Young Wedding and Concern 'Romantic' Teriah' All Boxed But 'Drama' - Plus, Abby and Chance Shake Up Ahead

Young Wedding and Concern ‘Romantic’ Teriah’ All Boxed But ‘Drama’ – Plus, Abby and Chance Shake Up Ahead

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Young & Restless had a lot of action this week, so let’s start trolling…

Just married!

I loved that Maria and Tessa had multiple episodes of their well-deserved dance, fun and romance wedding. Since it was such a “love in”, it was really age-appropriate for the theme, and care was taken to play all the tunes, from the night before the wedding to the opening of gifts afterward. The 70’s dresses and suits were great! If you missed it, check out Teriah’s awesome wedding album here.

A gathering on this scale perfectly sets the scene for the soapy drama, but in this case there was nothing more than tension. Tessa’s crisis was – as might be expected – her dress’s appearance at the last minute, Diane “smashed” the event, but her presence was more annoying than anything else, and Summer and Maria exchanged barbs. This was all fun, but I really wished that something “next-level” would happen – like the appearance of someone shocking from Tessa’s past – why did she and Krystal make her and Krystal reminisce over their childhood?!

One of the scenes that unexpectedly caught my eye during the wedding was Sharon and Chance’s moment when he checked in with her after noticing that she was standing alone most of the time. Find out how you felt about it and why you felt so guilty here.

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set a fire

I want Young and anxious To light a fire under Noah’s sad sack… but I’m far from convinced that a romance with Allie will do the trick. She seems the ultimate sweetheart, but the writers are seriously skewed about making the same mistake they made with Lola’s character when they made her take herself too seriously. It gives “wet blanket” reactions and is not convincing. It was Noah and Crystal road More fun to watch the interaction in the wedding party. I’d like to see them follow through.

In a related comment, I really enjoyed the scenes of Allie with Ashley discussing their mutual interest in chemistry. Will Allie work at the Jabot Lab? Will we get the Jabot groups back?

big shoes

I love it when the paraphrases can just jump and pick up where their predecessor left off smoothly. Not only did Alison Lanier accomplish this in the summer, but she had big boots to fill in after Hunter King, so she had glory. It was exciting to see them write “NuSummer” with some sarcasm, and she definitely has chemistry with Kyle – as proven by the erotic love scene that they waste no time to get into after her arrival. In a related context, the explanation for their return to Genoa was reasonable (I hope they don’t run Jabot/Marchetti from Abbot’s salon), and I am intrigued by the idea of ​​Summer siding with Phyllis against her mother-in-law which would undoubtedly cause drama.

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fak attack

Welp, Phyllis took the initiative and took Jack to sleep, which isn’t surprising given he’s been coming for a while, but as more than one character and quite a few fans have pointed out – how about that timing?!

We’re undoubtedly destined to repeat the Phyllis/Jack/Diane love triangle, and if you’ve been there for it in the past I know How can you totally get nuts. Let’s hope these writers Go there!

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I can not fight this feeling

Victoria and Ashland play their anxiety very well and I can’t help but get them back together. And when he told Kyle and Summer Ashland that he could no longer see Harrison, even though that’s perfectly reasonable under the circumstances, I found myself thinking, “Oh, so mean,” and I kinda hope Victoria will defend him. Yes, the writers are playing with my feelings. any other person?

shake it up

Young and anxious Spoilers tell us the chance will be in his feelings about Abby and Devon’s closeness, suggesting an orgasm for the couple in the future. This is not what I want who – which Pairing, but I’m in conflict. Chance and Abby have struggled to bond as a family since returning from Spain, and in my view Chance recently underwent chemical tests with both Chelsea And Sharon. bring it!

She (got) a hit

How fun it is to have a little story for Esther, whose next chapter in life wants to finally find love. Those are past memories! Her joy of getting a match on a dating app! loved it.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to join the conversation below.

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