After Star Trek: The End of Season 2 of Picard, three other actors have confirmed that they will not be returning for Season 3

After Star Trek: The End of Season 2 of Picard, three other actors have confirmed that they will not be returning for Season 3

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Picard The “Farewell” episode is waiting for us!

Star Trek: Picard The season two finale, also known as “Farewell,” was released Thursday, and the events of the finale brought with them some major departures. Before the episode reached Paramount + Subscribers, Allison Bell said she wouldn’t be back for it Piccard Season three, and her absence has been put into context now that we’ve seen her merging with Annie Wershing Borg Quinn and taking the Bog collective down a new path. And as if Chris Rios stayed in the 21st century and Jean-Luc Picard learned how the rest of his life unfolded wasn’t enough for information, Santiago Cabrera also noted on social media that the time he spent Piccard is over. Well, three other actors have now confirmed that they won’t be appearing in it Piccard Season 3 either.

Evan Evagura as Elnor in Star Trek: Picard

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Ivan Evagora

In the beginning, we have Evan Evagura, who played Elnor in A Handful of Star Trek: Picard Season 2 episodes Despite Elnor’s death in the “Assimilation” episode, Evagora appears in and out of the rest of the season initially through visions Ravi Musquiere had of Michael Heard about Elnor, as well as in hologram form in “Hide and Seek.” Then, since Rios decided to stay in the past, the deceased John de Lancy had enough energy to resurrect Elnor when the other main characters returned to their own timeline. Sadly, Evagora revealed on Instagram that he won’t be at it Piccard Season 3. The future looks bright for Elnor in Starfleet once again, but we won’t see what the next chapter of his life holds in the series.

Issa Briones as Corey Song in Star Trek: Picard

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Issa Briones

Next, we have Issa Briones, who mainly played Souji Asha Star Trek: Picard The first season, but he only appeared once as a character in the second season, specifically the first show. Instead, Briones starred in Season 2 as Kore Soong, the latest in a long line of clones created by Brent Spiner’s Adam Soong. With Q’s help, Kore cured her genetic disease and rebelled against her father. After deleting all of Soong’s digital files, Kore is recruited by Will Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher to join The Travelers. But just like with Elnor, whatever happens next with Kore and/or Soji won’t happen PiccardBryons announced on her Instagram page that her time on the show was over.

Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: Picard

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Will Wheaton

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