Horoscope for the coming week: Look inward and trust your intuition as the first quarter of the moon moves into Virgo |  CBC life

Horoscope for the coming week: Look inward and trust your intuition as the first quarter of the moon moves into Virgo | CBC life

Cosmic interactions may be few in the sky this week, but that doesn’t mean the current transit won’t be strong. So take this opportunity to talk yourself up recently and tune in to the active shifts in gameplay.

On Tuesday, we’re invited to look inward as the emotion-ruling moon turns into its first quarter in detail-oriented Virgo. Pay close attention to your gut, allowing the new awareness you gain to provide a fresh perspective on your current challenges. If you find yourself obsessing over the little things, take a step back and try to remember that you are in the driver’s seat and you can control the outcome. Use this time to take actions that will lift your spirit and encourage others.

Charm will be the name of the game on Friday, when Mercury gossip in the stable Taurus forms a trilogy with transformative Pluto in the ambitious Capricorn. If you are waiting for the right moment to request a favor or present your case on a particular issue, harness the energy of this transit to get the help you need. It is also a beautiful day to discover secrets and unravel mysteries. If you channel your inner investigator, you may be surprised at the answers you can find.

Then, Saturday wakes us up with a thirst for excitement, when the mysterious planet Venus is paired with Uranus. It will be necessary to keep your wits about you because this playful and exuberant planetary union can make it easy to drift off your feet. If you’re single, you might feel drawn to interesting personalities, but take care to protect your heart as this dynamic can sometimes lead to short-lived relationships. If you’re a partner, try to spice things up by planning an adventurous date that will help you relax and rediscover your connections. The magic of this transit will bring good news on your way – get ready for the unexpected and see where it takes you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of Monday, June 6, 2022.


You were born to lead powerfully, Aries. But while you may feel called upon to give guidance to your loved ones on household matters this week, it is important to conserve your energy and think about whether you are increasing your energy. Keep the lines of communication open, and make sure everyone is up to date on the details so you can stay on the same page. If you’re working on creating a new schedule for yourself, you may stumble upon an easier way to get things done. Consider how you can change your routine in subtle ways to have more time to rest and relax.

the Bull

How do you show love, Taurus? You may feel compelled to declare your feelings now, but before you express yourself, try to empty your feelings and impulses so that you can give your best self. If you’ve been longing for a change at work, you may find unexpected inspiration to make a career transformation in your daily life this week. Take the time to evaluate your skills and evaluate the opportunities that seem to align best with your goals. Chatting with your network of friends and colleagues can help you sow the seeds of success that will blossom at your dream party.


Preserving your space is the priority this week, Gemini. If you notice that your to-do list is getting bigger, start small. Focus your energy on cleaning up before starting more important projects. Slow progression is still progressing, so try not to be too hard on yourself as you navigate what needs to be done. Rely on loved ones to help you create a plan and schedule for handling everything that fits in everyone’s schedule. Once you’ve dealt with the dirty stuff, you’ll be able to channel a new vision of your space that allows you to immerse yourself in your senses and reconnect with your playful side.


Practice off guard this week, Cancer. If you notice that you feel nervous in your dealings with others, try to release the pressure you are putting on yourself and open your heart to enrich your friendships. By putting up too many walls, you may risk shutting down really meaningful connections. If finding time to connect with your spiritual side seems like a chore, remember that spirituality means different things to different people, and your interpretation is entirely up to you. Consider how strengthening your inner strength and achieving greater self-love can allow you to be kinder to yourself. Seize this moment to become your best friend.


It’s time to re-examine your relationship with money, Leo. You tend to strike a delicate balance between enjoyment and frugality when it comes to your assets, both generosity and strategy. This week, we encourage you to examine the nitty-gritty of your savings and earnings to plan your summer spending. It would be wise to do some bookkeeping before making any travel reservations or large purchases. If you are looking to make major improvements to your shared space, this is also a good time to gather quotes and price comparisons that will help make the case for your loved ones.


Be kind to yourself, Virgo. External stresses may leave you feeling disconnected this week, so you have to rely on your natural sense of organization to stay on track. Steer clear of outside noises by embracing solitude and taking the time to gather your thoughts. Changes may be underway at work, encouraging you to seize this time to rise to the next level in your career. Feel free to ask for advice and help as you make your moves – you can do it on your own, of course, but it’s easier with help. Meanwhile, if you can put your problem-solving hat on and adjust your budget, you’ll be able to hit a new financial goal that catches your eye.


There is something brewing in your professional world, Libra. This week, you may feel as if you have reached the last straw or are ready to start the next chapter in your career. But before you do anything rash, take a moment to reflect on how you’d like to do the next step. You may also be called upon to re-evaluate your approach to money and your thoughts on what it means to be wealthy. Try to release any negative perceptions of wealth that you may have, and open yourself up to receiving invitations and gifts by showing abundance in journal entries, affirmations, and visualizations.

The scorpion

Give your friends the benefit of the doubt this week, Scorpio. If you feel like your nearest and dearest is too busy for you, try reaching out with a kind word and making an appointment to catch up. Isn’t it time to ask for what you want, anyway? You will have persuasive powers during this time, helping others to easily understand your point of view. If you’re attached, spending time enjoying the spring weather or planning a delicious dinner at home can help enrich your relationship. If you are single and dating, you may want to extend an invitation to your space for that new special someone.


Craving to get acquainted now, Sagittarius? You may feel compelled to take basic steps toward developing your audience-facing life this week. But as you do so, remember to trust your natural abilities and continue to hone your skills. Connecting with your hidden talents will help you take control of your creative development. If you have been longing for a deeper relationship with your partner lately, you may have the opportunity to reach a new level of intimacy by opening up and sharing your spiritual side. If you are single, you can use this energy to reflect on how your inner world shapes your physical reality and inform your emotional projects.


Are you excited to write the next chapter, Capricorn? When working toward your educational, travel or religion-related goals, it can be easy to get lost in the details. If you feel lost, look back to the initial spark that led you on this journey – you’ll be ready to make real progress once you remember your goal. Later in the week, your epiphany at work may come to you as you begin to piece together your financial future. You have the motivation needed to make positive progress, so if you can put a little confidence in yourself, you will be able to achieve abundance in your career area.


Time to balance the books, Aquarius. You’ve sharpened your mind this week, which makes it a perfect time to pay off any debts you owe. On the contrary, you may feel inclined to call upon whatever services you deserve. If you’re sitting on a project that could use some outside support or guidance, this is a great time to put a bug in the ear of people you respect and trust. Speak your ideas and ambitions into being, and watch this creative energy bring them to life. Flashes of insight can come from unexpected places in your home.


Do you put too much pressure on others, Pisces? Note that you are not unconsciously unloading your emotional baggage on those close to you this week. You may need to take a break in solitude in order to process what happened and prepare to move on. Consider your own communication style and how you can use active listening to better understand other people’s perspectives. When you’re ready to get back to the table, rely on your intuition to guide your conversations. Meanwhile, you’ll need to keep your schedule open as the weekend approaches so you can embrace spontaneity and enjoy the unexpected.

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