’s longtime collaborator, Bruce Campbell has a cameo in the movie, of course, as an intrigued peddler punched in the face endlessly. He shines a light on this last scene where he finally stops a curse and then gleefully looks into the camera to say “It’s over!”

So yeah, there’s not much to work with in terms of theories out there – but hey, maybe we’ll see more Campbell characters in the future if Raimi continues to work in the MCU.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is in theaters now.

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