The Division 2 Season 9 Roadmap, Title Update 15, Overview Revealed – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

  • Polarity switch – May 24 – May 30
  • Guardians – June 14 – June 20
  • SHD exposed – July 5 – July 11
  • Hollywood – 26 July – 1 August
  • Golden Bullet – August 9 – August 15
  • Revived – Aug 23 – Aug 29

Ubisoft also revealed details about Countdown and Expertise, two new features coming in Season 9:


Countdown, the new co-op mode, unites eight agents of the division and challenges them to work together to restore stability to a power plant infested with enemies and other dangers. In just 15 minutes to prevent a shutdown, up to eight players will be deployed in teams of four in separate locations, and will need to cooperate to accomplish a series of objectives, fight through stiff opposition, and extract before time runs out.

The game is made for eight players, but you can complete it for less, and there is also the possibility of matchmaking for players.

  • They’ve also heard feedback about the difficulty options as they research it. (no promises yet)
    • They’re also looking for more feedback once the TU15 launches, especially what general gamers have to say about the game mode.

experience system

Also comes with Season 9 Experience, which is a new way to upgrade items. Players can build their experience using any item in the game. When they use the items, they will become more efficient with them. Once they reach their maximum proficiency rank with an item type, they will be able to upgrade their base stats. As they gain proficiency with more items, they will raise their level of experience, which in turn allows them to raise their devices to a higher degree. (Experience level and Proficiency ranking are at the account level, so progress will be transferred between each player’s agents.)

  • Experience is a complex system but the main idea was to add an advantage to the player to gain more power.
  • This is also future proof, as the system expands each time new items are added to the game.
  • PTS was a great way to test the system and also get feedback on costs, user interface and how to handle it.
  • But while the system gives power, it also comes at a cost. You need to maximize items and you also have to push with resources to unlock different power buffs.
  • Costs for improvements have been significantly reduced during the temporary platform.
  • They see it as a negative feature in the first place, because it runs in the background and as long as you play with different items, it will increase your mastery.
  • They know it’s a big journey to maximize one load, but they keep an eye on the stats and how they play out in the game and then they’ll see if the system needs more changes.

new equipment

In addition, Season 9 will introduce new weapons and gear, including a Heartbreaker gear set, Exotic items, new select items, and more.

renewal of specialization

  • This was originally planned for the TU15 and was meant to change the way you approach the disciplines.
  • The goal of revamping the specialization is for the choices in the specialization tree to be meaningful and have an impact on your playing style.
  • Some options also lock other trees and you have to decide how you want to play and what your role is.
  • They worked hard on the feature, but it wasn’t ready for the TU15 which is why they brought it back for a later update.
  • But as mentioned, the TU15 is the first drop, more content will appear on the road and with a smaller team they also have to be smart about what they do, what they change and what they add.

Frequently Asked Questions about Season 9 of The Division 2:

When will we have Crossplay

  • This is not something they are looking at at the moment.
  • Basically they have separate databases for each platform they don’t communicate with each other and changing that at this point is not only risky but also a huge task that is not planned at the moment

crash game

  • The PTS crashes have been fixed and addressed and they hope to fix the deltas that occurred during this one.
  • As for the live game crash, they plan to address that in the next update

Will there be other additional content

  • No plans to add more paid downloadable content
  • They will continue the season and season ticket model as they have been since The Warlords of New York.

Storage increase

As we’ve mentioned a few times, they’ve pushed Stash and Inventory to the limit, with the latest increase. At the moment there are no further plans to increase the stock.

Will there be a focus on PvP

  • They know there is a passionate PVP community, but their current team specializes in PVE content
  • At the moment there is no PVP 2.0 patch scheme planned, but they keep an eye on the big issues and try to tackle them one step at a time.

New skill/new skill variants

  • Season 9 will not add new skill variants
  • There are actually many skill variants in the game.
  • Maybe they will add more in the future, but for now they want to focus on and improve the people who are already in the game.

Will you add more map locations

  • Countdown is basically a new map location
  • Expanding the map like warlords is not the plan at the moment

What Happened to Raid Exclusives

  • Raid gear sets will be added to the general loot collection with TU15
  • Alien items remain exclusive to raids

Post office manager

  • The biggest problem is, how do you make it practical so that you don’t have to filter 100 items after a day of playing.
  • They mostly look at ideas and comments at the moment.

More Legendary Missions

  • Renewed experience and specialization will make players more powerful
  • Legendary Raids and Missions are currently the hardest content
  • But adding legendary difficulty to the new content isn’t just about flipping the switch, it’s handcrafted and balanced by the developers.
  • The real question is, how do you make the game challenging and fun for the players and needs to be answered intelligently.

Merge DZ Darkzones

  • No, there are no plans to merge dark areas

Unlock Season Missions for Previews in the Rewards Track

  • Yes, this will stay the same, and you will be able to unlock special quests from the old seasons on the rewards path.

As always, stay tuned here at MP1st for the full patch notes once Season 9 and Major Update 15 begin!

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2022-05-09 19:22:05

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