Destiny season 2 brings back The Haunted The Leviathan, plus Solar 3.0

Destiny season 2 brings back The Haunted The Leviathan, plus Solar 3.0

No more speculation, after a last-minute leak, Bungie has moved the timing of the official reveal and finally released the beans about Destiny 2 Season 17, a new experience in near-total secrecy ahead of launch.

Today, along with a new trailer, Bungie finally revealed the actual name, Season of the Haunted, which has leaked in some circles beforehand, but no one knows if that’s legitimate. It was!

Why do you hide this name? Well, it might be about What is it Haunted, Kalos’ colossal Leviathan, which was sunset when the pyramids arrived and struck beyond the light, but has now reverted this season to a “rotten” form to connect with the indwelling pyramid on the moon. Kalos was working on some sort of scheme to serve the darkness, perhaps to try and become a disciple like Rolke, and guess what? We have to stop it.

And we’re going to do that with Solar 3.0, the new subcategory that was also It has remained hidden until this point, although some pretty steep clues point in that direction (for once, one of my predictions came out).

We have very little information about seasonal content that launches in a few hours. the list:

story: Leviathan rotten, overshadowed by darkness. We’ll go back through the old areas like the now-altered dog rooms/throne. The story revolves around Crowe, Zavala and Keateel facing off against the ancient “Nightmare” demons that haunt them, like the Dead Fire Team that hunts down Eris. The footage shows Crow facing Uldren, Caiatl facing Ghaul, Zavala possibly facing his dead ex, I don’t recognize her otherwise. I need to confirm it, but it looks like Leviathan might be free physical space now, at least the parts brought back for this season (and possibly permanently).

nightmare containment: We’re back to fighting nightmares on the moon. This is not an ancient Nightmare Hunts game, but battles that will take place inside the newly corrupted Leviathan somewhere. This activity is free for all players. Not sure about playercount yet, but Bungie has been mostly doing 6-man stuff lately.

to cut: This is a kind of seasonal paid activity in which players navigate the bottom of Leviathan to uncover the truth behind Calus’ plan and sever the nightmares he is controlling. I’m not sure if this could be any closer to the Season of the Splicer’s survey-type missions.

Solar 3.0: No details here other than that we can “ignite the flame of creativity” with the side and sliver system. Many have speculated that the new item has been kept a secret because it is related to the story, but that has not been confirmed here yet.

Looting: From the press kit, I’ve seen pictures of the moon-themed armor that I assume is the season’s base kit, some ghostly-looking evil armor that likely looks like high-ranking ornaments, and the Eververse solar array like the empty kit we last arrived. The new loot again, looks pretty sinister, and includes a new scout rifle, rocket launchers, and an epic tracking gun. But most importantly, Bungie has brought back four classic Menagerie weapons, Calus MINI Tool, Beloved, Drang and Austringer, likely with new perks and origin traits. There is also a new machete that players can use, but I think it’s like a relic weapon, not real loot.

infringer: The strange thing Bungie reveals is what they accidentally revealed a few weeks ago, the return of the Trespasser, the strange Shiro-4 bow weapon from Destiny 1’s Rise of Iron. This is the weird seasonal pass that all players will get.

Dungeon: There is no new information here other than “its secrets are deeply hidden”. Given the events of the season, I’d be somewhat surprised if it wasn’t in Leviathan, but the dungeon is technically not seasonal content, it was purchased separately through the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or in a special dungeon bundle for a markdown. So it really can be anywhere. I can’t believe any loot or screenshots of the dungeon are on display in the press kit.

Things like Vaulted Raids or the Menagerie don’t seem to come back as activities, but they do use some of those old areas, and the fact that the ship has ever returned could open that door down the road.

Even with the last-minute revelations, it’s clear that Bungie may be hiding a lot more from this season. Was all this worth the mystery and hype? I mean, logging in to find Calos’ ship over the moon is a pretty big deal, but we’ll see how the season starts from here. I’m definitely excited, based on what I’m hearing here.

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