Daily National Hockey League results: Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Kings, and Blues all take the lead

Daily National Hockey League results: Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Kings, and Blues all take the lead

Game 5: Hurricanes 5, Bruins 1 | Carolina leads 3-2

Who was the man? Sebastian Aho had a solid game, scoring two of his assistants 5-for-5 and ice miles for his team. Carolina produced about 61.5 percent of shot attempts and had an expected goal rate of 82.3 percent with him on the ice. Aho’s efforts to limit the Bruins’ second streak helped create a fine attack the leading position often faced, which contributed to the team’s efforts to take advantage. His fellow attackers Seth Jarvis and Andrei Svechnikov are credited with this game as well as their high level of play.

What was the key? Hurricane Force has really been making a difference after being dumped earlier in the series – whether it’s about not Create a high-quality appearance or keep the offensive zone timing, or not turn their chances. In the fifth game, Carolina attempted 19 shots, 10 of which were “scoring opportunities”. Unblocked shots added up to the expected value of 1.7 exactly. Hurricanes had the results to show for it – two sets of power games, plus another one after the feature had expired.

Basic stats: The Hurricanes reduced their penalty shootouts by a third, from nine (!) in Game 4. Even better, the Carolinas managed to keep the Bruins in just eight shot attempts among those advantages, while making three of their own.

Expiry moment: Seth Jarvis’ 3-0 goal was unorthodox. The puck actually caught a Jake DeBrusk skate completely, Up and over Jeremy Swayman in the grid. That’s pretty much as unlucky from a bounce as the Bruins could have gotten. I felt the goal was his stamp on Carolina. Can teams come back from a 3-0 lead? certainly! But in those games, unless a team takes absolute control of play, you need to bounce your way. While technically bounce He went In Swayman’s direction, I actually did it not Go on his way. At that point in the game even in strength anyway, the gameplay was actually heading in the direction of the hurricanes, as they worked to separate themselves in the anticipated target battle.

Match moment: Forget the game, let’s talk about the post-game.

Rod Brind’Amour made a statement with a bold yet elegant paisley tie that matched the Hurricanes’ signature red. It was so special that Alisson Lucan texted Sara Sivian and I in the middle of the match.

Not only that, it was a statement piece that Civian actually asked Brind’Amour about his style choice in the post-game. And yes it is Act He chose it himself. But I felt a little undeservedly sad for it.

Don’t worry, RBA. will be in for us Style classifications.

Bruins worried meter: 🥴🥴🥴🥴 … Boston’s come back from a deficit in the series before, but at the end of the day, they still faced elimination.

Hurricanes worry meter: 🙃🙃 … Carolina took a 3-2 lead and recovered from two straight losses, but now comes the challenge of winning in Boston.

– Shayna Goldman

Game 5: Maple Leafs 4, Lightning 3 | Toronto leads 3-2

Who was the man? Oh, choose what suits you. William Nylander scored a goal and two assists, bringing the Leafs back from the dead after a rotten first period. Auston Matthews scored the winner of the match and had a human wrecking ball throughout the match. Jack Campbell rocked an early hole 2-0 to stop the match saving after stopping to save the match. Tampa Bay’s Ryan McDonagh and Andrei Vasilevsky deserve some love, too. What matters is that we finally got a game that lived up to the hype and promise made by Leafs-Bolts – a blissful back-and-forth affair that was so fast and tense that it beat the Stanley Cup 2022 standard for overmanagement. These were the good things

What was the key? Who knows what will happen in Match 6 and (maybe) 7 – we all know Toronto’s record in the tournament isn’t exactly great – but this was a revealing victory for the Leafs’ character. It looked like they were going to get off their rink in pivotal game 5, but Campbell kept the match almost alone on hand after Stephen Stamkos and Victor Hedman scored 52 seconds early in the first half, killing 5. on-3 along way, the Leafs pulled themselves off the mat and fought all the way through. If the Leafs go on to win their first playoff streak since 2004, and who knows what after, this is the game they’ll be singing songs about.

Basic stats: Vasilevskiy, ranked 88, has stopped exactly 88 percent of the shots he’s faced in the series. His .924 post-season percentage save entering this series was his fourth best ever. It’s not like it was that bad. Leaves are just killer ones.

Expiry moment: Lightning was ringing after Ryan McDonagh tied the game 3-3 midway through the third inning. Nikita Kucherov seemed ready to score the green goal at 11:30 from the third, but Jack Campbell ignored his shot from close range with his left shoulder, as he blocked the beast. A little over two minutes later, Marner and Matthews raced on the ice in a 2-on-1, with Marner firing a slide/pass shot off Vasilevskiy’s right platform, leaving the perfect rebound for Matthews to bury him in the match-winner.

Match moment: After one stint, Toronto only had four shots on target. Matthews didn’t have a single attempt. Lightning led 2-0 and was Leafs Living. repeatedly. Then, Lightning took their second too many-man penalty kick of the match and Nylander fired off John Tavares and Mikhail Sergachev’s sledges to score a powerful goal. The Leafs lived a life, and after fumbling along a wall in the dark throughout the match, they finally found the switch and flipped it over. With a few breaks in the action, almost all the foliage was from there. During a delirious period four minutes later a second, Leves put 10 shots on target on Vasilevsky, who stopped them all. Toronto continued their casting (and got another big hiatus by Campbell, who shut the door to Nick Paul’s breakup). It was a breathtaking hockey game, possibly the setting for the best third term in the entire post-season.

