Johnny Depp laughed holding a dog out of a car window, according to Amber Heard's sister

Johnny Depp laughed holding a dog out of a car window, according to Amber Heard’s sister

Johnny Depp laughed while holding a dog out of a car window, according to Amber Heard’s sister.

Whitney Henriquez witnessed how “scared” she was when the drunken “Pirates of the Caribbean” star allegedly threw the dog from a moving car during a high-profile defamation trial in Fairfax, Virginia.

Taking the podium in court, the actress’s 36-year-old sister said: “At one point I heard the back window open and Johnny grab our dog by the window and I froze.

“I was scared because I just remember thinking I knew how drunk he was and the dog was so young and I thought if she was shivering or if I lost her somehow she would go out the window.”

Whitney detailed how Johnny was “laughing” when he put the dog back in the car.

She said, “He was laughing–that’s a really terrifying sound, out loud.”

“Then he cracked some jokes about putting it in the microwave.”

Whitney explained that the alleged incident occurred when the 58-year-old actor was drunk and had just accused Amber of multiple relationships.

The sister of the “Aquaman” star told the recording that she arrived at their temporary residence in Orange to find it “full of smoke” and that Johnny was “furious” and very angry with his now ex-wife.

Whitney – who has defended her sister in a previous defamation lawsuit by Johnny detailing the losses she suffered from his alleged abuse, such as panic attacks and bruises – claimed that his “speak was slurred” before making it clear that it was difficult to understand what he was saying.

She went on to claim that her ex-brother-in-law was “disturbed” because Amber had bumped into her friend Marie while she was in France, and he understood that “must mean she was having an affair with her.”

Whitney testified that Johnny told Amber that “everyone would laugh at her,” before turning his attention to a painting on the wall painted by one of my sister’s girlfriends.

Whitney claimed that Johnny had become “convinced” that the painting – which had apparently hung in that spot since they moved in – was “only on the wall to be taunted and harassed”, proof that she was back with her former torch.

Addressing the court, she said that during the alleged incident, Amber hugged her then-boyfriend, but he told her to “stop smoking” and that Whitney saw that Amber’s face was “swollen and red” and that her lip “did it look like it had been cut”, but she did not She thinks a lot about it because she wasn’t aware of the alleged violations.

Whitney told the court that she assumed the reason was “crying” and that the alleged cut “wasn’t frankly my focus.”

According to Whitney, she tried to persuade Johnny to vacate the building because he was late to film a documentary about Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards.

She claimed that they managed to persuade him to leave but he insisted on bringing Amber with him, and the alleged dog incident occurred on the way to the venue.

Whitney’s allegations come after her sister ended her own testimony in Johnny’s libel trial after Amber wrote a column for The Washington Post in 2018.

In an editorial, Amber wrote that she was a “public figure who represents domestic violence.”

Also in the article – which does not refer to Johnny by name – she said: “I spoke out against sexual violence – and faced the outrage of the culture. That has to change.”

Johnny – whose divorce from Amber ended in 2017 after two years of marriage – maintains that the piece falsely suggests he was a domestic abuser – an allegation he has vigorously denied – who ruined his Hollywood career so he is suing for $50 million.

In response, Amber sued for $100 million, claiming Johnny is leading a “smear campaign” against her and describing the legal action as part of an ongoing “abuse and harassment.”

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