Flame off-season checklist: The clock is ticking for Johnny Goudreau's contract

Flame off-season checklist: The clock is ticking for Johnny Goudreau’s contract

Brad Treleving laughed when the first question he was asked on the season finale for his media was whether it was fair to say he would like to deal with Johnny Goudreau’s contract status sooner rather than later.

“It’s fair to say, yes,” he laughed.

Well, the onus will be on Flames to deliver a market value deal right away.

Other than that, Gaudreau has the luxury of gaining leverage with each passing day for the next six weeks, leading to free agency on July 13.

As a matter of fact, the deadline is shorter than that because teams have a funny way of sending potential offers to the UFAs before they become legal.

There will be no discounts here. Pay the guy what he’s worth or a host of the other 31 teams will offer to do so.

The clock is ticking and the pressure is on to sign the 115-point game-industry magician whose comments on Saturday made him gush around the town and organization he’s been with for 11 years. Another eight years in Calgary (say, $80 million) that would cement his legacy as the series’ greatest and most prolific offensive star.

Not that any player would publicly hint that they would like to leave a city that has held them for so long, but they sure don’t seem to have plans to leave. The trick is to agree on what its fair value is, which the two sides often see very differently.

You’ll dig fires this week to get things going.

“It was a point of discussion internally for us,” said Treleving, who is willing to delve into one of the most important contracts in the team’s history. “I spoke with John and Louis (Gross, Gaudreau’s agent) and we agreed that we would focus on hockey (all season) and that Louis and I would work in the background on the contract.

“I said this — and I said to John — I think he’s a Calgary Flame and we’ve been wanting to make him a Calgary Flame for a long time, and we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen. We’ve seen what he’s capable of. I’ve believed in this guy since the day I walked through the doors Here. Certainly, this is an important part of the work that we have to take care of.”

Goudreau said he, his wife and family love him here and that he dreams of winning the Stanley Cup with Calgary.

Nothing else on Treliving’s off-season roster comes close to being as important, especially as he needs to know Gaudreau’s position before he is able to proceed with any other contracts of interest.

Here are the other items on the top five things to do list.

Matthew Tkachuk’s comeback is easier said than done.

Tkachuk was more than excited when asked if he would be open to signing a long-term deal with the club.

“Sure,” said Tkachuk, who is this summer’s RFA, with arbitration rights.

“I loved it here. I grew up here. The more I thought about it, I came here knowing nothing about Calgary. I didn’t know anything about western Canada and I fell in love with it here.”

“I just kind of like the people here. You know, it’s great to go places and have people come in and talk about the sport and talk about what it means to them and everything.

“I don’t know, just how happy the team is and how they made my life here, just the people in general. So yes, to answer your question, I would be very open (for a long-term deal).”

Easier said than done.

The only way I can see this happening is if you lose Flames Gaudreau and need to ramp up your pre to make sure Tkachuk isn’t walking for nothing either.

Other than that, what is Tkachuk’s motivation to sign when he can get a qualifying one-year offer of $9 million and then increase the leverage as a UFA pending?

With career earnings of $24 million, the 24-year-old is already ready for life and will soon be able to make money almost anywhere he wants.

As happy as he is here, coming from a family of savvy negotiators, his father enjoyed the fruits of navigating his career.

Don’t expect Treliving to be able to sign him for long this summer – there’s almost certainly a one-year deal.

Allure of Andrew Mangyapan.

You can bet Treliving will go all out to sign the 35-goal long-term scorer.

However, like Tkachuk, he will be under heavy pressure from his agent to sign a one-year deal, and lead him to an unrestricted free agency next summer where there will be more than a few teams interested in giving him his first-ever minutes. in Calgary.

What’s different here is that the top 26-year-old from last year’s World Championship made “only” $6.5 million in his career, which means a life-changing offer of five or six years for upwards of $25-30 million could prove It would be very tempting to refuse.

However, given his status as one of the game’s most prolific 5 on 5 players, who can also kill shootouts, he knows that payday could be much higher with multiple bids possible next summer.

Treliving has a history of doing well in locking up players like Mangiapane, but this will be a tough test.

For the first time, Oliver Killington has clout.

Few predicted last summer that he would be in a position to take a huge raise on the $750,000 he made this year.

However, the 25-year-old broke through the training camp and became a daily NHLer player in his second duo with Chris Tanev.

This is the first time Kylington, who cut her salary last year, has had any leverage and you can expect the RFA to do everything in its power to use it, despite the fact that money will be tight this summer.

Eric Gudbranson and the value of team identity.

That’s a luxury item on the coach’s to-do list, and it’s interesting to say a third-man defense duo signed last season for $1.95 million.

The big guy has become a huge part of the team’s identity, something Daryl Sutter sees as key.

Two years ago, he was finalizing a three-year deal that paid the 30-year-old $4 million a year.

The right-handed defender has raised his stock this year with a career season and will have to take less than market value to stay in Calgary where he knows he can continue to play a big role.

He’s made $28 million over his career, so he’ll probably take less money to stay.

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