Lightning Anxiety Scale: 🥴 🥴 🥴 Bolts are on alert, and their strength will be tested in the tournament once again in Tampa.

leaf worry meter: 😬 😬 😬 A huge confidence booster. But no team, no city, knows like Toronto that it’s not over until it’s over.

– Mark Lazeros

Game 5: Blues 5, Wild 2 | St. Louis leads 3-2

Who was the man? Early in the game, a friend (not a big hockey fan) texted me to ask if I was watching Justin Verlander’s unsuccessful attempt. I told him I was in the Wild-Blues, and he replied by trying to see if he could name a player on either team. Did: Vladimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko must have appreciated the vote of confidence, as he walked out of the dressing room to start the third half and dominated the Blues, scoring twice in the first three minutes of the frame. He completed the hat-trick with an empty shot in the last two minutes as well. So, yes, it is important!

What was the key? It’s hard to overstate how wild the shot quality numbers are after two periods. Minnesota had over 64% of the 5-on-5 projected goal share (score and venue adjusted) in each of the first two periods, according to Natural Stat Trick, And Scored twice in Power Play. But the Blues survived, going into the second break with a draw and then going out for a third in which he achieved 77 per cent of the expected goals and two quick actual goals from Tarasenko. From there, their winning pedigree took hold and closed it down.

Key stats: .935. This is Jordan Bennington’s combined save percentage through his two swaps – both of which won the blues. Ville Husso was far and away the best goalkeeper during the regular season, but that looks like Binnington’s net for the rest of the series.

The moment it’s over: That goal wasn’t final until Tarasenko’s empty goal, but his second—which came less than 90 seconds after the first—had to be deflated for Wild.

match moment: The equalizer for Brandon Saad at the end of the second half. Tarasenko’s third-half hat-trick won the Blues game, but Saad’s retargeting resulted in St. Louis’ equalizer even before the second break. Again, just surviving those first two periods was a big deal for the Blues.

Wild Anxiety Scale: 🥴 🥴 🥴 🥴 … With how noisy the Blues’ blue streak is, it gets to the point where it feels like Wild should It is preferred in every game. But now they are only one loss away from a long summer. Next game in St. Louis.

Blues Anxiety Scale: 😬 😬 😬…there is nothing comforting this late in the series. But that was a huge win down the road.

– Max Bultmann

Game 5: Kings 5, Oilers 4 (overtime) | Los Angeles leads 3-2

Who was the man? It’s always nice when friends make this easy for us. Adrian Quimby had the overtime winner, another goal, an assist and led the Kings in Game Score. Any other option would be contradictory in itself. This provides a nice excuse to talk about how amazing Kimbee is this season; He scored 35 goals in the regular season, 19 more than his previous high, and showed a tendency to jump off the screen whenever you watched Kings games. He too is still only 25 years old. This makes him one of the many reasons for optimism in Los Angeles, both in the short and long term

What was the key? Whatever the Kings did in the locker room after the regulations – because it worked. They were underdogs, on the road, having just blew up a two-goal lead in the last 7:27 of the game. Rebounding from that requires some persistence.

Key stats: Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid played 16:31 and 15:15 at 5-on-5, respectively. Given the Oilers’ performance when neither of them were on the ice – they factored in all four goals and scored three between them – it should have been more. Observing their minutes in the regular season is one thing. But the regular season is over, no matter how tough the support team is.

The moment it’s over: The winner of the Kempe game after 72 seconds of overtime. Oh, and this is McDavid that beats the rush, just FYI. Duncan Keith just made it worse. What an effort.

match moment: Briefly, that was when I said – out loud, literally – “Kings should be fine if they stay away from the death sentence.” I couldn’t get past the sentence before Evander Kane made an intrusive call to Philip Danault. A few signs later, McDavid found Draisaitl with a crisscrossed ice lane, and Jonathan Quick had no prayer. Drawn in 4. What a release on that fella Draisaitl. He might win the Hart Cup someday.

Thanks to Kempe, though, here’s a shot of a few Oilers fans heading to the exits before his shot hits the back of the net. I respect decisiveness.

Kings anxiety meter: 🤠…This series is a massive success for them no matter how it ends. A small team like them plays with house money. What they do, perhaps more than anything else, is to show their willingness. They are here. They have pushed the best player on the planet to the brink. While Rob Blake was wise not to move any future pieces on the deadline, he should now realize he has a slate worth increasing.

meter worry oiler:🥴🥴🥴🥴 …they have McDavid and Draisaitl, just enough to stop us breaking the exploding head emoji, but wooooo brother. It’s no more frustrating than wasting a third stage batch like that. Did you know the Oilers haven’t won a series after losing 3-2 in Game 5? Because they didn’t. Fun fact.

– Sean Gentile

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On tap for Wednesday

Penguins at Rangers, 7 p.m. ET (Penguins leading 3-1)

Capitals in the Panthers, 7:30 p.m. ET (series tie 2-2)

Stars at Flames, 9:30 p.m. ET (string tied 2-2)

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