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The Edmonton Oilers are finally out of the swamp by Peter Chiarelli: 9 things

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The Edmonton Oilers claimed their first home win in a 7-on-ice playoff game in 32 years on Saturday, closing in 2-0 in Los Angeles.

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The series’ victory over the Kings, while only one (albeit significant) step along the 2022 Stanley Cup journey, has already become a crucial focal point for the franchise after many years of wandering in the wilderness after the season.

Exactly what I mean can be found in this week’s edition of…

9 things

9. I LOVE THE NHL Series End Handshake. It helps set our game apart from all others. It is a pure class and demonstrates proper sportsmanship and mutual respect among elite level athletes. Hockey at its best.

8. Conor McDavid He is again one of the three nominees for the Hart Award. For the first time in 98 years of NHL award history, a former winner (Wayne Gretzky). I somehow expect #99 to vote for #97. Surely of all people he realizes how special Connor is. Hope this clears up a few others.

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7. I have issues with some select media in Toronto regarding Maple Leafs. But I don’t have any problems with their players. Seeing the hurt in their eyes after losing Game 7 is a reminder that these guys are human and it’s hard to lose. And to those who chose a few individuals who mocked Zach Heyman “To leave a team that cannot win a series playoffs to a team that cannot win a series playoffs” …

6. The hockey fan in me would like Calgary to win another series of the Pacific Division. Another Alberta fight occasion would be great for hockey. But as tough as Dallas is for sure, I think the Oilers will continue to get along better with them. Either way, though, I’m glad the series is going 7 so they can pull the stuffing out of each other before they have to play Edmonton.

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5. With Bakersfield out of the AHL playoffs, I expect a flight of black aces heading north to Edmonton the next day. In my list: Dylan Holloway (who was great in the condors final elimination match), Philip BrobergAnd Stuart SkinnerAnd Markus Nimellainen. Like a black horse… maybe a veteran Brad Malone. Malone could play all three front positions and his leadership could come in handy in a taxi squad.

4. If you’ll pardon me for being a bit personal about Saturday’s victory: Our family has had Oilers season tickets for years when my kid was just a little guy. He was still in the car seat when he was watching his first phoneSt An NHL game… Game 6 of the Detroit series in 2006. But while it’s always a privilege to be in the NHL circuit, we’ve sat through one hell of a lot of losses. My son Brandon (now 21) commented last night how satisfying this win definitely feels when you look at it through that lens. I’m sure we’re not the only family that thinks this way today.

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3. I am specifically happy Mike Smith. Who in this life is fine until you are told that you are too old to keep doing something you love? I’m actually of the age where I realize that day might come for me… and let me tell you that’s not a happy idea. I have been consistent in my writing that if Smith can maintain his health, he can still perform at a high level. Well, Mike Smith is now one of two NHL goalkeepers to score a Game 7 closing at age 40 or older. was the only other Duane Rolloson In 2011. Not even Johnny Power did that!

2. I’ve had a sprained ankle. If this is really what Leon Drystel He was dealing with him on Saturday and then I wonder if the same function of Figure 8 bar and stirrups was used to keep his ankle well. In the hands of a great coach, you can compensate for the instability. But in my case, I had almost no pressure or “snapness” in my ankle at all. My step was “all my feet”. It cost me a lot of commuting. Hopefully that drives home not only how impressive it was that Draisaitl managed, but he did so while playing 22:38 at the level of the Stanley Cup Game 7. What a daring performance. Can we now permanently put those ridiculous “lazy” comments to bed?

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1. Watch the Kings Head Coach Todd McClellan In the handshake lineup, Saturday night has brought full circle to me a consistent idea of ​​this franchise over the past five years. It now looks as good as anything else to bring it up and flesh it out a bit. I wrote at the time in this very place that I felt Todd’s shooting in Edmonton was wrong (and I didn’t like very much how it happened either). I just don’t think it was the problem, and definitely not the main problem. And when you see the job McClellan has done since with the rebuilding Kings, it’s hard not to see why. He deserves the Coach of the Year award. And I wasn’t at all surprised by how far Todd and his old players went in that streak on Saturday.

I thought that then the general manager of Oilers Peter Chiarelli She completely overreacted to the loss to Anaheim. At the same time, Chiarelli misread the direction in which the National Hockey League match was going. This view led to the creation of the Oilers’ “heavy hockey” roster which left McClellan with a line too slow and skill limited to compete at the same level. These two blunders (plus countless others) were a huge factor in what eventually cost McClellan his Edmonton job, and cost Chiarelli for him…and sent this Edmonton franchise down a 5-year downward spiral.

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Now we move on to 2second abbreviation Tour, the Edmonton Oilers were finally able to make their way back to where we left off after their 2017 loss to Anaheim. But it took 5 years, 4 coaches, lots of hard miles and bitter pills to put it behind us and get back to ‘tie’. To be clear, I give the Oilers players in 2022 most of the credit. They made ski boots and played games. This is unattainable. Another difficult series (and hopefully more) is coming this season and in the years to come.

But I will never forget that he was very slandered Ken Holland Who wanted to see how healthy this team looked with both goalkeepers before making wholesale changes. It was the Netherlands who used his personal currency to land Evander King. saw Holland Cody Sissy As a Top-4 D when others don’t. sincerity Duncan Keith There is still something left in the tank. who – which Britt Colak It was worth the purchase cost. Went against his resume at work and untrained to Jay Woodcroft mid season. It’s…almost as if Kane had work experience. Crazy, right?

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And look, we’re all reaching for the fans. We have opinions. It’s part of the fun. But when it comes to running a multimillion-dollar company, there’s an old saying that a very smart man shared when I helped run it: “Just judge the quality of advice you get from that one.” Sure, Kane made some mistakes along the way too…just like he said when he was first hired.

Like I said, there’s still a lot to get done with these oilers. But today, Ken Holland has finally helped pull that franchise out of the mud. They are contenders for the Stanley Cup. A team of the best 8 players. We can all be thankful for that.

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