Looks like Days of Our Lives is going to stage some epic Sammy/Bill and Gwen/Abigail encounters

Looks like Days of Our Lives is going to stage some epic Sammy/Bill and Gwen/Abigail encounters

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Between Memorial Day and Tennis, we got very short week of days of our livesbut with some evolving charts, a touching reunion and some couples in denial, there’s still a lot to talk about!

double problem

So, I have a little problem with Leo. There are times, like during a wedding, when it’s just a fun villain and a campfire. It can go over the top a bit, but when done right, it’s just a blast to watch. But the problem is that he’s not just a comedic villain He is a sexual predator, if not an outright rapist.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Leo makes an edible arrangement for Sonny.

As far as “I’m sorry I sexually assaulted you” gifts go, edible flowers are pretty weak.

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This has been dealt with quite a bit in the past, but it was kind of nice (if that’s a word that can be applied to anything dealing with sexual assault) to see Will and Sonny go to the police and take what Leo did so seriously. And seeing Sony struggle with what happened, with what Event Over the years with a lion is a natural reaction to trauma. It’s not something we want to see anyone go through, but it does show that Leo’s antics are eventually taken very seriously.

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Liu explained to Gwen that he didn’t touch Sony after he was drugged But it’s still an attack, and it’s still painful.

And all I can say to Gwen is “No, no, no!” Don’t work with Leo! Remember how you want to be a better person! I know you still want to get revenge on Abigail, but that will spoil the gains you get, against all odds, with Jack, and even strengthen Jane, surprisingly sympathetic to you.

Plus, while it’s possible that Xander gets lost on the honeymoon phase with Sarah, there’s also a chance that he could be turned off as well. Messing with people doesn’t exactly bother him, but if torturing Abigail hurts Jack One of Zander’s few friends who – which You could make him tease Gwen again. And if Abigail becomes pregnant, this may happen sideways.

Gwen can’t get away from her own way.

“Xarah” forever

Well, it looks like Xander and Sarah are finally back on the right track now that her memories have come back to baby Mickey’s grave. I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for a slightly different path to getting back together again rather than just taking the easy route, but I suppose “Xarah” fans will point out that they’ve been separated for long enough. However, their sightings at the cemetery were touching, and it’s good to remember why they are such a famous couple. I think the wedding bells will be ringing for these very soon – Maybe they’ll try another double wedding with Raf and Nicole! Because the last time it went well…

At the cemetery, Xander holds the stricken Sarah.

Nothing says romance like…the cemetery?

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couples dance

For Nicole, you think she needed a lot. Her reaction to EJ asking if she would say yes to Rafe if she knew Eric was free was very defensive. So was Eric’s reaction to Brady’s asking if he was okay with Nicole and Ravi. His half-brother’s response, “I think it’s not a sin if you lie to yourself” was just perfect. Sure, Nicole, rushing to the wedding just to prove that you don’t have any feelings for Eric sounds like a great idea. Good luck with that.

In Horton Square, Eric and Brady greet Nicole at their table.

Even with the two of them standing six feet apart, Brady could tell he was the third wheel.

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On the other hand, Nicole’s reaction to EJ and Belle was a nice introduction to what will definitely happen when Sami returns and finds out who her sister was comfortable with. But she laughs, saying that neither she nor EJ has to worry about what Sammy thinks anymore, he was a bit defensive about being on Eric.

As for Bill, really? There are no other attorneys in town you can turn to for your dismissal papers? You just had to make AJ see you and Sean break up? Granted, I say this while admitting that I actually love EJ and Belle together. There is a sweetness to them that surprised me. And while I’m starting to get annoyed with Belle for the little mommy drama, Sean’s willful blindness since then has been driving me crazy, so I’m kind of slipping away from his team.

Sure, January

Jane’s entire story was a bit silly but seeing her interact with Ben was intriguing. It was cool to show the contrast between Ben, who really worked to redeem himself (as much as before serial killer can), and Jan, who is clearly still a schemer and has no intention of changing her ways.

In Shawn and Bill's place, Ben stars in Pregnant Woman in January.

This is one of those rare moments where we could have done a little more Ben and less Benn’s understanding.

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Ben was very understanding though, but I can appreciate him seeing the similarities in their situation and not knowing her well enough to ignore her lies about her desire for change. It’s better than falling for Shawn for her tricks when he was Do Get to know her! Seeking professional help is commendable and all, but Jan specifically using Ben to reach out to Marlena for help is just another plot to twist the knife into Belle. “Look, Belle, I even won your mother. You are paranoid!”

Come on, Marlena, you’re smarter than this. Let’s hope she just stopped and had no intention of helping Jan. But thank you, Ciara, for telling Sean to stop being an idiot!

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