BREAKING: Top Engineer tells Project Veritas that Twitter employees are ‘commie as f*ck’, hate Elon Musk

BREAKING: Top Engineer tells Project Veritas Twitter employees are ‘commie as f*ck’, hate Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech

On Monday evening, Project Veritas released a new round of classified footage highlighting the workplace culture of Twitter employees that contrasts with incoming owner Elon Musk’s mindset for the company’s future.

A senior engineer says Twitter routinely censors conservative views because right-wingers are willing to put up with it. Elsewhere, they say leftists are leaving because rightists feel “safe” to return, because they see Elon Musk as a leader who represents their interests.

Chief Engineer Ciro Murugesan admitted to an undercover worker at Veritas that Twitter’s corporate culture is a long way from the left. He explains that the overall corporate environment shifts people’s tendencies to the left once people are there.

“Just like I started working on Twitter and became a left-winger. I think it’s just like the environment, like you’re there and you become such a subscriber.”

He believes leftists and right-wingers cannot coexist on Twitter, and that the company’s censorship measures are biased because right-wingers have put up with it, unlike leftists who threaten to leave if they don’t. t like removed.

The transgender politics of Twitter and how left and right views differ so radically on this issue is something Murugesan cites as a great example.

“Ideologically, it doesn’t make sense, because we’re actually censoring the right, not the left. So everyone on the right wing would be like, ‘Brother, it’s okay to stay, I just have to put up with it.'” “The left would be like, No, I won’t stand it. I need it to be censored or I won’t be on the podium.”

The current Twitter employee says, “So he does it on the right. It’s right. There’s bias. It’s what it is today.”

When it came to the issue of free speech that inspired Musk’s first purchase, Morogesan stated emphatically that “Twitter does not believe in freedom of speech.” It also testifies to how his co-workers “hated” Musk’s decision to jump on board. “They hate it. Oh my God. At least I’m fine with that. But some of my mates like left and right and left and left and left.”

The undercover person asks Veritas what the other employees said. “They’re like, ‘This will be my last day if this happens,'” Murugesan replied.

Murugesan said “a lot has changed” since Elon Musk began the acquisition. He said employees were worried about their jobs because the billionaire capitalist runs his business differently from the socialist workplace culture on Twitter. “You know, our jobs are on the line. It’s a capitalist and we weren’t really working as capitalists, more like socialists. Like we’re all together like f*ck.”

He also said that the previous administration allowed people to take extended leave whenever they wanted.

“Essentially, like everyone does what they want, no one really cares about it [operating expenses]Like capitalists, they care about numbers or care about how to make work more efficient. But on Twitter, it’s like mental health is everything, as if you don’t feel like it, you can take a few days off. People have taken months off and will come back. But you always love, like doing your best anytime. And that’s the culture and you know we’re going to run the business as well as possible. But at the same time, as you know, the profits were not so much. ”

He cited employee opposition to Elon Musk’s takeover of the company. “We did everything we could, to love to rebel against him. A lot of the staff revolted against him. But at the end of the day, [the] The board says, then act in their best interests because they didn’t want to be sued.”

Tensions between Musk’s management and current Twitter management erupted last Friday, after the billionaire claimed “a deal is temporarily on hold with account-supporting pending details that spam/fake accounts already account for less than 5% of users”.

Then, over the weekend, Twitter’s legal department complained that Musk had breached his NDA agreement with the company by “disclosing that the bot’s validation sample size is 100.”

Current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal formally responded to Musk’s comments on Monday via a Twitter thread where he detailed the company’s internal processes to determine the number of users of the platform from spam/bot.

Elon responded to Barrage’s statement in expressive terms.

“So how do advertisers know what they’re getting for their money? This is fundamental to Twitter’s financial health,” Musk She said On a follow-up note.

Over the past week, Musk publicly promised that he would lift Twitter’s permanent suspension against former President Trump once the deal was closed. Jack Dorsey has also been speculating about Musk being reinstated as CEO.

Monday’s release of Project Veritas confirms Elon Musk’s previously stated skepticism about ideological bias among Twitter employees. Even when the billionaire’s interest in the platform first began buying shares, Twitter employees expressed their anger and “radicalized” their engineering director.

The cycle of outrage repeated itself after Elon Musk bought out the entirety of Twitter. It wasn’t just public outrage, there were employees who were especially angry.

This is the second time Veritas has released something about Twitter since Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. Back in April, company insiders leaked an audio recording of a company-wide Twitter meeting that took place immediately after it was announced that Elon Musk had secured a buyout.

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