Medical imaging equipment in Canada is getting old: We need to act now to address demand

Medical imaging equipment in Canada is getting old: We need to act now to address demand

Conference Board Canada An updated report is released that highlights Canada Medical imaging equipment is outdated compared to its international counterparts

Ottawa, ONAnd 25 May 2022 / CNW/ – Today’s Council Conference Canada Report issued: medical imaging equipment in Canada 2022And A comprehensive summary of the current state of medical imaging in Canadaresulting in a severe backlog of patients in recent years.

Report appears Canada It lags behind other developed countries in terms of healthcare capital investment, capital investment stabilization strategies, innovative capital financing instruments, and capital planning and allocation. the most we can talk about, Canada It lags behind internationally accepted medical imaging equipment and replacement standards, with 35% of equipment aged ten years or more. This far exceeds the “golden rule” issued by the European Coordination Committee for the Radiation, Electrical and Healthcare IT Industry (COCIR) which states that only 10% of equipment must be ten years old or more.

“Medical imaging live in the health care center of Canadatouching patients’ lives through multiple stages of their care journey. The demand is growing, but our equipment and processes are not keeping pace with what is needed to diagnose and treat patients,” said Dr Gilles Solis, President of the Central African Republic. Canada To make fundamental changes to our approach to medical imaging equipment and technologies, to keep pace with demand and help protect Canadian lives,” added Solis.

In 2013, the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) took the lead in developing a comprehensive Life Cycle Guide (LCG) for Medical Imaging Equipment (MI) in Canada. Conference Board Canada The report provides a comprehensive review of the updated literature on medical imaging, explores the significant changes in the health technology sector since the 2013 CAR Report, and compares Canada Current status of other jurisdictions with similar healthcare systems.

“Timely access to medical imaging is critical to supporting positive patient outcomes and the experiences of health professionals who provide care. Increasing wait times also have a significant cost to the Canadian economy.” Chad LeverHealth Director of the Conference Board CanadaCanada Lagging behind our peers in our investment in healthcare capital, this has really failed to position our health systems effectively for the future. This is important now, more than ever, because timely access to medical imaging will be key to the success of regional/regional strategies to address the backlog in surgical and cancer care that Canadians and their caregivers are facing due to the pandemic,” Leaver added.

“Medical imaging technology is advancing rapidly, and Canada The maintenance approach and life span of medical imaging equipment does not meet internationally recognized goals,” Solis said.Canada It also lags behind other nations in adopting innovative approaches by continuing to focus on outdated medical imaging management methods.”

Results in medical imaging equipment in Canada 2022 Support the Central African Republic’s recommendations to the federal government contained in Presentation of the 2022 budget To increase funding to replace obsolete medical imaging equipment and address the severe backlog that has exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also supports CAR’s call for the need to harness artificial intelligence to set strategic priorities for health human resources, technology and infrastructure for medical imaging.

“Before the pandemic, Canadians were already waiting an average of 50 to 82 days for a CT scan and 89 days for an MRI. This is 20 to 52 days longer than the recommended waiting time of 30 days, and this backlog has increased dramatically during the pandemic. According to a survey among CAR members, most centers cannot keep up with this extra workload.” “Without additional investment in equipment, human resources, modernization of prioritization and reference to imaging, we are looking to a very bleak future.”

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