The next day: Oilers extended the Kings' losing streak at home to six matches with a lopsided victory

The next day: Oilers extended the Kings’ losing streak at home to six matches with a lopsided victory

The Los Angeles Kings returned home Friday after an embarrassing loss in Game 2 in Edmonton and they look to redeem themselves.

They came out hard and fast, desperately trying to give themselves an early lead as they did in Game 1, but Mike Smith stood tall, stopping all 19 shots the Kings had in the first period.

That desperate energy would end up being a loss of their own, as Brendan Lemieux executed a ruthless penalty kick to make up for a Brett Kollack penalty. Leon Drysittel scored a goal in a four-on-four match to put the Oilers 1-0 ahead. A few minutes later, Trevor Moore was attacked for holding a penalty kick, and Zach Hyman scored in strong play to score 2-0.

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Obviously going into the first break with two goals frustrated the Kings, because the Oilers were completely in control after that. Edmonton scored three goals in the first half of the second frame, the Kings snatched two goals before the period ended, and then the Oilers scored three more goals in the third half.

The Oilers’ offensive star was Evander Kane, who buried the first of his career triple-playoffs…

This was certainly not the homecoming the kings had hoped for.

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Friday’s 8-2 loss to the Oilers extended Los Angeles’ home-defeat playoff streak to six games. They were swept away by the Vegas Golden Knights the last time they played in the playoffs in 2018 and they lost to the Sharks in five games in 2016 with their only win in San Jose.

In order to find out the last time the Kings won a playoff game at home, you have to go back to 2012, when Alec Martinez scored a Stanley Cup goal in double overtime against the New York Rangers.

On Sunday we will see if they can end this slip. The way things are going, this might be their last chance in the series.

“It was a very difficult start to the year with so many different things happening in my life. It is a real credit to my family for helping me with everything. There have been so many trials and tribulations and it is good to turn the page and start moving forward in a positive way.” – Evander Kane.

I am not a firm believer in continued momentum. I think you have to redo things. We expected a batch from them. Sure, you know, there are a lot of shots at the net from all angles and all that kind of thing, but I thought we showed some tenacity and persistence and some patience with our game and hit when the time was right.

“What I enjoy the most as a coach is watching all the people in our squad contribute and give that kind of effort and intensity. Because it was so remarkable.” – Jay Woodcroft.

“It takes everyone. Just finding ways to win games, that’s all that matters at this time of year. It doesn’t really matter how it looks or what happens. I think we did a good job playing well, we played hard, we played physically. They were deterred. Kind of today and I think we responded really well.” – Conor McDavid.

“We have to regroup and fortunately it is only 2-1 in this series. We need to regroup and step up the next game. We have to look at it as 2-1, you don’t want to dwell on all the goals. We’re absolutely playing well and we have to work harder and be better, everyone. We have to go up. No matter how many young people we have, no matter how many veterans we have, we have to come together and be better.” – Philip Danault.

“It is always a challenge when you play against players like that. They are elite players and if you give them time and space they will push you back.” – Alex Edler.

  • This was a huge win for the Oilers because teams who have moved up 2-1 in a seven-game series have historically ended up winning that series 70 percent of the time. The Oilers also needed a win in Los Angeles after dropping their first game at home in Edmonton, and they have now.
  • Edmonton’s offensive blast was unbelievable. Since dropping Game 1, they have outperformed the Kings 14-2. During their sweep of the Winnipeg Jets last year, they scored just eight goals in four games.
  • The main trio of Conor McDavid, Evander Kane and Jesse Polgojarvi had a dominant night against the Kings on Friday. At 11:09 evenly, they dominated Los Angeles 30 to 15 in terms of shot attempts and 7 to 1 in terms of high-risk scoring opportunities. Kane scored three goals, McDavid provided assists, and Bolgoirei had one. The ice seemed to tilt whenever this line was playing. The Kings didn’t have an answer for them, which really says something given their 1-2 punches in the middle of Anze Kopitar and Philip Danault, who are excellent closing positions. At 6:13 when McDavid and Kopitar were on the ice against each other, the Oilers went 22 to 5 in terms of shot attempts.
  • Since making this wrong pass late in the third period of Game 1, Mike Smith has been an absolute rockstar for the Oilers, stopping 74 from 76 shots for 974 savings in games 2 and 3.

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