Q&A: AT&T and Google discuss cloud gaming partnership and the future of game streaming

Q&A: AT&T and Google discuss cloud gaming partnership and the future of game streaming

AT&T has teamed up with Google and 505 Games to provide its customers with free access to one of the best games of the past few years, Control: Ultimate Edition. You can find out more details, along with my impressions of the experience, here:

More from ForbesControl is now free to play on mobile devices if you’re an AT&T customer

If you have an AT&T postpaid plan, you can play control Now on your computer, phone or tablet. It’s powered by Immersive Stream for games, the B2B version of the technology that powers Stadia. Google licenses the technology to other companies. Its partners can put their own brand on their cloud gaming offerings.

before Absolute Control Edition The experiment, which was launched today, raised some questions about the project to individuals from the three companies involved. The following are my questions and answers, slightly modified for length and clarity.

The first set of answers from Dov Zimring, Chief Product Officer at Immersive Stream Games.

Are there any major differences between the technology used in Immersive Stream for games versus Stadia?

No, in fact, Stadia was the first platform to use live game streaming, which it continues to use to bring new features to Stadia developers, publishers, and gamers.

with launch Absolute Control EditionIn this article, you can see how Immersive Stream for Games powers a gameplay loop for AT&T that is very similar to the one Stadia offers to its developer partners. With the power of the cloud, it’s as simple as a tap in your browser or a tap on your phone to go to full AAA games – and this player discoverability makes the transition to cloud gaming easier than ever.

What does this launch mean for Google? Why is it important to the team?

This launch is a great confirmation of Immersive Stream for Games. It marks an ongoing collaboration with AT&T as our first customer, especially after the public unveiling of Immersive Stream for Games back in March. Award winning run Absolute Control Edition From 505 Games with support for play on smartphones and tablets, this launch helps showcase the possibilities we’re creating for publishers interested in bringing their AAA games directly to consumers via any device.

More from ForbesGoogle unveils its own cloud B2B gaming platform built with Stadia Tech

What are the goals of this partnership with AT&T and 505 Games?

Working with AT&T and 505 Games, we’ve made it a priority to make sure both teams understand how to connect the dots within the Immersive Stream for Games SDK. Tools originally developed for Stadia partners are now also helping customers like AT&T use an Immersive Stream for games to run game quickly, create remote demos that can be accessed by multiple organizations and test across endpoints on new AT smartphones and tablets. & T.

For domain publishers, we know platform migration costs can be a major barrier. That’s why we’ve invested in developing tools to reduce engineering costs and launch time – so instead of months, it could just take weeks to get players in the game. This has been the primary focus of our team, and we are pleased to present it here.

[Note: You can read more about Google’s efforts to make it easier for developers to port their games to Stadia here.]

More from ForbesGoogle makes it easier for developers to move games to Stadia

Can you shed some light on the future of immersive gaming? Are there more business partnerships with other companies looking to use technology?

After unveiling Immersive Stream Games at the Google Games Developer Summit in March, we saw a lot of interest from studios big and small around the industry with our interest model. While these discussions continue, you can expect to see a new immersive broadcast for gaming clients launching soon.

The future of Immersive Stream gaming is rooted in our ability to provide studios with the power and flexibility to deliver game content of every genre, directly to their players. Can be full games like Absolute Control Edition And Batman: Arkham Knight that AT&T offers today, or it can offer experiences, demos, expansions, subscription packages — and even entire storefronts. It’s exciting to imagine future possibilities here – and even more so to be a part of turning them into reality.

Here are questions I asked AT&T, along with responses from Matthew Wallace, assistant vice president of 5G Products and Innovation.

What are AT&T’s goals for cloud initiatives?

Our goal is to understand the network needs of these gaming platforms so that AT&T 5G can better serve them to the end user. That’s why we’re collaborating with major players in the gaming industry to determine how 5G technology can be used to improve the cloud gaming experience for consumers.

We actively test everything from response time requirements to consistency speed that may impact your performance on the go.

Why is this launch important to AT&T?

This launch is important to us because we provide friction-free gaming to our customers. And by making tap-to-play games available on mobile for the first time, we can also demonstrate the power of our network. That’s because it’s no longer the gamer’s hardware that does the heavy lifting, but a network like AT&T 5G, providing a stable connection and high performance that’s critical when playing AAA games.

In addition, putting our great minds alongside industry-leading collaborators helps us meet their network needs and move the industry forward. In the future, we imagine publishers can take advantage of the combination of 5G connectivity and cloud streaming technology to deliver trial run sessions directly from the search result. This gives players the option to try before buying. If they go ahead with their purchase, their progress can be saved to the cloud, so they can pick up right where they left off in the downloaded version.

Why is this launch important to customers?

It’s important to our customers because we remove barriers to them. With this launch, we offer click-to-play access for the first time on mobile with no downloads, no subscriptions, no additional cost, and no game hardware requirements. They can jump into the full game of the hit game now on the devices they already own – including smartphones and tablets. For customers using AT&T 5G, they will experience lower latency, faster test times, and higher capacity that gamers crave.

till when Absolute Control Edition Be available to AT&T Broadcast customers?

This is a limited time offer.

why was Absolute Control Edition Chosen for this second launch?

Absolute Control Edition It is a fan favorite with multiple industry awards. It has a dynamic story and cutting edge graphics that can show the synergy of a cloud-based view along with a powerful network. We want to give our customers a taste of high-performance gaming Absolute Control Edition It can deliver without expensive equipment or account registration. And especially the chance to experience all this while on the go with AT&T 5G.

Has AT&T tested 4G LTE gameplay?


How does performance compare to 5G connections?

Customers using AT&T 5G can experience lower latency and lower latency compared to 4G LTE network. It delivers fast ping times, reliable streaming, and the most consistent network performance required for gaming today and in the future.

Can you share any details about how many customers have played Batman: Arkham Knight After the previous launch?

Tens of thousands of our customers have enjoyed Batman: Arkham Knight Already experience.

Are you able to share any insights into how long people have played (even in percentages)?

We have a higher than expected average playing time with a large number of players playing the entire game from start to finish. We look forward to more customers enjoying this now that both games are available on mobile.

The latest set of answers is from Charlotte Bafister, Director of Partnerships and Marketing, First Party at 505 Games.

How did 505 participate in this project?

We already have an existing strong relationship with Google by setting up a selection of 505 titles on the Stadia platform. Working on this project with them seemed like a natural next step in our relationship. Google had a previous relationship with AT&T and facilitated the introduction to help us deliver this unique customer experience.

what makes control A good choice for a cloud broadcasting game?

Absolute Control Edition It combines an award-winning, richly detailed single-player story with reality-bending visuals, so it’s important that no matter what platform people play on, they can do so with confidence. AT&T understands this flow Absolute Control Edition It would be a great showcase for this kind of gaming experience. AT&T’s cloud broadcasting allows for controlHaving the gameplay on the go without compromising the high performance of demanding games. It’s the perfect blend of storytelling and technology that works in unison.

Why is this launch important to the 505?

control It is already an award winning title and it is important for 505 to look for new and exciting ways to promote our collection of games, and to expand the number of platforms on which players can experience our titles. take control Available from AT&T is important because it not only shows that high-performance games can exist free of the constraints of expensive technical settings, but games rich in narrative and scope can confidently exist on mobile devices.

What does 505 hope to take away from this partnership?

If AT&T can show that their favorite 505 games can be played seamlessly in new and exciting ways, that’s a huge win, not just for AT&T and 505 Games, but for the players themselves. Expanding the audience and making the game relevant by playing on a device on the go is an indication of how far the technology has come.

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