Kristen Quinn Reveals 'Sunset Sale' Editing Secrets, Salary Details in 'Call Her Daddy' Interview

Kristen Quinn Reveals ‘Sunset Sale’ Editing Secrets, Salary Details in ‘Call Her Daddy’ Interview

Kristen Quinn It is spilling all of sunset salesecrets.

During an interview day Call her father The 33-year-old reality star spoke with the host on Wednesday (May 18) Alex Cooper About the hit Netflix series, sharing new details about the actors’ salary, editing tricks and whether or not it’s returning for the sixth season.

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Christine He claimed that there were “six full-time storyboard animators” whose job was to help manufacture the drama for the show.

“We come somewhere and they want everything – I can’t even say the word without laughing – to be organic,” she said at one point in the interview. “They literally keep us apart. Chelsea [Lazkani] And I’m the best of friends, Vanessa [Villela] I am best friends. So we come to the place and they separate us in different rooms and then they wait until we are ready to shoot and they send us. But in the meantime, they’ll have someone say, “Oh, my God, you know Christine He said this about you in a previous scene, “And they will come to me [and say],Chelsea He said this about you [in] previous scenes. So they deliberately set up these scenarios that trigger our feelings. But I’ve been doing the show for four years. I’m in five seasons, so I know how it works.”

She continued to discuss the actors’ salaries, saying Alex She was the highest paid person on the show.

“I will sue then. I don’t care. You can’t afford lawyers. … There are three different levels,” Christine She said. “They get paid more. Jason as well. … my entertainment attorney, you know, basically [said] This is my value and I think it is all about appreciating your value.”

Later in the interview, the reality star played a segment of the show where she was having a conversation with her co-star Heather Ray Young, claiming that it was edited in the mail. In the clip, it looked as if Heather had been dubbed into saying, “You made comments about Chrisel [Stause] sleep with Jason [Oppenheim] When she was still married you know that this bulls — t. Christine Then he seemed to reply, “Oh my God, that’s funny, I said that.”

heather I did not touch it in the scene ”, Christine alleged. She followed up on her claim by sharing the clip that eventually aired on Netflix, in which heather He said, “I said he’s always had good taste in women but I think that’s, you know, that’s just not true.” ChristineA reply – “Oh my God, that’s funny, you said that” – was in response to that quote.

She added, “You see the two scenes and the first scene that they were about to send to the whole world accused me of confirming infidelity, which he called the production. heather He never said that to me.”

Christine She also claimed that she was not fired from the Oppenheim group, as seen by fans of the show, but that she had already left brokerage in order to start her own company.

“I was told the production was getting into it, and I said ‘Listen, I’m leaving the Oppenheim group, you guys know that. So let’s get creative with the story lines and let me talk about my mediation. “Which they have completely edited, because this is not a proper storyline. It is not fun.”

She went on to say that the scheme surrounding the alleged bribery came in response to her departure, which “really upset her”. “I had no idea it was until people sent me clips. I was terrified,” she explained.

Christine The show’s producers called, stating that they “manipulate” and “harass” the women in order to generate more drama.

“I know how it works, I don’t take anything [the producers] Say to the heart, but new girls are coming in,” she said. “But they do everything they can to upgrade the girls, and make the girls excited.”

“It’s a male-dominated production industry where they manipulate, harass, psychologically torture and intimidate women,” she added.

earlier this week, Christine She revealed whether she will come back or not sunset sale season 6.

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