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Apex Legends Mobile: All ten legends and their abilities explained

Apex Legends Mobile is here for Android and iOS after a long wait and it is bringing the popular shooting battle royale game to many players. While players who have tried other battle royale games like BGMI or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will find the shooter aspects of the game very similar, Apex Legends is much more than that.

Apex Legends Mobile is full of special characters called Legends. All of them have their own special abilities categorized under three categories – Tactical, Passive and Ultimate abilities. These characters are what you and the other players will choose as you play. The specific characters you choose determine how you perform in a match, so knowing all the Legends is important.

Note that not all legends will be presented at once. You will unlock more as you advance in the game and improve your ranking. Here are all Apex Legends and their abilities.

1. sniffer dogs

Bloodhound is the first character you’ll play as in the game, including during the initial tutorial. The Tech Hunter comes with a tactical ability in the form of the Eye of the Godfather. This allows players to briefly reveal hidden enemies, traps, and other clues in front of them.

The Bloodhound also has the passive ability “Tracker” which allows players to see the tracks left by enemies, allowing one to locate the enemy and strategize the attack accordingly. The ultimate ability is ‘Beast of the Hunt’, a type of rage mode that enhances the player’s senses, allowing him to move faster and shoot his prey for a limited time.

2. Lifeline

Lifeline is a combat medic with medical perks that affect the player and his teammates. The character’s tactical ability is “DOC Heal Drone” which summons a health drone that will heal all nearby legends.

The passive ability “Combat Revive” allows players to place a small shield. One can hide behind this and fallen players can also be revived. Lifeline’s ultimate ability is the “Care Pack” which allows the player to connect in a drop pack filled with higher level defensive equipment.

3. Octane

Octane, called the high-speed daredevil, claims speed and attack. The ‘Stim’ tactical ability allows the player to move faster and reduce the effects of slowing down for six seconds. However, this comes at the expense of health.

The “Quick Mind” is the passive ability and this allows players to gradually heal themselves as they move away from the fight. The final ability is “Jump Pad”. This allows players to deploy a jumping board in-game, where all players can jump to great heights to gain a tactical advantage and reach high-altitude areas quickly.

4. Gibraltar

Defensive character, Gibraltar’s “Protection Dome” tactical ability allows players to deploy an energy shield that blocks incoming and outgoing attacks. As a side benefit, team members bounce faster inside the dome.

‘Gun Shield’ is a passive ability and this allows players to draw their energy shield each time they use the Aim (Awsing Down). This shield eventually breaks but can be used again after some time. The ultimate ability of “Defensive Bombardment” allows players to cast a mortar attack beacon that leads to an air strike. This damages anyone caught in the blast, as well as slows them down and blurs their vision.

5. Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a forward-facing explorer with interesting Batman-like abilities. The ‘Grapple’ tactical ability allows players to quickly use an attached hound gun to attach themselves to an elevated position and reach it within a second.

The passive “know-within” ability allows players to reveal the location of the next gameplay loop when scanning it. However, each wipe reduces the lag of the Zipline pistol. The ultimate ability of the ‘Zipline Gun’ allows players to create a sliding line between any two points that they themselves as well as their teammates can use to quickly reach inaccessible areas.

6. Ghost

The ghost is a psychic personality as well as its abilities. With ‘Into the Void’, Wraith’s tactical ability, players can enter the Void, an alternate dimension of genre in which they can move without taking damage.

“Sounds from the Void” is a passive ability that alerts players with sounds when they are spotted, targeted, or near traps. Dimensional Rift is Wraith’s ultimate ability and this allows players to place two portals and move between them instantly.

7. Bangalore

Bangalore is another offensive character with unique abilities. These include the tactical ability “Smoke Launcher” that allows the player to launch an in-game smoke can that explodes into a large smoke screen that blocks the view.

The passive ability of “time multiplier” allows players to run faster while running if they shoot. Bangalore’s ultimate ability is called “Rolling Thunder” and this ability allows the player to summon a cannon strike on a location. Explosive shells fall from the sky, causing damage and blurring the vision for all players trapped in them.

8. Caustic

Caustic, known as poison trap, uses the tactical ability of a “nitrogen gas trap” to shoot down up to six gas canisters that release toxic gases when released or released.

The passive ability of “Nox Vision” allows caustics to see enemies through the gas emitted from the packages. The ultimate ability of ‘Nox Gas Grenade’ allows the player to throw a gas bomb that covers a large area with poisonous gas and slows down the affected players, while gradually causing damage.

9. Mirage

As the character who introduces you to the basic controls during the initial tutorial, Mirage is a crook with unique deceptive abilities. The ‘Psyche Out’ tactical ability sends a 3D decoy to confuse the enemy.

The passive ability of the character “Now You See Me” allows the player to hide himself when using respawn cues and revive his teammates. When a player is shot down, the ability also releases a decoy and makes them invisible for a while.

The Life of the Party is an ultimate ability that allows the player to deploy a team of decoys that simulate your movements while the original character is covered with a hood.

10. Fade out

A new mobile-only character, Fade on Apex Legends is not available on other platforms. The character’s “flashback” tactical ability allows players to instantly teleport to where they were a few seconds ago using the vacuum. You can check out the new character in the game announcement below.

The passive ability of “Fan Stream” allows players to get a temporary increase in speed at the end of the slide. Finally, the ultimate ability of “Phase Chamber” allows the player to launch a phase cage to send all the legends in the range into the void.

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