NHL Predictions: Experts pick for both final series of conferences in the Stanley Cup playoffs

NHL Predictions: Experts pick for both final series of conferences in the Stanley Cup playoffs

The Stanley Cup playoffs are reduced to just four teams battling to win it all. And after so many touching moments during the first two rounds of the post-season, we could be more present as the field shrinks to elite NHL teams.

To the surprise of many, the top-seeded Florida Panthers were swept away by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference semifinals. In an even bigger surprise, the Panthers scored only three goals in four games after being the most-scoring team in the league throughout the regular season. In another Eastern Conference semifinal match, the New York Rangers outplayed Carolina Hurricanes behind a superb performance in Game 7 from goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin.

In the Western Conference, the Colorado Avalanche defeated the St. Louis Blues in six games. Avs’ road got a little easier when Blues goalkeeper Jordan Bennington suffered a knee injury in the third game. In five games. Dropping Game 1 in a 9-6 blast, the Oilers won by four goals in a row to take the series on the back of center star Conor McDavid.

Conference finals are scheduled to begin on Tuesday. In the Western Conference, the top-ranked Avalanche will face the second-ranked Oilseed, while the second-ranked Ranger will face the No. 3 Lightning in the east.

As the next round begins, NHL experts have revealed their predictions for the conference finals.

Western Conference

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(1) avalanche vs. (2) oiled

Chris: Avalanche has sounded like the ultimate juggernaut all year long, and that has remained the case for the blues series. Colorado faced adversity, however, by losing Game 5 and being late in Game 6 before Darren Helm saved the day with a late goal winning the game. This is a great match for the league, as two of the sport’s top stars Conor McDavid and Nathan McKinnon will take part. The amount of star power in this series is limitless, and these two highest-scoring teams are left in the post-season. However, I can’t stand the avalanche in this place. Colorado is the most complete team and can get production from all four lines if needed. Beck – Avalanche beat Oilers 4-2

Austin: On the last run, I thought the depth of the flame would push them past the oilers. However, Edmonton has the league’s biggest trump card: Conor McDavid. The best player in the world has raised the bar even more. With seven goals and 19 assists, McDavid has produced enough points beyond the entire season in just two rounds. However, McDavid and the Oilers face their biggest test yet in an avalanche. The Avs was my Stanley Cup pick before the playoffs started, and that won’t change now. While the Flames have never had a single player in the same stratosphere as McDavid, Colorado doesn’t have this problem. Nathan McKinnon is one of the top five players, and Cal Makar lived up to the Norris Trophy fanfare in these playoffs. I expect that to continue and for Avs to continue to dance. Beck – Avalanche beat Oilers 4-2

Eastern Conference

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(2) Rangers vs. (3) Lightning

Chris: I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, and boy was I wrong about leopards. I was expecting a streak of six or seven matches with Lightning, but the Panthers laid a whole egg. Believe me, I learned my lesson. Betting on goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevsky, is not only a smart strategy, who has established himself as a great player all the time. In his last seven participations in the series, Vasilevsky surrendered with one goal in 200 shots. This is just mind boggling. Listen, Rangers have a massive range of scorers with Mika Zibanijad and Chris Kreider playing a great game of hockey right now. However, I can’t pick a Lightning match when they’re playing so well. It’s also worth noting that they swept the Panthers without Brayden Point. Beck – Lightning beat Rangers 4-2

Austin: I picked against both teams for the entire post-season, so that streak for one of them should come to an end now. Rangers deserve a lot of credit for the way they’ve been able to finish off such a high percentage of dangerous scoring chances, but they won’t face a reserve goalkeeper in this series. Rather, the opposite is true. Andrei Vasilevskiy is, in my opinion, the best goalkeeper in the NHL, and he’s proven it once again through those first two rounds. Considering what he and the rest of the Lightning team did with the Leopards attack in the last round, I didn’t waver too much when they chose to do the same with Rangers in the Eastern Conference Final. BIC – Lightning beat Rangers 4-1

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