PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2022: Predictions, Rumors, Leaks & More

PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2022: Predictions, Rumors, Leaks & More

It’s that time of the month again. Sony is set to reveal free PlayStation Plus games next month later this week, so we can guess and guess ahead of time.

June marks a major shift for Sony’s subscription service. Now, instead of just the basic PS Plus, you can also choose from two more expensive tiers that add tons of games to play for free.

Depending on what level you get, this new catalog of games spans every PlayStation generation.

The “Basic” PS Plus tier is what subscribers have now, and costs $9.99 a month, $24.99 for 3 months, or $59.99 for a full year.

PlayStation Plus ‘Extra’ adds a selection of PS4 and PS5 games for $14.99/month, $39.99/3 months, or $99.99/year.

Finally, PS Plus ‘Premium’ (or ‘Deluxe’ in some regions) adds games from across the PS1/PS2/PS3 era (some downloadable and some, like for PS3 games) and costs $17.99 a month, $49.99/ 3 months or $119.99 per year.

Each level includes the free monthly games, which are the games we are going to talk about today.

PS Plus leaks, rumors and predictions

As of this writing, there have been no free games for June leaks. Much of the leakers’ focus was on new shows and game listings for the two additional levels.

If this changes and we receive a leak before Wednesday, I will update this post.

However, we can still make some predictions.

With a release date of June 7, it could be Spellforce 3 PS Plus will be a free gift for the month of June. This is unlikely, as the game is available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store.

Other options include a Call of duty game since then modern war 2 They are due to be revealed next month and COD titles will often be shown on PS Plus when they are revealed.

Outriders It’s another good guess since there’s an expansion set on June 28th. The Worldslayer The expansion will be even more tempting for players who got the game for free in the same month.

Other possible titles include SpiritFairr, Rust And the sniper ghost warrior 2 contracts, It all makes sense for the PS Plus lineup for June given that these are older titles that haven’t yet been introduced to the service.

What games do you hope to see next month? Would you subscribe to one of the more expensive tiers? May I know Twitter or Facebook.

Update 5/27:

Lots of PlayStation Plus subscribers have been looking forward to the official June reveal this week. Specifically, we expected to see the free games for June revealed yesterday, on Wednesday the 25th.

So I made this mistake. Sometimes, you don’t notice how the calendar changes. Sony usually reveals next month’s lineup of games on the last Wednesday of the month, but there are exceptions to that.

The rule of thumb is that Sony reveals next month’s games on the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the following month.

Well, it turns out next Tuesday is May 31st, so PS Plus games for June won’t be releasing until the following Tuesday, June 7. This means that the actual reveal of next month’s games won’t take place until the first Wednesday of June – the first Wednesday of next month rather than the last Wednesday of this match.

This, albeit infrequently, happens from time to time and never fails to throw me and several other PS Plus subscribers into a loop. However, it also means you have a whole extra week to download PS Plus games for the month of May.

here they are FIFA 22, Midgard Tribes And the Curse of the dead gods. I’ve played some of the latter and it’s a little like HadesAnd the Combat focused rogue is all about making your way through dungeons filled with enemies and traps. I definitely recommend it.

If there are any leaks or rumors, I will add them to this post. Other than that, check back on my blog next Wednesday to reveal the June PS Plus lineup.

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